It's over

It's over.

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All polls are lies. Get ready for 4 more years of God Emperor Trump.

>all polls are lies, because the actual election result differed from the poll

imagine being this retarded. peoples opinions change during time, not everyone doing the poll will go to election, not everyone going voting was part of the poll.
It's like shooting at a target 10 times, hitting it 8 times. And now someone like you would assume you would hit the target exactly 8 times every time you're going to shoot at it 10 times.

98% chance Hillary wins.

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>June 6-10

its only been 3 years and people have already forgotten the shenanigans of 2016 with MSM polls
>imagine still trusting MSM

Americans arent dumb enough to elect that fuck wit, and that's saying something.

for biden, dudes shitty history and dumb do nothing arguments are sinking him, people are realizing Bernies the best choice. You dumb corporate democrat wont change shit moron wake up

Yang is the only Dem I would vote for. DNC is fucking him over just like they did Bernie in 2016

As a democrat I think with that kind of a lead voting is sort of pointless. It's in the bag!

He didnt even get the nomination when he was the guy next in line. Theres no chance they'll run that guy.


Here we go 2016 all over again....

hey, polls don't lie

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I'm fairly liberal and I still think Trump will verbally bitch slap that doddering old fool's fake teeth out of his head.


no real reason to believe Trump's popularity is greater.

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LOL, love it

I'm all for this. America is too powerful, Democratic control will take us down a few notches.

If Biden is gonna run, I'm gonna plaster those creepy vids of him smelling little girls all over the internet. There's simply no way he wins.

The jew media will memory hole all those creepy videos of him forcing little girls to touch his crotch and all the time he's tweaked loli nipples on C-Span. Watch them disappear from youtube too

Really ought to know better than trusting projections after last time.

too late for that - they will be reposted everywhere - besides, jews love trump - they decry him in public but privately love his support of israel, acting like a good little attack dog, and support his tax cuts for the ultra rich (of which 50% are jews)

cool now do a bernie rally

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Ah fuck, better pack up my shit and hit the bricks. Schlomo Joe's got the win!

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Ah shit, byden won? I forgot to vote!

imagine trusting polls after the last election literally kill yourself op

no reason to. they won't let him win the primary remember?

>Socialist kike cucklord has rally in the capital city of socialist kike cucklords and a lot of socialist kike cucklords show up

Good job kike, heres a yellow star you degenerate.

Autistic screeches inbound as Trump wins another election. Biden is a pedo and a lap dog for the establishment, while bernie is advocating for socialism which will burn the country into the ground. If either get elected it's the end of the free world, unfortunately people are too stupid to see what's really going on

>hurr durr people who disagree with me are all cucks"
learn some new buzz words you NPC faggot

Noose yourself you illiterate nigger hows that you commie cumrag.

Trump's an annoying troll,, but Biden is one of the dumbest people on the planet. Why on Earth would the Dems back him? Its like they want Trump to win.

Canada and Europe are doing pretty good for being socialist. Also real modest of you to think the free world lives and dies with America (the country where you can’t buy weed or sex toys in many parts, banned teaching evolution in parts, and had national gay marriage well over a decade after most other developed countries did)

give it a couple months, maybe 9 or 10, see how how it shapes up.

as i recall, hillary failed with an even larger lead much closer to the election. but hey, you know how polls work the same as us.

Do you really believe what you said? I'm just curious.

Are they socialist?
Are they doing "pretty good"?
It does, the decline and collapse might not be evident at first but were it to happens historians in the future would draw the line of the death of the free world with America's demise.

"we have no one that can beat him"
- Democratic Party leadership in fall 2019

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It's only the beginning, you'll eventually see how much of a totalitarian/authoritarian state the world will be once the rest of western civilization defers from its christian ideology and succumbs to the NWO
Of course I do, if Hillary made it into office in 2016 we'll most likely be dead right now because of WW3 with Russia

The poll isn't from MSNBC. What's your point?

Do your parents know how fucking gay you are?

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Yeah I'm not even voting, looks like Uncle Joe has it in the bag. Fuck drumpf lmao