What’s up anons . Aspiring paratrooper here...

What’s up anons . Aspiring paratrooper here. I’ve always wanted to go to the military and wanted to be a green beret recently have a son and decided to maybe go a different route. Decided I wanted to be a paratrooper. There’s only thing that keeps bugging me and getting me nervous. I’m super self conscious of my dick got case BD definitely a grower not a shower. Should I be worried ?

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If your worrying about that, then maybe don’t join the military

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Well I’m guess that it’s the last thing on peoples minds but for some reason that’s what gets to me . Don’t get me wrong everything else doesn’t get me upset and it’s not going to stop me from going or joining I just wanted some insight of what’s it’s really like in the barracks at basic and or what MEPS is like. Like should I just not even worry about it and go on about my business?

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former group guy here. Conventional army is gay as hell. mil in general is pretty fuckin dumb, but sof is noticeably more common sense based rather than really retarded lowest common denominator shit (CF mil cant fire their retards, so rules and regs are based on how pervasive the retard community in cf is). All that is to say, just grow in front of your mates so they know youre a grower. just dont be a fag about it

Former 95th CA here.

Youre an idiot. Hope your dumbass drops the soap in Leavenworth

Me too, i was also in CAG and delta

Thanks user that was some sound advise kek. I’ve always thought like hey most of these guy i probably won’t see again maybe I’ll see them in AIT but other that I could always just cuff the good alway meat and potatoes hot the hot spots and put on the brown thunders before anyone notices the baby dick in the room. It just gets me nervous I guess. Be honest tho user do people even look ? I feel like nobody just sits around and stares at other recruits dicks lol. Maybe it’s just me overthinking it all

not lying. ask your questions.


I'm interested in joining Air Force, early 20s, no record. Haven't been to school since high school. I'm nervous. Haven't even talked to a recruiter. Anyone recommend Air Force life?

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some will, and gayness is a goofy coping mech of being surrounded by guys and having no tail during basic and infantry school. no one gives a literal shit and you'll more likely never see anyone after OSUT

Airforce has way higher quality of life, but unless youre a pilot you will always be supporting effort rather than main effort. CCTs ive worked with were all cool, but airforce doesnt treat their sof differently, so they have a hard time promoting (all their skills training and schools dont cover basic airman drill and ceremony gayness). so their highspeed dudes are all like e4s. and even CCTs are always stuck back with C2 or mission support sites

Damn sending me to Leavenworth cause I have a shrimp dick lol. It’s just me overthinking and just wanted to hear what Sup Forums thought of my not so serious phobia when looking at the greeting picture of the military. Nothing is going to stop me from joining nor from completing basic,AIT, or jump school it’s just a re-accruing thought and wanted to hear what y’all’s opinion was.

What optic did you have on your m4

long barrel m4 1-4x elcan
shorty m4 eotech

Yea that’s what i figured. Guess I just gotta over come this silly thought process haha. I have friends who are enlisted and they all tell me stories of DS coming in mid shower and making the walls sweat for a good half hour haha sounds like fun.

Seeing as team guys use mk18s or block 2s i don't believe you.

May sound like a stupid question but how good at math do you have to be. Would like to enlist maybe go 18x but I fear that my lack on math skills will be a hindrance while out on the field.

What the fuck? Naked dicks is what bothers you? You would die for your country but god forbid the other soldiers see your cock. You're adults, grown men. If a grown man takes a look at your dick and says something resolve it like a man and punch him.

false, they tried it, but because CF uses regular M4s it was impossible to get replacement parts when shit broke on 18s or 416s. m4A1s, you can just rip shit from cf armors

Listen user I’m just as baffled as you I don’t have a care in the world for working with weapons or heights or jumping out of air planes but for some reason I just have a Phobia . I’ve already made up my mind that it’s not going to stop me but it’s always there almost like an embarrassing thing happened to you a long time ago, while you don’t let it bother your everyday life it’s still present and it comes up every once in a while if that makes sense user.

my deployments i took long and short m4s, mid and short scar, and a 320. But people will take what they want, at the end of the day (as long as Z approves of it). That said, mk18s and hk416s, which were in our armory, was heavily advised against for the reasons ive said

What are your deployments usually like as in time . Is it a year deployment or is it 6months. How does it work you deploy for a year and then your off or your constantly deploying ?

6 months on for every 14 - 18 off.
Other sof units have been running 3 on 6 off. But with SFs mission set, it makes a little more sense for the longer deployments

fully dependent on team and warzone reqs and all that bs. Some dudes do nothing but jcets (several week to months long training deployments to allied nations), and never deploy to warzones (rare, but some guys like that life and make the moves to keep it)

Sorry let me reword that, 6 on in a 14-18 month time frame. i never went 18 months without deploying

Were your deployments always warzone high risk areas or were they mixed between helping foreign militaries and and raids and such ?

If you don’t mind me asking what did most of your deployments consist of . Not asking for specifics just asking weather you had deployments where it was high risk all the time or if you mostly had other deployments

3 Afghanistan, 1 Iraq, 1 allied
afghanistans were nothing but direct action ops
Iraq was a kind of mixture, as i was in kurdistan where it is more of a ww1 style trench war between safe zones and not safe zones.
allied country was gay as balls. their SF is hyper dog shit, despite their regular youtube postings

Post pics

of what? cool guy combat pics? I dont feel like uploading them to my laptop, photopea-ing my face and others' just so you can believe me

General land nav will be the real math, unless you're going to be a sniper then math is a big thing. Cardio and mental toughness are the 2 main things

unless your asking for dick pics to keep with the threads original questions. then I might think about it

From what you said i do believe you, i just like seeing cool ass guns I'll never own

this, unless you go medic.
My last Bravo was a sniper instructor. Dude was basically retarded except when it came to shooting. Picture kevin from the office being able to math but only in reference to food

oh that makes sense. it's definitely a thing i miss. I've built a few guns since i left, but the amount of types of guns and essentially unlimited free ammo was nice

user I’m OP what do you think of my situation. I wang to hear the opinion of a high speed guy.

This gives me hope lol

I have a 'dmr' ar and another one that's just a mix of shit. Did y'all get geissele triggers in your rifles

military is work for welfare. dude on my team was a former cf engineer, and before that a real-person contractor. Said in cf 1) most dudes hide out in their barracks all day until they get assigned some bs work to do , and 2) when they did get work they would take 50 more dudes than necessary and take months longer than it should (because if they finished too soon or didnt utilize that amount of people, then they would have a hard time justifying their existence).
The penis thing is dumb. I realize you know its in your head, but literally no one gives any real shit. the more you react the more peple will shit on you. if you roll with it immediately, or even be the one to bring it up in a funny way, then it'll amount to nothing

people did, but they were personal purchases.
For example, I wanted to trick out my glock but didnt want my money to go on army shit, so i bought my own glock and tricked it out and convinced my bravo to mentally swap my personal serial for the work one.

Thanks user that’s some real good advice the best so far to be honest. I’m 100% sure I’ll be a jumpy boy just gotta get rid of some kinks before I ship out .

This being said, you have a ton of opportunity in the mil BUT you have to be the one to take advantage of it. way to easy to get drunk with your bros and bitch about leadership every weekend until youre out. You show some initiative, and theyll send you to free training that costs a ton of money in the real world that looks great on a resume. Same as college, shit is an investment in yourself. the sooner you realize thta the sooner you can make yourself into a useful person and not leave with a 4 year degree in basketweaving and ptsd

Change your socks and hydrate

Definitely will do . I plan on going in as 12b and would love to go to sapper school . After the military I plan on continue the career path that I have now which is tree work (arborist) I just want to serve my country first since I’ve been wanting to do that since I was younger.

I thought all sof had those issued in their rifles. I bought the ssae and that thing is dope, i want the dmr one but California is fuckin terrible so theres nowhere to shoot

And don’t be in the 41 club ?? Lol

Why do you want to fight and die for Israel? Maybe stay home, not be treated like a disposable robot and be there for your son.

nah dude, we are issued blank platforms and spend team money on what we see fit. If the team decides they want new triggers they can spend some of their yearly budget on them and they'll stay with that platform until something newer is purchased. So, many teams do run tricked out triggers on gov dime. But if you want to personalize it, it's a personal purchase

Well it is Sup Forums so that's a possibility that might happen to this guy

Gotcha. When did you go in?

so i guess it kinda depends. my m4s had upgrades to em, but i got brand new out of the box scars, so those didnt get upgraded for a little bit when we, as a team, decided to spend op fund on nicer barrels, better suppressors/supressor covers, and triggers.

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You should join

Freedom needs you OP. If you bow out of your commitment to join, the military will chase you down until you do.

Are scars that dope? I feel like it's bulky. Granted if someone was like wanna shoot my suppressed 17 i sure wouldn't say no

so i don't personally care for it. great if youre gonna be mid to long range. so say your cell is running supporting effort, and youre not the assigned MG man, the scar is a great way to reach out and touch fuckers without being solely a sniper, in the event your cell gets called to move up to aid the main effort in something

I think everyone left this and now it's just us buddy haha

it was a stupid premise, to be honest.
Afraid to make a huge life decision based on penis size haha

where ya from, m8?

Good ol commifornia

I know nothing about cali, other than southern folks seem to dislike their guns a lot

And obviously op never played sports. Nobody gives a shit unless you're making it weird, they just want to shower and roll out without staring at dicks

Well born and raised so cal. But on a farm and my town is mostly gun enthusiasts. The local PD is issuing carry permits to folks for 212 bucks or something like that

Ha yeah I had the same thought

cool cool. My buddy moved from my redneck tiny town to LA, then SF. so i've been out there quite a few times. nice to visit, wouldnt choose to live there personally

Airborne was fun. I got to do for free what thrill seekers pay money to do. It was some fun shit.

I'm going to guess you're from the south. GA? And yeah it's gotten so awful. When i was growing up there was maybe 25k people now theres 100k

Airborne was a gay waste of time. Navy does it right by condensing it into 3 days, because that is all that is necessary.

nope, upstate NY. people don't know it, but NY outside of the city is all backwoods and rednecks

You're never going to get past dick muster. You're already a failure. Don't try.