Hello I'm Jes. Work is boring so I decided to dump my pics:)

Hello I'm Jes. Work is boring so I decided to dump my pics:)

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nvm I'm a dumbass I didnt even read that ur at work lol

I don’t believe you, fuck off gay lord

lol can still do timestamp but not in nude

prove it!

true that makes me even more of a dumbass

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fag hands. Definitely a dude pretending to be a girl

slut bunny photo set when?

I'm interested

nice cheeks nigga

you call this a slut bunny photo or me wearing bunny costume?

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We need tits as confirmation that you are a female

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this photo. only saw 2-3 pics
did you take more?
I want to see a webm of you shaking your
slutty bunny tail

you're better off not asking and just masturbating

I don't have vids with that little bunny tail but I have some with this longer tailplug

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Any of you taking cock like a good little slut?

hi jes! im about to finish, can you hit me with your best pic you got? ?

I think this picture shows my true self

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whens the last time you took a dick jes?

did you draw circles on your nips bro?

about a week ago?
yes I did lol

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>about a week ago?
video? pics?

thanks you jes!
You are my fantasy!

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Hi Jes, get back to work you useless slut.

wow thanks for the tribute!! I really love it
any chance u are my boss?

I think about you. A lot

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>any chance u are my boss?
no, but there is a big chance I rape your ass if you don't.

lol thx
well I don't want to work

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>well I don't want to work
do you want to end like a street whore, sucking cocks for a living?

Hello Jess
So you dress up at work or you are just dumping old pics?

>Hello I'm Jes. Work is boring so I decided to dump my pics:)
Do u have Kik?

that whore is working too. I just don't like to work.
I'm dumping old pics:)

Shut up incel
Let Jes post moar pix instead of begging for a schmordicum of boipussi.

>that whore is working too. I just don't like to work.
jeez, you're useless... may as well turn you into a public toilet.

that would work for me:)

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I bet it would.

Would use that mouth to suck me dry every morning before work


my mouth is made for cocks

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>my mouth is made for cocks
just your mouth?

that what more?

I wanna breed you so badly.

user.. I..

Cock/asshole pix

God I love jes so much

Show us some of your work.

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I really want to see jes cum

Maybe we can help with your work.

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Who does your boss look like?

Like lee hyung?


When do you get off work?

Does Jes have any latex?

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They are beautiful.

I'm in love.

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You're probably my favourite whore, always easy to bust a nut to you. But I'd be scared of catching some kind of super AIDS from your slutty ricehole.

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Would you suck a big nigger dick Jes?

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Said yes already.

My dream waifu is no more


Don't think it's happens yet.

what the fuck

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There are other options

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Still waiting for you to wear this no panties in the lobby..you never did lol just a few pics ;)

You are asking him to blow up his life.

Kik dailyanon

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Nah he used to do it. There are ways to be sneaky just wear that long coat

Are you thinking the security guard watch the feeds, will just j.o. and pull the tape? Or confront Jes and use it to blackmail Jes into his kept whore? You are awful

Would leave my current Gf just to have a night with jes

He's a hot gook and all, but come the fuck on. There're hundreds if not thousands of girly ling lings waiting to be dicked, and not even half as whorish as he is.
>those fucking trips

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Already done it before? Think he likes the risk lol doesn’t have to listen to me anyways

> Gf

...whom I'm sure is stunning...

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Wear that here?

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It's no mistake. He is kinda big, certainly for a Korean. Has that swimmers build, a bit built for an trap. Button cute as a button, packing, but mega subby. But it's that ivory skin. Nothing more feminine.

>Whorish as a negative
You like your boys chaste? They aren't women, no eggs to fight over. Willingness is supreme consideration here. No one competes. Jes is here, and filthy. Name someone better.

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Jesus fucking Christ. The daring....

Jes is almost built to my specifications.

I'm not disagreeing with you on that one, he's good looking. I like my boys and girls clean. I don't want to stick my dick into a vag, an asshole or a mouth that had ten dicks in it before mine. The more whorish the more likely that they are diseased.
Jes is only good for a quick fuck, nothing more. Trading your gf for a one night stand is retarded. But you do you. Don't know anyone better, he's my favourite hole too.
What specifications doesn't he fulfil?

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Jess is no longer here is she

Damn is there anywhere i can find more pics of Jes?

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pic related
And no. He's been gone for ages probably.

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I mean from the sounds of it you're likely as diseased as they are, I do agree with the overall point but if you're considering banging ewhores you really have no high ground to shit on them

Unlike with a girl, I have no of those jealously/defending feeling. I always though my replusion with whorishness was evenly diseased based too. But true to or mega fauna considerations, traps prove it's only about an female considering of other men. 18 years mispent supporting not your genes is a much bigger priority, then burning piss. Whatever biological threats of death from disease transmission don't live on the reptile brain, open sores aside.

Should be off work in couple hours.

I'd help you out if I could post from pc

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Nope, I'm as clean as a new pin. I'm not necessarily shitting on them, sure I'd fuck one. But I'm not going round fucking anything that wants my dick nor am I an attention seeking slut. They are.
You do you, I'd fuck Jes no questions asked. But if I were to choose between getting to fuck him or having a gf (less hot than him) I'd definitely choose the gf.

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I'm as pure as the driven snow. Very low miles. The comparatively don't fuck in Korea, and concordantley have low disease, high healthcare, huge cultural pressure for committed hetero relationships. So the loads Jes is getting may be the safest imaginable on Earth. The dudes he's pulling probably have gfs would work as living Petri dishes/constant testers for disease, keeping dudes from going hogs wild in community annhilating, disease wildfire, faggot madness.

>No high ground

Is that "butt" surplus? "Overall point, IF you are..."* -referring to yourself here.

That's just it. Jes ain't no pump and dump. Seems like a real sweetie, you'd like to know. Why bother elsewise?

>What specifications doesn't he fulfil?
1. Pale
2. Smooth
3. Nice ass
4. Asian
5. I am white so Asian traps get me extra hard

>Gf less hot

What a sad compromise for unprovided reasons.

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> Had ten

Who you fucking then? Aborigine 12 year old princesss, only? Everyone, for decades, is a standardless pig who has 10 minimum.

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Ups. Misread
There is not a one bad thing about Jes

I like those features too. I only go for white or Asian traps personally. Darkies look weird.
Which is?

>unprovided reasons.
The gf won't be an easy going whore for one. Two, Jes and other ewhores are only good for a quick fuck. That's all there is to it, just sex. Gf can provide you with more than just that.
>Who you fucking then?
>Everyone, for decades, is a standardless pig who has 10 minimum.
Not everyone, normalfags certainly have zero standards.

"Doesn't" works better..implies down from perfect.

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Would mount that and cum with all my might.
After climax I would just leave my cock inside that ass and go to sleep on her with cock still inside

Thanks for telling me that I guess?

Sharing my fantasies with people makes me feel good