Anyone here a complete loner at age 25 with no friends at all?

Anyone here a complete loner at age 25 with no friends at all?

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Yo that's me, no friends 25. What a waste my life has been

25, you're an infant. Now if you were 50 and had no friends I'd worry

Join a kickball team or some shit

i'm 38 with basically no friends. I have a gf, but i'm thinking of breaking up with her.

Loner made 29 shit sucks not being able to reminisce and or talk about nothing laughing the night away with a friend all of them either died or moved especially now that I'm sober I don't hang out with literally no one thinking about killing myself soon if I have the balls to

I'm 35 single with no friends, decent job though

Deadbeat dad to 3 kids from 3 different women

31. No gf, never had sex, never kissed, hugged or dated. No friends for 12 years now.

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two months i turn 25, have now two "friends".

will i lose them when i turn

This thread is kinda comfy

What happened user? How is that even possible? You must not be actively trying

I’m depressed too user, do you have any family? It can be really hard being sober, try smoking weed maybe?

you have to be 18+ to post here user. Go back to the blue boards.

I have fam, they help sometimes and I don't really want to go back to weed I've been sober six months from it, just got to ride this shit out until it happens again

Drugs should be used for fun/with friends.Dont use drugs to run from how you feel. If your depressed drugs wont do anything but probably make it worse. yeah it makes it a bit easier to not be so depressed while youre high but when you come down its just gonna be the same or even worse after the dopamine rush. Also thats money you can spend to go out, get new clothes, something, anything to try to make yourself feel good in a more productive way.

Well man i wish you the best of luck, and don’t kill yourself. You’re only given one shot at sentience in this vast universe, you have an eternity to be dead, might as well be alive as long as possible. I love you brother, people all over the world are struggling, you’re not alone. Fight to survive, and don’t stop fighting until you thrive. You’ll feel much better when you get there because you’ll realize it was all worth it

Its sooo fucking funny how the guy always has to try. When fucking women can just sit on their ass, and love finds them. It fucking sucks.

I don’t have any friends you normie nigger, I use it recreationally because it makes music, video games, movies, food, etc. more immersive. It helps me think about things in a more rational way, especially because I used psychedelics. Ever wondered why the hippie symbol is “peace”? Peace of mind comes along with it

Men are biologically programmed to chase. We like to think we're evolved and shit but it all boils down to selection and cost analysis. Men chase as many women as they can because our part in baby making is all of 15 minutes if the chick is lucky.

They have to tie up almost a year to make one little parasite so they have to be selective

You’re right, it’s not fair. Especially in today’s age with instagram, these hoes get hundreds of likes. They can pick and choose which chads they want while many guys don’t even have a chance

nice self pity retard. there's plenty of women in the same spot as you, and plety of pathetic women who would be more than willing to stoop below their standards for you. try trying

He's probably a really shitty person

>almost 30
>all friends I've ever had stopped talking to me
>too shy and have anxiety issues to make new ones
>never had a gf
>fat as fuck
gonna see how this year plays out, then probably gonna off myself

Word to the wise... Nobody has friends. It's all a sad, meaningless, disappointing set of reciprocal transactions.

Whatever is giving you anxiety, you need to conquer it. Make that a priority this year, you’ll feel better after

I have a wife but no friends

That's legit not even possible. How the fuck do you manage that?

>blah blah blah cant handle life sober so i use coping mechanisms.
Not gonna help with that depression mate. That was my point no shit drugs make things better while youre high, you should be able to anjoy all those things sober just as much. But bringing up psychedelics i was wrong shrooms proven to actually help with depression. Bringing up hippies with holes in their brains from too much acid doesnt help your case.

i'm 28. I have 2 friends. both long distance. I haven't seen either of them for 8 months.

Working on it, 22 years in.
Life is shit but it could be worse.
I just hope I pull myself together and do something with my life. ;_;

Stop comparing yourself to others.

Read self help books. People spent majority of their lives creating material to help you. Don't be the fool who never realizes this.

Best of luck in your growth.

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40. Never had a close relationship of any kind.

30 and no friends

36. No close friends, had to part ways with them when I cut contact with my parents, as my parents would try to get at me through my friends.

Yes. Turn 26 in a couple days. Literal loner. Last time I actually hung with someone, that wasn’t small chit chat, was September 13, 2014.

33, no friends, and I don't fucking want any.

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>gf going through depression
>used to have 4 close friends
>due to Sup Forumsish views end up with 1 close friend

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Really? I just hate everyone I've every met. I'm ultra introverted, but I'd love someone worth knowing. Points to spend. One person to spend them on. Right now they are all spent through forced interactions to prop up practical life.

ITT: we're really all not that different

No, I'm in my forties with no friends.