I'm an Army recruiter

I'm an Army recruiter
Ask me anything

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No you aren't you liar.

Not a question but can you please stop recruiting dweeby little beta faggots who think the real world is like call of duty.

Since you get paid to lie, why don’t you just kys?

How does it feel tricking impressionable young men to go die in the desert based on lies about freedom and justice?

Why are you such a cunt?

We do recruit them
There is no trickery buddy

Is the /k/ copypasta of
> lying about medical history good
> lying about criminal history bad

Lying is bad , just be honest to your recruiter

If the army is so great why do they need faggots like you to convince people to join?

What the hell are you doing on Sup Forums

Can I join right now?

Would you take a sperg?

Why did you lie to me? That shit sucked ass and you knew it, faggot.

Objectively wrong.

You can't make this shit up.

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when is the U.S. census?

Is it true that the military is at least partially responsible for the massive spike in college tuition costs in a bid to get more people to enlist to pay for it?

When can I come and get my 18x contract ?

Nope that’s just greedy leftists


Why did I get 45/45 for blinking?

How many of the kids that you recruited have been KIA?
Do you feel any guilt when that happens?

Would you rather suck a dick that's on a girl or have a guy suck your dick?

Hi. My friend Lori (pictured) would like to join the Army. Would there be any issues with her joining?

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Do you know how many of the guys you’ve recruited have died?