Does she deserve to get seen like this by family, friends, colleagues and strangers?

Does she deserve to get seen like this by family, friends, colleagues and strangers?

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ruin the whore’s potential employment

who to start with? She has a sister, mummy, daddy. She is working in an office and also as a model so many people to inform

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any female born after 1993 can’t cook... all they know is mcdonald’s , charge they phone, twerk, be bisexual , eat hot chip & lie

yup! post results

ITT: incels being incels

I have email of her father and also know the model agency

any ideas what i should write? Will post screenshots

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Bm her and get more first

Just send him an email of a full frontal of hers with clear face, and say something like "look at your precious daughter"

I’m just curious, is it an ex girlfriend? Is she a cunt?

Mine cooks

sent. Who next and how?

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already tried but no luck ... want her kik to try your best?

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YES! To all strangers! do you have a m3g@ to share? We can all spread her around like a wildfire!


i have kik ... its jodelhalll
her kik is mariella9988

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ID say yes.

Privacy of the others is not my responsability.

Nothing better then good ol' black mail.

Can we just get the folder to have fun sending them out. I don't use kik.

Add her male friends on fb and send in a big group



Do it and send results

Show something sent faggot

nobody is using fb anymore ...

any idea for the text for her model agency?

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Gr8 b8 m8

"Looks like she found work elsewhere"

Idk user.. that sounds like lazy faggot speak to me.

Wtf? Why even ask then homo

her agency

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anymore ideas? Or pic requests?

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Send mega or vid link

OP might be a faggot guys.

I second this motion.

ok guys here is a vid of her masturbating ...

lets keep going with her agency ... what message?

link: #!1mJhTYTb!EQ3qYK0jf9V-550e01o-aNPtcqUQfhnlKnBo0vRhemY

Know any of her friends? Anybody that liked her who would enjoy these gifts? Sending nudes to her family will make things weird for.a while, but you gotta find a way to ruin her

yes i have a few of them on insta. Message?

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Now bj vid OP

Oh this is amazing! more?

Yes. Definitely.

Does the go to a church?

What a dirty girl

pretty sure this slut never saw a church from inside :D

Damn, could have sent this to her church community, that would have hit hard....

I'm sorry. I don't understand what ur doing here?
Are u shaming this girl because she don't live by your Bible? Ur so fucking weird. Hopefully u go to jail for revenge porn

Can we get the whole folder?

Someone's new to /b\

When you say nobody...... Do you really mean just yourself user?

Lol kys you fat fuck

there is a second masturbating one and another blowjob - what next?

anyone messaged her?

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This is gold!

Blowjob plz

BJ next!

No wonder girls don't want to get naked in front of you zoomers. Such children you are.

Family, no. Friends, colleagues and strangers yeah.

And yet, they do it all the time.

>look at me I'm so pretty. Am I pretty?

I'm pretty sure she was posted here before

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bj vid

what message to a male friend of her?

That's all I've saved unfortunately.

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Newfag here, how do I use the link? I can't remember the site it's used on

She knows she’s being posted. The kik is less than 50 days old and I know she was exposed recently. That means she changed her kik

Your words sound like your life is sad and with no sense for you. You are probably missing something or you have been really hard hurt as youth...

Should I continue?


>Newfag here, how do I use the link? I can't remember the site it's used on


Ask them if they want to see more.

Oh please Dr.phil continue. Save me the 150$ I pay for therapy

People who take photos of themselves nude or have sex aren't whores, people who cheat on their partners are whores. Oh and prostitutes/escorts, they're definitely whores too.

Oh hush you two! We have important work here!

What did she do to you user? Genuinely curious.

Also, she's a hot slut

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....... y-you lost user? People don't think like that around here....

Thanks man

who dis?

Got that second masturbating vid?

Oh I'm sorry are you a dictionary? Who the fuck asked for a definition

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>Thanks man
you got it man. Just put a / after the nz and them paste the rest of the address this user is giving.

not jenny

here is another one of our german slut. Anymore questions or pic requests?

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Holy shit. U should have your autism checked out


>Holy shit. U should have your autism checked out
I don't think you know what that word means user.

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How do u think? It looks like ur saying porn is bad on a porn board. So many fucking retards here

A buddy's sister who tried to be a sg

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Could you share the entire collection via mega? Maybe with links to her socials? It's quite late for me and I'd like to get some shuteye, knowing I can look back at her tomorrow and send stuff out to her friends in the morning too.

Wow the irony

OP is a confirmed faggot I wouldn't count on it.

i found out my gf was cheating on me after i check her phone and found naked pics of her in another bedroom (we live together), i didn't take the pics so i assume she was cheating so, i take her phone and send the pics to everyone in her contact list, wahtsapp, mail, co-workers, family , every single one, almost all her family is mad at her and a lot of friends too, she lost her job too, the guy she was fucking end with her too cause was one of her friend's boyfriend (did'nt know that untill later) she NEVER told me the truth and that's was 2 years ago, we still live together and she thinks im oblivious to all that happened, i really enjoy watching her suffer everyday since this happened, im an evil mofo i know but gives me so much placer watching her so fucked up, plus she is so ashamed of what happened she does everything i want now, revenge is so good.

Nobody gives a shit. Every woman is an opportunistic slut that sends this shit to everyone anyway. She’s not special.

That's got to be a turn on eh?

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Such dark energy...... must feel good

>....... y-you lost user?
user isn't lost.

>People don't think like that around here
Fuck you, you don't decide how we think.
What, you're the leader of anonymous now?

So she has no idea who took her phone and spread the pics, and on top of that she thinks nowone said a word to you? I would preffer stale pasta...

will post her set for anyone who can show us some new wins of her ... or even convo on kik

her kik is mariella9988

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Thank you user, I'll do my best