Fav pornstar thread

fav pornstar thread

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Karmen Karma

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remy and jada

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True taste

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Who dis

I would marry Kagney right now

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This, 100%. I'd do anything for AJ.

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only the best

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Looks like kagney linn karter

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Rei Mizuna. Ever since I saw her lick and fuck a bunch of homeless people, not to mention drink their piss. Has babyface too.

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Velicity vonn

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she shouldn't be allowed to do porn. she's legitimately retarded

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Is she, I thought she was just a drug addict

name please

Sean lawless

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Lol really ?

Yes but the cake is legendary

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Pretty sure that's Gabbie Carter.

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she's drugged AND retarded

they all dead inside
she won't give you no love

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I wouldn't care, she's a Goddess

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julia kyoka or AJ applegate

fake tits = trash

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Geisha Monroe

Sultry as fuck, thick as hell and girl knows how to suck cock

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Honey manko

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yes i know met her and amy brooke before
but both are crazy bitches
Amy was so clean loved her pussy

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Jewelz Blu

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I wouldn't care how crazy, she's so hot, it'd be worth it.

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every guy dreams of fucking a girl that looks like her at least once

Shuna Kagami

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I'd marry either one of these Goddesses

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she love the big ones
i did
>no details

how was it damn

she is big and deep down there

amy was nicer to me her pussy was so %100 clean

Eww she has ass like horse

anri okita

it's just a photo
>if you met them in real life many of them are short 5.3 f
it's just the camera make them looks like this

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Yeah not really a fan of her but her recent stuff is a lot better, her body is a lot more different and in shape

Vanessa Leon

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My new favorite as of now.

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girl is?

No love for Lulu? She's back and I couldnt be more excited

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I love her

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Oh and Summer doesn't get a enough love

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Here's more to educate you all

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>Squirting queen Cytherea
both Kagney and amy hate her for some reason

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This ass makes me hard as diamonds

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Final pic - if you havent, check this fat ass slut out.

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SummerHart - she could crush me with those thighs and I'd die a happy man


All of them

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who dat

I used to fucking love her back in the day, I think the 1st video I seen with her was with shane diesel

Why are there so many degenerates here who don't post the fucking name of the porn star when they post a pic??

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>she was the best

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