Armpit thread now

Armpit thread now

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A: Tell me this Jimmy, here's a sandwich.
A: Now would you eat this sandwich?
B: Yes I would. Why do you ask Kyle?
A: Okay so you would eat this sandwich I've given to you. Now what if I told you I put my cum in it and touched it with my dick. Would you still eat it?
B: Fuck no that's gross nigga.
A: Why is it gross?
B: Because you put your dick on it and jizzed all in it.
A: Okay so Jimmy tell me this. If you wouldn't eat that Sandwich that had another mans cum in it. Why would you eat pussy that's had the cum and dicks of other Men?
B: I dunno nigga because she cleaned it?
A: So if I wipe the cum off of the bread you will still eat the sandwich?
B: No nigga I ain't gay.
A: Then why would you eat the pussy that's had a bunch of dudes cum in it?
B: I see you're point.
A: But it gets worse Jimmy, because if she sucks dick then every time you kiss her you're putting your mouth in a hole that's had another Mans dick and Cum in it. And if she's done rimming then you're touching a tongue that licks assholes. You wouldn't lick a toilet seat even if it was clean would you? Because that's what you're doing when you kiss her. You're licking a toilet seat.
B: But Kyle it ain't like that. She hasn't been with another guy in a while. It's been a long time.
A: So what you're saying is you'd eat the sandwich if I wait a while until I can't see the cum anymore?
B: No.
A: Listen Jimmy I know she seems nice right now. But she's been the town bike for the last seven years, her brain has been fried by birth control and all she cares about is netflix. She has no goals and wont want kids until she's in her thirties. By then she'll either desperately try to get married or just pump out autism babies. Why don't you hit up that nice girl from the Church instead? You can have a nice family, good careers, and pray together every day.
B: And I won't have to be fuckin with no used goods. That's not a bad idea Kyle. I'm gonna go ask her out tomorrow.

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Anyone who disagrees with Kyle is one of four people:
Le Roasti - She's a hoe with no goals who will fuck around until she realizes that she's approaching infertility and has accomplished nothing with her life. Anyone who calls her out will be deemed an Incel.
Boo Boo Betaboi - A weak willed faggot with shit genes. Tries to be nice to women because he's not strong or brave enough to dominate them. Constantly feels the need to defend women wherever he goes, and desperately cries out for their attention. He receives nothing in return. Calls other Men Incels so that he can pretend he gets some, even though his children aren't really his.
Mister Shekelberg - Thinks he can subvert nations by making their women whores and their men betas. Unwittingly did the same thing to his own people without realizing it. Too busy defending Israel online to notice that none of the jewish girls have a hymen anymore.
Bob - That's Bob. Fuck you Bob.
Bob married a girl who wasn't a virgin and everything he posts is a cope.
Don't listen to him.

That bitch has more than nice armpits, Damn!

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Nice thread you've got here kid.
Consider yourself... Jacked.
Us Jackers find fresh threads and rape them with our shitty posts, completely de-railing what would have been a worthless page filled with degenerates.

See you next time faggot.

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god b some girls just have cute armpits, i wanna tickle them

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Then why not go for the cuck threads think about how degenirate armpits are the muscles of the armpit directly connect to the breast and the natural orders given off by the armpits are natural hormones so go target the faggots that wanna see a nigger fuck their girl instead of the guy/guys appreciating a woman for every part of her

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Armpit fetish anons are always talking about licking or fucking them, but I'm with you when I see cute armpits I just wanna tickle them.

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wifes pits

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moar of her please

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IG: xxspicystitchxx / thescarletstitch

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nice trips

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is that Lake Bell?

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yes it is

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so hot

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i'm running out of pics OP

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i am out of pics :(

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More plzzzzz

Can somebody make them hairy?

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Gfs vegan pits

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men armpits allowed?¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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armpits are the best

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Only if they look like this

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Extra Points for freckels

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Weird tits but I love it

Short hair sexy armpits make me coooooom

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Hairy is also welcome

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Same bitch

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Kill it with fire

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Can i fuvk it first

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Enjoy sweet ginger pits

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