Help out

Help out

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"So, have you ever been as far as decided to want go do look more like?"

"So, would you like an audit? You look like a girl with a lot of Thetans."

ay bby u wan sum fuk?

Can I suck a fart out of your ass?


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Howdy ho partner???
I'd say you already blew it.

Nigga she replied "Howdy" she's into it stupid

She did reply, though

So on a scale from one to ten, how willing would you be to dive in my septic tank?

weak shit winrar

"You ever have your asshole licked by a fat man in an overcoat?"

so do you have any friends that are over 400 lbs?

Please try to get nudes people

Ask her what her favoritecolor is and whatever she answers reply with "wrong"

I’m feeling pumped, just got back from a massive trump rally.

If she doesn’t get it, she’s not worth your time.

how big is your bosom?

I’m feeling sad, wanna cheer me up?

Why are you so mean?

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Ask her if she's Jewish

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I'm peeling brumped i had a baddive brump rally.


How stoned am I right now?

Probably not enough

Let's fuck

Now that I've got your attention how about we fuck

Wanna fuck and then maybe meet our parents and move in together, go siteseeing in Europe, have kids, overcome our problems, grow old together and die?

Ever suck your brother's sick while you're dad fucked your ass?

What's your opinion of having a tongue stuffed in your butthole?

Damn.. rr

One off..



i like poo

Do it!!

Send the gets, OP