Work at dominos

>work at dominos
>closing in 5 minutes
>some jackass puts in a 4 large pizza order

why do people do this?

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Only to piss you off, not because he was hungry.

Hurry up wage cuck

Right its like you were still open and dont get to fuckoff at your shit job.

I bet he had a job... Probably friends to since he was ordering 4 pizzas. .. What fucking nerve

You should probably cut off your dick and. Slice it into pep sized pieces and put it on his pizza . that will show him

Because the store is still open.

No one gives a shit, make the pizza.

Where abouts do you live?

so true im glad u really understand.

with all the bitching you could have half of them pizzas made by now, piss pants.

Maybe get a real job

shut the fuck up and make my food BITCH

>with all the bitching you could have half of them pizzas made by now, piss pants

all 4 are in the oven.

>I bet he had a job

shit, he probably did. He pre tipped with a $20

Because he was hungry, faggot.

When you order from the app it doesn't tell you if the store is closing soon. I've accidentally ordered 5 min before closing. There should be a warning on the app that says the store is closing in 30-60 min.

Because it doesnt matter to other people when you want to close.

Do your job and get payed. Feel free to bitch about it but not in front of the customers.

Thats what life is all about.

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>he pre tipped with a $20
Then what are you fucking bitching about OP!

Fuck OP is a faggot

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Fucking this.
Also, be happy you have a job. You could be looking though boxes for pizza crust right now.

>be a fellow Domino's employee in a different city
>have a customer who waits and tries to sniper in a web order right at 11:59
>we make and go deliver
>it's a 14yo autist who tips .29 cents.

can we just fucking fire shitty customers already?

Sucks to be on closing shift.

because he knew you were closing and had to order before that. you think he should wait to call until you are closed?

the delivery guy gets the $20

Some place being open means it is open. If you guys want to close then close, don't stay open.

>can we just fucking fire shitty customers already?
Youbuaws to before it went super corporate ultra profit mode

Bake the pizzas BIGOT

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>why people order when we open :(

Well the you know what you have to do OP
Have a cup of concrete and harden the fuck up!

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Open's open but it's still a dick move.

we have a whole app and tracking system now. I don't see why we can't rate customers (they rate us after all), and flag any that are repeatedly lame. Problem is, that'd be a lot of our customers

I have worked on restaurants, so I know your pain. And personally, as someone who had dealt with it, I dont show up to restaurants last minute like that.

Buuuut you gotta acknowledge... there's no real opportunity. Any way you slice it, there's going to be a cut off point. Even if it was an hour early, it would suck for you as the employee. It's not realistic to have some kind of slow down time, where you can only order wasy stuff or something, because there will still always be these last minute orders.

>Be op
>work at job
>have to do the work you’re literally being paid to do
>get tipped out $20 on top of that
>crying about it on the interwebs

It’s people like you that are too tardy to party. Dude probably had a team working super late in sales or something (December usually bad month for majority of sales) and wanted to feed his team.

If you’re unhappy with your situation stop being a loser and fuck out of dominos.

In France pizza places basically "protect" themselves from that. You just can't place an order for delivery 15-20min before closing. A take-on might be accepted but not a big order and not if you're below the 10min bars most of the time. Yes, even chains like Domino's.
It's considered normal and I'm okay with that

Just like restaurants would tell you "No" if you came in 20-30min before closing with a group.

Because that would mean employees have to work after the time they're supposed to begin closing and they would finish way later.

And you know, here, we pay these people. With minimum wage yes, but not 4$ + tips that are taxable. So the managers have an incentive not to finish later than normal.

(Yet some insists we're a shithole on every subject and 'Murica does everything better...)

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so what would that accomplish? you continuing to be a whiny little bitch?

you're a fucking idiot.
op gets none of that 20, the driver does.
Like most people, pizza employees want to get home when their shift is done instead of wait around working for 3 more hours to clean up the entire restaurant. So op and his crew probably pre-close to get ready so they can be out at a reasonable time. Then some cunt orders right at the end and op has to make a mess, delay the rest of clean up, etc. It pushes back the time that op gets out the door by a lot. It's common for domino's employees to be there til 2,3, or even 4 in the morning finishing up cleaning sometimes. So don't be a cunt and wait til the last minute to order just becuase you're stoned and forgot to order an hour ago.

you are in a beginner job that requires no actual skill... dont like being shit on? get a new job you lil whiney bitch. entitled fuckin millennials. ugh

work at pizza hut, that shit is annoying.

Maybe OP should be the driver then. If he had any sort of drive he’d get a real fucking job. Or offer to drive since the store would be closed at that point anyway and he’d be off the clock. $20 easy. He’s just a faggot with no motivation. Just wants to bitch about having to do something he’s being paid to do

Yeah, I guess the real question is why is the pizza place accepting orders they can't finish before closing

I love doing this,
best time to order pizza is at 1:58 from Pizza Pizza

I also work at dominos, that's bullshit. You can't tip over the phone. Pre-tipping isn't a thing unless it's a carryout order.

>say no to money while still open.
>somehow good business strategy.

or maybe op is a broke kid with no car and has to walk home at 2 in the morning when he's done. Or maybe it's teh only job he can get in his shithole town to start saving to move out. Or maybe that's the only job he can handle for one reason or another. Don't be so harsh, you have no idea what the person next to you is going through and what limitations they might be dealing with

youre right. but I know I can order pizza online 1 minute before close and no faggoty whiny OP bitch can stop me.

You are more retarded if you accept this order.

wtf are you talking about?

You're either a bad troll or someone who has been spoonfed his entire life.
Today motivation is absolutely not sufficient to get a good job. It's not the 70's anymore where you can walk in a place with a highschool degree and get a job for life.
You may be a fucking rocket scientist and still have to work in a pizza place until the day you find something appropriate.

>be me
>realize dominoes is about to close
>order 4 large pizzas
>laugh as they have to stay late to make my order
>throw it away right in front of the delivery driver
>laughing the entire time

imagine being a wagecuck

nevermind I remembered the app can do that so ignore my post. you're still a bitch for whining about a 4-pizza order..

Are you open or are you closed? Just because it’s 5 minutes to close doesn’t mean people should limit their orders.

I'm sure having to pay a whole team of employees for extra hours costs way more than a 4 pizza order.
Unless 'murica doesn't pay for extra hours and then it's just sad.

Wait you expect a tip for delivering a pizza? Holy fuck you should end you life

>It's common for domino's employees to be there til 2,3, or even 4 in the morning finishing up cleaning sometimes

what makes you say this? youre garbage at your job if it takes you that long to close the store
we closed at 5am and even on busy nights got everything cleaned and shut up by 6am latest 7am on nightmare nights

still everyones a cunt in this thread
at my store the managers were penny pinching pricks constantly trying to run the store understaffed and then theyd clock people out without telling them so theyd be working for free that was normally the instores

on top of that everyone was an incompetent lazy retard so nothing got done id often have to go do the delivery sometimes as far as 12 miles away then get back another 12 miles and then still have to do a majority of the close jobs that would have easily been done if i didnt have to deliver

a lot of faggotry in this thread, anybody who orders any food or comes in a store 5 minutes before close needs to have a bullet in their head

Get a real job or stfu

because they're hungry for pizza

Why? I'm going with they are hungry?

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based costumer
i will do this just to piss off wagecucks like OP
its your job, don't complain

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Why does op have to make a mess making 4 pizzas? Why can’t they just make it carefully? Why does this “delay” closing by 5 hours?

Find out next time on this guy is fuckin retarded.

You're still open faggot, stop complaining, unless you're independently wealthy and doing this for god damn fun, take the order hope you get a tip and be thankful your shit hole job can still employ you.

>People should just accept and not complain about working for fucking free without their knowledge while constantly being understaffed
Holy shit you are so fucking brainwashed by ultra-capitalism that you're insulting another employee that won't accept this rather than insulting this type of managers.

>>it's a 14yo autist who tips .29 cents.
customers gives .29 cent tip when nothing should be expected, especially from a child who doesn't get tipping, go fuck yourself faggot, deliver to the autist and be thankful you can have a job when your skills are non existant


That’s pretty much it.

your opinion is invalid eurocuck. you have no idea how pizza kitchens work. if you cant fire 4 pies into the conveyor and clean the rest of your station up before you have to box and cut, you are literally a fucking failure.

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>tip when nothing should be expected
fuck off eurofag

what kind of faggot makes a response like this.

The customer ordered at a reasonable time, the time your open you god damn retard.

The reasonable time is the time it takes you to clean up after you close, you fucking lazy piece of shit. You wonder why you dont have a better job and make shit for money, its because your basic logic and work ethic fucking blows. Gain a skill gain some work ethic and get a better job, aka stop bitching you have customers and order while open.

this fucking retard

>reasonable time


this. the maximum time it could set you back is 10 minutes to take the makeline product out of the walk-in and put it back, assuming you packed up early.

Schizo poster

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Closing at 10 means you take orders until 10, it doesn't mean you go home at 10. Welcome to the real world you manbaby

>work as waiter
>people come in 10 minutes before closing
>manager tells the hostess to go ahead and seat them
>it was 2 people coming to hold the restaurant for the other 10 people
>the other closing waiter splits it with me since we're both tired
>kitchen is pissed
>all other guests have left by the time they get their entrees
>drop off check
>they sit there and chat for an hour without touching the bill
>take hostess into the freezer for a quick bang
>do all my prep work for the next day
>change into my street clothes
>sit at the bar until they finally leave
>manager has comped 2 of their dishes
>they're using coupons
>they have 2 $50 gift cards
>they all drank water
>bill after everything is $25
we got $5, niggers are the worst

you didnt understand my comment i probably could have made it more clear

when i said everyone in this thread is a cunt that was me agreeing with op that its a shit thing to do and is annoying
then i went on to explain that working at dominos is garbage especially on a close because of the things i said

the first bit was me simply saying comments like are dumb and are way over exaggerating

>the I never had a job and live in my mom's basement

>You may be a fucking rocket scientist and still have to work in a pizza place until the day you find something appropriate.

If you truly believe that I don’t think you have any grounds to call someone else spoon fed. People who are spoon fed sound a lot like the ‘super smart under achiever’ you’re describing

found the samefag

shitty troll detected


Imagine this was about a clothing store

>waaahhh, why customer comes in before we close, I wanted to prepare to close already before closing time

because they want pizza and you're still open.

OP is probably one of those lazy ass faggot little retards that doesn't understand how to preclose his station efficiently or multitask his time. probably leaned against the cutting board and used his phone to bitch about it with his friends instead of actually working while his coworkers rolled their fucking eyes at his lazy ass dragging his goddamned feet at the end of his shift like he does EVERY FUCKING SHIFT.

You rely on people including these niggers for income, in other words even if you want to pretend, you're beneath them


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>works at dominos
you doesnt know to much do you

That's not "believing" just open google and do a search on unemployment. People are more educated than ever,take on college education more than ever, and yet, a whole lot of unemployment
>hurr durr millenials are just lazy
If YOU believe that then you're just a fucking boomer, disconnected from the actual reality of job searching.
I know that even tho I got a good job on my first try that's related to my higher education. Cuz i'm not a self absorbed prick.

While you were editing, you should've taken mine out at 91 dumbass, since my screenshot is above yours, and it would've worked

My bad I did misunderstood

Shut up you britbong fag, it's not our fault you work at tescos

but, I'm you

Not a britbong, not working a minimum wage. Try again.

Alright then, carry on.

It's no ones fault but your own that you are retarded.

>own business
>hire people to do job between set hours

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You're a chad

I worked at a clothing store. Literately never got out of there at closing time. Doors were unlocked UNTIL closing time and we semi prepped. Literately one time got out 20 minutes after because it was a slow night. Most of the time it was at least 30

at least you don't work at papa johns

>"you doesnt know to much do you"
>non english fag trying to talk shit
ok subhuman rat

Yo what’s up with that crust. That shit is like crack cocaine