Goth/edgy girls

goth/edgy girls

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wow she’s perfect!
any chance you know who she is?

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girl from high school

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you have her IG or anything similar? post more plz

I want her to make me lick those boots

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@ nicole_delong on twitter

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holy fuck bro post more

she’s an obedient slut

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part one

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this is fucking hot post more

part two

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do you have a drive with pics or video? mega or drop box?

last one i have

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who is she?

she’s very fuckable

fuck that was a good run
any stories about her u can share?

I'm glad you like her

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in high school, she walked out with me to my car one day during lunch and deepthroated me when i was parked in the front row and all of our classmates were walking by. let me cum down her throat too. probably the best sexual encounter i’ve had to date

this girl goes to my college
super slut apparently

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Pale and dead. My type that would be so emotionally unavailable I'd kill myself over her.

So sick of that retarded fucking expression.

Sure if you like 500 pounds of summer

that kinda girl to suck the soul outta your dick and then tell you you’re just friends

+1. Insta want to punch in the stupid face.


Goth girl is way-mo'bettah than Basic girl

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i heard that she got caught sucking someones cock in the bathroom but i’m not sure how true that is since i don’t really know her. Spoken to her a view times, she’s pretty annoying.

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like some pounds will stop me

you're very lucky
i would kms to have a girl like that

suck it up, faggot

This image really did not require the text

Exactly. Living dead girls are the best.

What the fuck does that even mean

Smash or pass thread.

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Very edgy

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it means you must be 18yo to post here

last pic i have of her if u want her ig let me know

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part one

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part three

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Is this one a model? Anyone know her name?

her name is swim suit succubus almost everywhere

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fucked up the order smh :/

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yes bro please more
where do you know her from?

says the zoomer memeface fanboy lol

friends girlfriend

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found the butthurt zoomboi

yes pls


How does anything in any of my posts indicate I'm an underageb&? The part where I had the gall to question you when you made a statement which made no sense, with or without context?

oh U poor newfag butthurt zoomboi


thank you based.

so how did you get these? love a good story

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share if you get any nudes

If you have to try that hard to be different..
You aren't..

will do.

Since Sup Forums is anonymous you're judged on the merit of your word in the context of the thread. Just calling someone an newfag or zoomer without reason just makes you look like an dumbass.

in the mood to cum
let’s see what y’all bois got

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being a newfag or zoomer makes you a dumbass

so cute
you got more?


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can anyone photoshop cum on her face? would be much appreciated

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who is she?

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