Would you sniff Lauren Chen’s feet?

Would you sniff Lauren Chen’s feet?

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I wouldn't even let her sniff my feet

Why? She’s fine as hell. I’d eat her butt too.

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Yes, and face fuck her pretty happa face

I'd sniff any part of her body

On some days she looks more Asian and other days she looks more mixed.
Hapa women need big white cock!

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Lauren Chen will never rest her feet on your lap after a long day of walking in heels.
Why even live bros?

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Agreed, I watched this old debate with her in it and all I could think of was cumming on that happa face


Smelly Asian feet

>stinky asian girl feet in my face

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I sniff my Chinese-American fwb's soles while she jerks me off all the time, I have 10/10 orgasms each time

What do they smell like?

I think she needs two.
We can double team her ;)

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Damn bro, same here except she’s my gf and she’s Cantonese. Like two little small bundles of joy I can’t stop sniffing and cumming on

Also got any pics? Asian girl feet are like two sweet little candies

She looks best when she's less chinky, needs more natural white lighting

I'd rather sniff her ass, but feet would be nice too

She’s little. I don’t think she could handle two big white cocks.

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She’s cute af

All I want to do is sniff, I could cum just from her scent

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She looks like she smells amazing, must be intoxicating

Some girls just need their butt licked and sniffed. That’s just how it goes!

That's all I want to do, lick and sniff cute girl butts

Mild girl feet stink
Hard to describe other than sweaty/cheesy but not overpowering

she seems pretty based, so ye sure

Oh and she has a nice little booty stank too

No, because foot fetish is retarded. Like seriously. It's just feet, what's so attractive about an appendage?

You guys suck.

i would breed her.


Pix n stories

who here's into smelly asian feet?

>Asses are just fatty tissue blobs cushioning the shitchute
This is how you sound

Yes, hello

ever steal an asian girl's used socks?

Me. Also smelly Latina and white girl feet

Latina feet best feet for sure.

No, miscegenation is wrong and has been scientifically proven to have negative effects of both the parents and the muttspawn, this is also backed up by statistics. While the negative effects vary depending on which subspecies are involved, there will almost always be negative effects

i worked maintenance at a bowling alley for a few years in high school and the teenage/college girls that worked there over that time would always store their equipment in the back. when arriving early to condition the lanes, i had many a good time with their shoes and sometimes socks they left behind.

were any of them asian? how old were they?

Agreed. My qt Latina gf gives me footjobs that feel so good that I moan like a bitch sometimes

unfortunately they were only white girls. maybe some diluted bloodlines but not enough to call it anything else. still, you dont look a gift horse in the mouth.

any pics of the girls?

I knew an asian girl who volunteered with me at summer camp who ALWAYS wore the same shoes without socks

What kind of shoes?

i would post some from their facebooks, but me liking feet is pretty common knowledge from that circle of friends and it would be my luck that someone here recognizes one and we all know what Sup Forums does in that situation.

they were a pair of black vans
she mentioned once that she's had them for 3 years

How am I supposed to know the answer to that if you don't even show us her feet? She looks good, but in my experience that just means her feet are mediocre. Show chen's feets.

just post your favorite?

nay, but i will say that one had enough of a passing resemblance to brunette hannah montana era miley that she did a few little girl's birthday party appearances for money on the side.

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anyone want a pic of her?

All of us

pic of her

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someone red pill me on the appeal of women's feet. I mean I support you and all.. but I don't get it.

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how about you redpill me on the appeal of sucking dick? some guys just LOVE to do it but i dont get it at all. fuck maybe sexuality and kinks are just subjective or something????

Yeah, yeah, but's what's it mean to you/them specifically? Baked and curious.

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assuming you're a straight man, you know how sucking tiddies gets you hard? me too, but in my case, she's got two pairs of tiddies

some dudes are just turned on by being into weird shit. nobody actually finds feet sexy. they just find the idea of finding feet sexy "sexy".

basically they get turned on by weirding everyone else out. its autist behavior.


In that case I'm jealous of your good fortune.

I'm kinda like that with lick'n butthos. If she thinks it's weird all the better.

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