Rekt pleb thread

Rekt pleb thread

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This is why these people need to stay where they are and not come to the civilised world

production of the music video to Alicia Keys - Girl on Fire

Probably robbed something

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that went from meh to EVERYONE DIES!

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Look what they did to twomad

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Ate a hot pepper not approved by the FDA.

aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh china and their understanding of, i dunno, surroundings in general?

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>live in chink land.
>die a chink death.

No surprise here.

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if I was this kid that would be my profile picture for everything.

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Free bike says the black car.

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That was a pretty good throw, gotta say.

>Rekt pleb thread

If you're going to be a CUNT and post a sideways video (which is exactly what a cunt would do) and then not offer and explanation of what is going on... then you can just go fuck yourself. Cunt.

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cop be like
>do I still get credit for the collar?

oh god


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I think her and her crew robbed and killed a taxi driver or something.

guy's pretty patient i guess.

Humans are so fucking dumb it boggles my mind

We pretend to be SO much better than our Primitive cousins, but we're really not. We're still dumb as rocks on average.

boom headshot

a strike

this one made me the most upset out of every webm in the thread, probably because i can see myself in this situation

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What a dumb bitch. Ever heard of stop drop and roll?

Bitch on fire.

child porn

>does this CP remind you of Elon musk guys

There was some brilliant webms in this thread thank you guys

this is a rekt thread, not a YLYL thread

what in the actual fuck is wrong with these people

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Sheep are like:
>my work here is done, time to go

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IQ 10

That's Bangalore.


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>because i can see myself in this situation
Same, I do that all the time because the supermarkets here send you to a higher floor to enter so that they can funnel you through shit you don't want to just get to the dairy fridges or whatever. So I hop those chains to save like 5 minutes but that just makes me think that my days are numbered.

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could you imagine standing and moving around with that many stab wounds
flesh shifting with every move
blood leaking from every part of your torso

the fact that this guy doesn't even seem to try to get the knife out of the other guy's hand seems like natural selection almost

My butt was puckered the whole time you jerk

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No, that dude's trying. You lose that much blood, you really can't think straight

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That could be a pitcher for the Orioles

New bottle flip challenge: doing that between the legs of people standing in line

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same, fuckin got me

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Pretty sure the other two pics aren't him either.
He never did time in the military, he avoided SA's national service by being in university in Canada.

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Does no one know how to drive?
>see sheep crossing the road
>put on 4 ways
>slow down
>dont swerve, if you hit the sheep too bad
It's literally that simple

i don't get it. why waste pussy? like, why? it's a goddamn resource like money or property. people pay to fuck it, why not put it to work? any pussy under 30 years is prime, i could live like a prince here with three of those. this is like honor killing your crops...

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This is why you don't stop for sheep.

Speak for urself chink

Kek, well done

damn you got me good

I'm here for this.

This actually happened to me once. It seemed like slow motion watching the tire crash through my windshield

i mean the first car was doing that until it hit one of those fucking things. can't blame them too much for stopping after that.

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>You lose that much blood, you really can't think straight
You have trouble moving your arms too, they go quickly.
I got choked out once in sparring and I couldn't even lift my arms to tap out.

This one of the first things I ever saw when I first came to 4chins.

the fact that she had no reaction gives off some brain dead vibes


DAE get the sensation every time they see this gif that this dude probably smells like straight up ass all day?

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That girl can take a punch, everyone else gets knocked right out, she's getting back up after a beating to check on them .

Roastie got toastied.

Kek, his eyes are already black.