How many times did she get cummed inside?

How many times did she get cummed inside?

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Every black guy shot 3 loads in her

prolly choked down a quart of cum

I hope she got sticky load after load pumped directly into the depths of her whore pussy. I bet she moaned like an animal

Who is she

>Who is she
A cum dumpster

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Obviously you fucking do it you loser...I bet you haven’t even came in any pussy LOL stupid kid

Not OP here, but what? Are you fucking regarded?

shes hot as fuck and cute who is she?

hoping this is the answer to your question op

No I’m not regarding anything. Talk properly you retard.

>who is she?

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She looks like the type of girl that likes to be bent over the bed in her whore wedges. She likes to wiggle her little ass to be spanked until it's red. The redness makes her pussy drip and crave a hard skewering

more info wheres she from how do you know her? shes gorgeous i hope shes a bbc cum dump

The whore wedges really accentuate her legs


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Looks like the kinda girl who lets herself into risky situations and enjoys it when saying no doesn’t stop anything

has she been blacked? how old is she?

Wouldn't be surprised if she was

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She looks exactly like a chick I knew from middle school, but in hooker clothes. My dick is in another dimension right now.

If i didn't do it, ti was one time too few

Tell me more

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Bruh tf is that wonk leg

please god continue

She making you hot and bothered?

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Bruh on the real who is this woman

Holy shit I want to bend her over and fuck her ass hole so bad

holy fuck


You wouldn't be the first

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i would worship her

Lmao when I first saw her I thought of huge BBC, with those sexy wedges

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Guys I'm trying to start a sex group couls you guys stop liking girls and get into a dirty toilet fetish group with me we can get added to the lgbt it's okay now

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We could all date a toilet. Think of the benefits anytime you use the bathroom you have a potential sex partner and ahe can't reject you

Date toilets it's not fair there's plenty of straight people plus overpopulation is a problem anyway don't tell me deep down you'd rather fuck a girl than get to kiss and eat poo out of a public toilet shame free

Take your meds

I'm not on meds thank you very much I'm trying to make the world better you guys should just join me it's not like relationshios with girls work out anyway plus girls could join who also want to worship toilets and you could even get to eat there poo/pee if it was agreed upon with the toilet

Those lace booty shorts, jesus

Fuck yes makes my cock throb. MORE

Undies were peeking through too

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Bet she loves big cock.

god damn shes perfect

how old is she?

and by undies you mean that tiny piece of string? fuck shes a naughty girl

>and by undies you mean that tiny piece of string?
He's probably talking about that white strip under that slutty lace on the sides of the shorts

There's no way she didn't get a titfuck that night

More more

Here's the back of that titty strap whore outfit

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Now that's the stuff.....I fuck her so hard and deep. Look at that perfect little round ass

do you have kik?

oh fuck yes, my phones broke atm but as soon as I get it fixed i'll message you

Her ass is perfect

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I missed it, was it maybe superslickboy? Btw this isn't FBI or anything

fuck i didn't take a note of it before you deleted it lol
was it actually you?

I'd love to spread it then hear her squeal as I licked it out and eat the that pussy from behind.

She goes hard

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kik me


bet it would feel amazing bottoming out in her tight little pussy


Everyone wants a piece of her ass

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What is she 12?

Thanks my man, you're a good natured person of good taste

lucky motherfucker

Hope so

I bet he added a load deep into her pussy after that pic

Fuck her so deep from behind holding on to that ass as my cock bangs into her cervix

What fucking 12 year old would wear this

You might win that bet

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Probably has been niggered already.

He's rubbing his dick all over that fine ass so hard

I bet his cum has been shot all over that ass and deep inside that tight little pussy

If that's the same guy then he must be shooting his seed in every day

how old is she? looks like underage

She never gets enough dick

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Mmm fuck she make my cock throb

God, every party and club she goes to probably ends with her being a breeding sow.

She knows what she's good at

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post her instagram name

Stroking hard

can't imagine the amount of strangers dick she's taken

All of then

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How old is she shes hot

Fap fest..

Shit I would get her drunk and blacked out and just use her body as a cum dumpster. Fuck I would probably get so horny I would probably try to impregnate her


I doubt you'd need to get her drunk, she'd voluntarily hop on that dick

I would run a train on her till her legs were to weak to walk and cum just ran out of every hole.

She makes everyone hard

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Nympho teenagers are the best
Why cant they all be this open

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More! Name, insta, sauce. Anything, please!

Shes got precum just leaking out of my cock.


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not as many as your moms on Watermelon Wednesday

None, she's a good christian and she never had sex or even thought about it.


That’s a dude ffs

More more getting close

God, who knew this body type existed IRL

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Do you like her belly or mine better

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Every girl has this body type. It’s called being 15