Post photos of your favorite memories

Post photos of your favorite memories

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You fucked her?

I fucked her

that's my sister you fucking perv....


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Why else would it be a favorite memory

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His feet?

like for a million of different reason other than that?

Link? I’m curious if this was real and he actually did it

I won't post pics of my kids

So here the second best memory

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Think it might be the bleed out video guy.

Back when I used to be in decent shape. This was back when I first met my gf. It was great. All we ever did was fuck. I'd come home from work and she'd answer the door completely nude and she loved sucking my cock so this is my best memory

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it's worse what happened to the website he used to stream his suicide attempt from

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of course it's real
it's Toaster Steve from 2013

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Sad memories.

If your best memories in life are the normal things in life.

the little things
that's all there is

They are sad memories.... after 3 years of being together she was taken away from this world in december of 2018. Those were the best 3 years of my life.

Since then I have been trying to get over it. But she was the one. I was going to marry that girl. Now I am 40lbs heavier and dont get out much.