Gonna try out coke for the first time next week, what should I expect?

Gonna try out coke for the first time next week, what should I expect?

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Don’t forgot to bring your condom and put it on your dealer’s dick before snorting on it

A very fun time

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OP here, why would I do that? Is it necessary?

Get ready to possibly be up for 2-3 days in a row


Of course. You haven’t heard about ‘bro code?’


He said coke not crystal meth retard

Most coke is cut with meth these days

You'll be waiting to feel something and keep going for more.

IMHO it's only really good when you're drunk and get tired bc at that point it brings you back to life.

expect to be incredibly annoying to anyone not on coke

Also, how much should i take? I’ve had experience with Adderal before

If you have 2g you will stay up for 2-3 days unless you choose to cut yourself off.

Not true.

Try not to talk too much, control yourself.


15 minutes of "Wow Awesome"

then literally 30% of you receptors that can deal with the rush of dopamine die off or enter a state where they don't work.

so everything gets increasingly less interesting every time you do more coke that night until you realize everyone around you is annoying you but really its just because you are cranky because you can not get more high without doing huge lines.

It can be fun. .

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It's way better than Pepsi. Trust me, you'll love it.


Depression: self esteem = 0/10000
Coke: SELF ESTEEM = 10000/10

Be prepared to want more.
I’d you’re drinking with it (the most dangerous combo) you’ll get the euphoria feeling that everyone loves.
Trouble sleeping that night
Long conversations about plans they you’ll never follow through with.

Lol no

Small line, wait 15-30 repeat

OP here, is there anyway i can test what the dealer gives me is legit?

yup, just ask Freud

A lot of people don't really get any affect the first time they do it, so they try again another day and then the downhill spiral starts

You can order test kits on line. Personally won’t do coke u less I saw it coming off the brick considering they were finding shit cut with fentanyl

You must be getting some pretty shitty blow then.