Going on feels like a nightmare

Going on feels like a nightmare

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I will add to this nightmare

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If anything would end that would be nice.

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I hate people I hate them so much

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WHY is is to hard to have sex.

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what the fuck is this supposed to be? A magician fucking someone on a dumpster?

It isn't. Get an escort.

it is friday.

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Or lower your standards and grindr it up

Escorts cut your dick off

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Still Thursday here

Hi Baf

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Seems like you are just being argumentative for the sake of it as usual. Bye.

Faggot suck my dick

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i wanna hug that booty

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I know I said bye, but until you improve yourself; no thank you.

Lewd the Baf.


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It's a great bum and I love them.

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hello it is I

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post more good bums please!

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I hate how all I want is sex

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I wish I could turn sex off

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If I can find them. I have too many pics and they are only organized by "vanilla" and "notsomuch".

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Post butt

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i hate how all i can think about is cocks

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lol thats ok. keep up the nice posts~

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Not mine obviously, its not big enough for you

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ya wanna bet on that?~

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I absolutely will

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Empty [rpmises, lmqo!!34ETWEWGFRAESWG

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Empty [rpmises, lmqo!!34ETWEWGFRESWG

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There we go. Fucked up my name originally and just haven't changed it until now.
I don't only like butts though.

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Fucking act like that then asshole.

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what does your name mean?
I prefer cock personally

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Fuck you wem all you do is take the attractive subs in your area and leave NONE for ME fucking FAGGOT FUCK YOU

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Literally all I wanted was sex ONCE and YOU

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thats yuour entire campaign, fuck you.

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He was bitten by a walnut tree.

I've been using it for a long while now. It was given to me because I'll know a bit about many things and then be completely blind sided by something obvious and know nothing about it. Hence the walnut part; the "were" part is because my friends never know when I'm going to not know anything about something. So it's like a full moon thing just not during a full moon I suppose?

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Literally anyone have sex with me, just anyone

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oh no poor thing

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Someone please just have sex with me

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That is also a possibility. Maybe I turn into a walnut every full moon.

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You from wisconsin?

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nope! california.

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i dig it. Nice to meet you walnut

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Then gtfo

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I cri noa

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Nice to meet you too!

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I wish i had a boyfriend, or someone to love me that way.

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Be a better person by seeking help then. It takes more than a little initiative by you. Bye.

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Fuck off

He turns into a well furnished desk with a nice inlay every full moon.

Post your butt

I'm not the person you responded to but... The well furnished desk might be a good thing. People would be able to get things done and finish on me if necessary. I could finish on them too though.

Also no.

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i would sit at that desk 10/10 i bet best desk ever

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Hi dudes! My bf would slap me cuz he told to keep away from porn for the week but I couldn't help but swoop in. Henlo.

Henlo, you are only talking to loser virgins here

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If that's true, why don't you "virgin losers" meet up and fuck? That's a terrible mindset to have. It's all in your head.

Because they wont let me, im too ugly for them.

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Even tho you haven't shown a single picture of yourself, right.

hey! I've taken dick before!

Id show you but not here

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Fair enough, got a discord? My bf would kill me for even being here but I could lie to him about where I made new friends if he asked :)