Sup Sup Forumstards

Sup Sup Forumstards.

My IQ is 196. For those of you unfamiliar with IQ, this means I have "genius-level" intelligence. Unlike most of the millenials, I'm a Republican and a proud Trump supporter.
I also have synaesthesia, and absolute pitch. Things as diverse as math, music, and art come naturally to me and I get straight A's without studying much at all. I also am able to understand music at a deeper level than most people.

While most people my age spend their free time listening to mainstream music, I spend my free time listening to works such as Jerry Garcia's Cats Under the Stars, Frank Turner's Sleep Is for the Week.

All this and I'm an 18 year old still in high school.

Ask me anything.

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> My IQ is 196
> I'm a Republican and a proud Trump supporter

These two aren't compatible, only one can be correct. So which is it?

Tits or GTFO

140+ is genius level dip shit, try starting with a softer lie and maybe some tards will buy it

Sadly it seems like you have a shitty personality for thinking that you are any better than "millenials", people your age, or humanity itself. I hope you become more mature and start to see the value of the world around you

I genuinely hope you're raped and murdered

Describe your synaesthesia please.

If you're currently 18, you fall in the "gen z" generation, but im guessing a genius like you would know that already

learn to Eliza.

I hope Target treats their employees well

What's your IQ OP

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Yeh but how smart are you?


Actually, there's correlation.
IQ is an OUTDATED "measure" of something that (till this day) can't be measured objectively. So yeah! Idiot brainlet confirmed.

Finally a genius I can ax questions to.
1. Are bees real?
B. Who invented the color red?
4. Are you smarter than an computer machine/$pellcheck?

ITT dumb lies

Fake and gay. If you were that smart, you would have skipped grades and not stay in high school with 18 years. Just because your parents think you are smart, doesn't necessarily imply that you are actually smart.

>196 iq
not smart enough to post with timestamps retard

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Skipping grades is not an option for most middle and lower class persons.

>Uhh, it's called salt

low quality bait
try harder

lmao imagine not graduating from high school early.

Oh shit, you're actually a cute girl. I was gonna insult you for being an arrogant dumbass who will never understand the careful nuances of a social environment but now I'm just aroused by your dominating and superior attitude.

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if youve got an IQ that high it wont be a problem for you to PROVE IT, right?

>My IQ is 196 but I can't spell "millennials"

You must be new here, right? That's not OP

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Do u watch Rick and Morty?

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how new are some of you fags hahahah

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What a bunch of normies REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Ya, but how are your dick sucking skills?

thanks for the gold kind stranger we really bamboozled these newfags hahahaha

moar of the girl, OP?

If she's got such a superior IQ then it should be no problem for her to master the art of sucking dick.

It's too e z now

You're pretty, but nice bait.

tits or gtfo

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Tits or Gtfo

>this entire thread

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i have an iq level well over 9000

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Now look
> Supports Trump, yet mentions having IQ which isn’t a double-digit one
> Listens to non-mainstream music just to prove something
> Goes on Sup Forums just to lie and fake flex on others

Just kill yourself 7 year old chubby kid, if you had an IQ of above 140 you wouldn’t be even wasting your time flexing on others, would realise life is pointless as our existance and things we achieve impacts nothing on our lives, patriotism is bullshit and so are wars, however we can not die due to quantum immortality so we are forced to endure this existance surrounded by a bunch of idiots who fucking cries when their gf’s cuck them or someone humiliates them. If you had an above-average IQ you’d just spend your time on way more important stuff you fucking cuck.
> 146 IQ, so you can suck on this tard

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Nigga, nobody got an IQ of 190. They wouldn't be on Sup Forums. Plus most 190+ IQ people either kill themselves cause life's boring or they became math majors at age 3.

But again just shitty b8

Its 230.

Old copy pasta is stale copy pasta

"I'm an 18 year old still in high school."
Do you even English bro? LMFAO

>Not posting her nudes

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wow I can't believe all the hate your getting op. What a bunch of disconnected losers making fun of a girl when they are down on they luck.

op do me a favor and ignore all these idiots and don't accept any adds because it most likely won't end well. They are just sad maggot dicked autists that don't know how to even start up a convo with a person let alone a girl

here add my skype (hitman90001) we can talk about life, games whatever you want and hell you can even use my shoulder to cry on if you feel like it. I been there and it gets better.

oh also idk if you play overwatch but I have an extra copy of origins and I can always use more people to play with lol, don't worry it's not a hard game I can help you out im a pretty high rank (gold sr)

anyways add me on skype (hitman90001) pls thank you

muah xoxoxo

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I have an iq of 16 gajillion trillion billion, beat that

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Does you're mom know your gay

Yes, she does indeed.

Imagine writing all this out in response to a copypasta. The stupidity of some people knows no limits...