My dad just molested me

My dad just molested me.
I can't call the police because they might search the house and I am in possesion of some heroin. What do Sup Forums?

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you should od on your heroin

Get rid of the heroin and call the police. For the love of god, please.

fake and gay

Call the fuckin police

Plant heroin on him stupid.

Fake and Gay, but if not, stop doing fucking heroin cunt and maybe you can get the fuck out of there

Post your nudes

Plant the heroin on him

Tits or GTFO

heroine in the sink drain (you can pull the drain out then just sit it back down like its closed) needles and stuff just find a spot NOT in the house if you have a ditch with one of them concrete or plastic drain tubes chunk it in there if you live in a more urban place storm drain will work you can also throw the heroine in there but im guessing you want to keep it you junky so sink it is then call the cops and put on long sleeves before they get there cover up the holes cops can be real assholes about any drug stuff the "that bong is for tobacco" isnt going to work so get rid of everything before they get there just dont let anyone especially your dad see you do it good luck

pics or it didnt happen.

Shove the heroin up his ass. Win/win

Post nudes

just kill yourself

Even with pics it didn't happen unless time stamp

oh shit my bad forgot this post is fake and gay

You put tear drops in your eyes, congrats you're a faggot.
Even you're dad wouldn't touch you, you're ugly.


what this guy said ffs

Hide the heroin in your veins. Call police. Shown us your dick.

I'll fucking molest you if you post this shit thread again you shit head.

I would've thought your face/eyes would be red from crying after being molested. I think you liked it

Flush the dope. Call the police.
This is a super shitty situation.There will never be a great time to quit heroin but you have to if you want any help from authorities. Even still, the police might not be able to help you much. Your other option is staying on heroin (dead eventually) and staying with your dad (miserable).
Also, you probably don't have to hide your heroin use from authorities. As long as they know you want to quit, they will still want to help you with your dad.

Also this is fake and gay

You should do some heroin to calm down

My daddy just mowested me ÒwÓ .
I can't call the police because they might search the house and I am in possesion of some serious fucking fake and gay shit. What do Sup Forums?

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I laughed

Wanna talk on kik about it? Maybe make some money?

Get the heroin in his pockets in the dirty laundry, then call the cops.
Also tell them you think he's a heroin-dealer.

And what did he do to you?

Or just flush it down the toilet

>you're dad
Your a fag

use the heroin, then do nothing because you are a fraud that makes it harder on actual molestation victims. kill yourself

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Show butthole to your dad to get more money for heroin

Do the smack then call the cops it'll be funny

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Shoot H and forget it ever happened

ah excellent another victim I can also exploit

thank you for exposing yourself to me

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Flush the heroin and call the cops

Boo hoo I got molested but I'm not going to do anything about it because of muh heroin. If your own well being comes second to your drugs then congratulations, you are a junkie.

don't be a FAGGOT, OP. Do this.

How would it better her well being when she reports him to police?

Do you really help with understanding that?

Neeeeeeeeeeed* fuck

>1.seduce dad
>2.inject dad with heroin

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You are literally no fun

Make mustard gas, OP

Get rid of heroin them call them?


what happened exactly?

This again?

So eh molested you last night and tonight?

Stop doing heroin then and try some meth.

>if real
Plant heroin in dad's pants and a drink of his so that it's in his blood.

>it's actually fake

What's the purpose of this thread?

Show you tits

I’m gonna molest the people who keep posting this

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Probably fake, but I'm high so I keep thinking this COULD be real. Inject your Dad with whatever dose of heroin is enough to drug him, and just take the heroin and plant it in his drawer.
Wipe your fingerprints off the needle and shit so they can't easily test it and find out it's you.
It's then in his system, and it's illegally in his drawer. The only problem I can think of is how to dose him without him finding out. Idk how you'd do that, or if he'd remember you shoving a needle in his arm.

Never did retard juice.

>no one has posted them yet

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>sell Heroin
>buy camera and internets
>call dad
>hey dad come over for netflix and chill
>dad comes
>raging boner
>dad comes again
>tell dad to buy heroin since now u are cumslut
>all streaming to cam
>chaturbate account

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Yawn, repost.

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holy fuck, i love Sup Forums


debiru trips

Come now, you know the rules

5th thread this week

What all did he do to you?

this. facts

fuck your dad for more heroin

If, god forbid, this isn't bait, hide the heroin and call the cops. But you seem to be in possession of the ability to use basic grammar, so obviously you're smart enough to come up with that plan.

Gr8 b8 m8. I r8 8/8.


Tell your dad you will give him heroin if he stops molesting you.

are ALL of you anons newfags? wtf man

Give yourself to your dad sexually.
Make it enjoyable for you and him.

Enjoy the sex!

Stop making shit up for good boy points on Sup Forums.

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Post a greentext with all the deets for your Sup Forumsrothers.

I wonder if its true

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Use all the Heroin and Tell the cops

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Call the police, obviously.

Give your dad a loving blowjob as an apology for being a junkie faggot.

Pucker up, fag

why would they be looking for your heroin?

aha, okay. So you can't just walk a few blocks and drop the heroin into trash? Do that , than call the police. Solved

plant heroin on your dad. come on user this should be obvious

Yall think this person is a male?

Get your dad high as fuck, then molest him. An eye for an eye

Double charges to be sure there's something to put him away.

Molest him back and roar as you cum to assert dominance

Are sure? Hugs aren't molestation.

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Post your fucken nudes already so we can fap!

Stop posting this or your dad Will suck ur Dick agian

Go give your dad a bj and swallow his cum

Cops dont give a shit about drugs anymore, especially if you're the victim of sexual assault.

You should post feet.

Okay Sup Forums, I was thinking that maybe, in order to prevent him getting wild and aggressive again, I should just submit and satisfy my dad's urges. What do you think?

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I’ve seen this post 3 times in the last week can u fucking stop this shit. There’s people who actually need this help

Take a knife and kill him

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Stream your suicide

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Fake and gay

You could exact some sweet revenge by dosing him with the dope, and chopping of his benis, cauterize the wound so he doesnt bleed out before the dope wears off

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kys ciara

Hide the heroin somewhere outside your house,not your yard or car,somewhere far away and then call the police,if they ask why you didnt call earlier say you were scared.

Suck his cock because you owe him more than that you ungrateful junkie