I think my wife may be cheating. Shes probably not but I'm looking for peace of mind...

I think my wife may be cheating. Shes probably not but I'm looking for peace of mind. I posted before but it was deleted instead of archived. Made me even more suspicious. She would cover her tracks so her phone is useless. Any advice? Pic may be related

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If she's taking lewd photos you've never seen before, she must be taking them for someone

Why do you think she’s cheating?

Let me fuck her and then you'll know for sure


Problem is that I've found them on /b and /hc with no face, so it's hardly definitive proof.

Well, I'm a fucktard and shes still with me after 7 years. She stays at work a couple hours after her shift most days. It is a casino though so she may just be gambling which is what she says.

Lol. No thanks

I might be in a similar situation...I keep searching around on here to see if anything pops up

It’s completely understandable to have those intrusive thoughts, but unless you have actual evidence to suggest cheating, don’t worry about it. If you’re married, do you two have a shared bank account?

I keep doing the same. I should just stop, but I feel like I've found shit and cant get any info on it. Wish you all the best

fuck her sister or best friend just in case.
if you're right, you have revenge. if you're wrong, you got to fuck her sister or best friend/

No shared account. Shes better at saving than I am. We are married. I'm trying to let it go, just struggling a bit.

Lmao. I wouldn't risk that. Shes a wonderful woman.

She could legitimately be staying after to gamble, but if she doesn’t have that trait, I would worry. See if you can get access to her phone, or something akin to that.


How do you know they're her; is it her body, the room/furniture?

It's a new thing, which is why I worry. Shes worked casinos before and didnt gamble too hard.

It's a combination. She probably wouldn't do face pics, so furniture, carpet color, body shape, wedding ring. It's so hard to tell though. I feel like the pic in my first post is extremely similar. Hair color, type of hair tie, ass as well

It could be a new thing, nigga. Until you know for sure, you can’t make assumptions, but prep yourself just in case. Post her nudes.

Yeah, I shouldnt assume anything. Shes an amazing woman I'm just terrified of losing her. As hot as she is I would never post anything I knew for sure was her.

nigga just show up after her shift ends and start gambling on the floor. Do this a few times and if you never see her then likely she's fucking lying and you know.

I would, but we have kids so I'm stuck at home.

Just to keep things interesting, this is another pic which may be her. Anyone have info on either?

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well Sup Forums doesn't have an archive, they all get deleted so

Just text her to see what's up

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you need to get creative. get a babysitter my man.

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Damn, she looks like my cheating ex-wife. Sorry user, I hope that you don't suffer the same fate as I. All the best.