Waifu something breadamajig

Waifu something breadamajig

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>Claim your Waifu/Husbando
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>Only one claim per user
>No stealing. Fuck you, merchant
>No oversexualised content
>No RP/ERP of any kind.
>Seriously, you look like cringelords
>Discussion is welcomed
>Insults must be original and frequent
>If you're posting images you're not lurking
>3D is almost always trash
>Traps are gay.
>Joining means a reserved place in hell
>Most importantly, no

Rory-sama claimed

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Hirasawa Yui

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still here

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Sachiko claimed

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Quiet night?

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Nice flat

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Can't complain. How was your day Tomoko poster?
Flat is justice after all. What's up?

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Seems like it. How are you smug?

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I am back

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it was a day. am off work so thats okay.

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I'm doing fine. Kinda tired though.
Just lost a BUNCH of gear in EFT today. I'll make it back tomorrow i'm sure.
Welcome back love
Skull Girls. Nice.

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Thanks, I claimed her to bet some other user I always see on these threads... petty I know

Hello again.
How's it going?

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I've come home from a workout. I am still bad at cardio, but do well with upper body.


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Can't imagine a time where it could be bad to be off work, no. Mine coasted on the average lane pretty well too. I went outside? Little more proud of that than I should be.
>Not claiming her because you love her
user.. you know that's a sin, right?

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I'm just coolin' as best as I can. Yourself?
Always good to see another user getting in shape. You missed the quads, but i'm sure you'll make it.

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I mean, I totally love her

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Hey. How are you tonight?
Nice dubs and sorry I misunderstood. Is that show really any good? Every time i've seen it it seems like it's on that path where even if it's decent you cringe at the sight of it because of the fanbase. Maybe i've just seen Sans from Undertale's skeletal dick one too many times.

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I just had a little social interaction and fed my pets. I might go for a run or something, if I have the energy.

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Hello to the late night thread. Or not, depending on where you are.
Kumiko claimed

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Yeah just check out these evens
I figured with my shows coming up, I should be in peak condition, or however close I can get

how u

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i could use a different day off. what did you do outside?

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Gotta get some of that every now and then or you start to go insane, huh? Have fun on your run if you go. Stay safe and all that.
Hey stranger, what's up?
Shows? You some kinda body builder or something and didn't tell me? Or maybe a car show?
I... looked at birds. It wasn't much, but watching them do bird things while I ate lunch on a park bench was pretty relaxing. Crows have prettier feathers than i'd thought.

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Tired. 2 more days then a week off.
As above. Long day today.

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I'm still not sure if I'll go. Birds are nice to watch.

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Some filthy scavs robbed you. Sucks, good luck. About to hop off, goodnight.

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now im dis-concentrated :D

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is okay, I feel like it has its good an its bad

her second short was better

cutes are nice to post~

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Trying to reintegrate myself with these threads, mostly. They're real comfy when they're not on fire.
As an aside, you should check out magpies. They're the prettiest of corvidae IMO. Not the Australian ones.
How's it going? I like your choice. I've been re-reading Komi-san for some time.

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Almost unpleasant
Hopefully these next two days go by quick for you then. Any big plans?
Yeah, it is getting kinda late isn't it? They were. I should do that more often, maybe. It'd help to get a little more Vitamin D too. Felt like I was about to get Scurvy.
Rest well
That's every show, though, to be fair. I'll poke my head through the door on it eventually. How was your day user?

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My fav pic tbh


Funny. Tomorrow starts my torment.

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I'll have to keep a lookout for some. There's a couple of Robins I used to see flying around every spring. I wonder if they're still around. I'll have to see. I have a fruit tree in my yard, so around summer and spring there's a bunch of fat ass squirrels and birds hanging around.
Hey UMP poster. How are you tonight?
So Rem-poster is a stripper huh? Never woulda guessed.
Lewds bad, user. Muy mal! нeт нeт

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Yes they are.
I'm alright, just relaxing.
Thank you, Kumiko is very cute too. I actually just started re-reading it the other day too.
Yeah it's getting close to 1 am so going out might not be the best idea.
Sunlight is good for you in small amounts.

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Sleep like the dead
Knowing me its just gonna go slower.

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I should sleep.

You wish. I do something even more intense.
Now stop imagining me being a stripper.

There's a day in the month where I have like seven performances. Kill me.

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Yeah, I just figured you were into the doomer activity of nightwalking. Never really "got" that myself. Getting stabbed by a tweaker or something doesn't seem like the best way to go. Central timezone = best timezone.
One of my favorite passtimes for sure.
>I do something even more intense.
So either some kinda pornstar or a rodeo clown, eh?
Some kind of actor, maybe?
Nonono user, no stealing, remember?

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Black-Billed are the best. They've got these nice blue iridescent feathers in the wings and tail. You can't miss them by the way, they're very loud.
Quite a coincidence lol
>Something more intense
Interpretive dance.

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As if I cared about some imaginary rules.

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I don't see the problem, she is cute as fuck. why can't she be naked?
if you don't want lewds go make this thread to /c/ or some shit.

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empty ketchub bottle toots

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I'll make sure to keep an eye out. I take it you're into birdwatching? Or you just like birds?
Sarcasm doesn't transfer very well to text, does it?

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Oof. I guess its just that time of the year.
Im feeling pretty tired now tbh.

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I live in a somewhat safe area, so I used to walk at night a lot, actually. But I've been slowly getting my shit together and being less doomer over the last year so it's just not very appealing at this point.
Central time is alright.

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you'll like it or love it pick both

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neither. is eww

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Night biking is the solution here
On occasion. I actually still get a monthly magazine about birds(and gardening, but I don't read that part most of the time lol). My grandma got me a subscription a while back.
Nightwalking is kind of aesthetic. On top of that, you can look through people's windows. One time I watched a full episode of Naruto from a dudes window, subs and all.

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Ooh I used to glance at windows a lot too. There's more people that walk around the house naked then you would think.
Night biking is nice too.

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It is getting kinda late. I'm feelin' tired myself.
I don't even trust my neighborhood in the day, but I'm not sure if that's because i've just seen too much shit or because I don't leave the house. Sounds like you're on your way to 'making it' then, user. Central is the best! At least until I move somewhere I like more.
Strong silent type?
>One time I watched a full episode of Naruto from a dudes window, subs and all.
This is why I keep my blinds closed. That's sweet of her. My grandma rants to me about conspiracy theories and makes really good cornbread.

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when you get pulled over but don't get a ticket

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you still just sitting? also still no email?

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nah i did some stuff. ill check

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>Pulling over
Coward's play. I bet you kissed the cop's ass and called him "sir" too, didn't you?

Attached: ELvvUR6UYAEacVP.png (1224x1736, 1.03M)

what kinda stuff? i finished melding my crafter gear and went to play some overwatch

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some resident evil and vr chat. no email. good you got the gear done

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vr chat eh? sounds pretty gay

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Rest well

I could probably use some simulated death, too, for a while. Goodnight anons.

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yeah what can i say.

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Come to think of it, I've never seen anyone walking around naked but hey
Reminds me of the time I waved at an old lady with a really bad frown looking down at me from her hotel window. She didn't know how to react lol
Come on, I want to watch Naruto with you. You just won't know about it.
I need to open my blinds more tbh. I used to when I was holding on to my brother's Christmas present (Lil Bonsai Tree) but it's given now.
>Pulled over but no ticket
I see this as an absolute win

Whatever it takes to not get a ticket :^)
I was just polite tbh, I wanted some poutine and the only place open is in the middle of the city. I live in a former city that was amalgamated into current city

Have a nice sleep niggy

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y u hafta be so ghey

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Shimata, I forgot image.

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it was pretty embarrassing, nice trips but no waifu in sight, sad

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my desktop.
erased rainmeter.

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>insert maki lewd here

you're the 1 erping with dudes in vrchat not me

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So you've chosen death

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quit bein such a filthy heretic

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Fuck yo morals nigga

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You had a light out or something?
Also, I uploaded image eventually. See . Thanks btw

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I didn't see the one way sign when I took a turn.
The officer was pretty nonchalant about it
Nice kumikute

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i got a weapon spinning like general grevious lightsabers shoved into my face

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good evening

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