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Nice People

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butts are pretty nice ice
just kidding you pervert

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yew al hab funn littell toe

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what's her name?

This thread full of dumb ass white people.

I bet the next school shooter will come from this thread

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Yo nice people. Thanks for these threads

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chink here

Riamu Yumemi :)
a cute
yew hab ebil face!!

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Just got back, might play a game real quick before going to sleep.
Don't go around spooking people.

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Nana, evil sosu?

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Does anyone have a sleep suggestion? I was supposed to do that 6 hours ago

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Can i join in on whatevers going on here, i don't avatarfag

hoi ebil

hoi mothgirl

mothgirl has some

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Fuck off with this shit user

thx four beein apartt ofb dem
n yew hab silly hair
yew knot tell we knot two spook ore eye spook yew
lik sumting two listten two ore howw slep

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I like having a shower before I sleep sometimes, it helps me feel relaxed and I usually sleep easier, maybe that could work :)
Sure, hello
yew ebil! eye lyk dat giff

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eat some more watermelon

sorry onlie ebil peepol kan joyn

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i has been ignored by ebil
does this mean war

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Something to listen to would be nice. I'm 6 sleeping pills in out of doses of 2 and still wide awake

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so what do you guys do here, do you all know each other

Jokes on you I don't have a woman

I'm pretty evil, i do nothing but make things worse for those around me

And ice!!
noope, that just means ebil is preparing the bun stew, run!!
We know eachother from here, some of the nicest people I've ever met are from here. We just talk and have fun

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I don't even know man. Just chill. These threads are always a nice relaxing getaway from the bullshit for me.

It's evil though cannot allow.
I'd recommend some melatonin , a shower wouldn't hurt either.
Hmm, looks suspicious...

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Riamu Yumeni? more like yummy


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Well, i hope i can, i worry bringing my depressing bullshit in here will ruin it though
That's nice, i imagine having friends is nice

I've done the shower, part of my nightly ritual and whatnot. And melatonin won't top these sleeping pills.

It's starting to feel bad to repeat these images. There needs to be more Shouko material in the world.

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Hey, that's what I do. I usually vent a bit, people chat, makes me feel better, then you just end up chatting. Don't worry too much, in the end this is still Sup Forums.

Wahhh. Big baby.

You are an attention whore you should KILL YOURSELF. X_X

Sorry, i'll leave.

It's okay, people here are nice. Everyone is friendly, we could be friends
I think I'm certain you're underage

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You'd be very wrong. I've been here as long as the site has. You do not belong here, emoweeb. Sup Forums is about rekt threads, and gore and pornography. Not your feels. lol

talk about your problems here user

Sup Forums is better than most other options so long as you don't get some faggot trying to one up you

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oh nanachu no....
save mee aaaa i dont wanna take a bath!!!!!!

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>rekt threads, and gore and pornography
At least try

Heh, for the love of nanachi
Don't go into the stew please

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Don't you have school in a few hours? You need sleep so you can grow.

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ahoy scaly lizbun
yee eye ebil dat wut eye sayy al da tim. butt yew dinbk toylet wutar
dat knot berry gud yew shuuldant tak dat manyy. maybee dis hellp, tryin two tink ofb oder tings butt em drawin a bllank sorry
dat knot tru butt ifb yew hellp fite bak da pinks yew kan stayy
know!!! ice bannd
sow wut ifb et ebil yew bullyin ebil noww!!!

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This thread is a bunch of crying sissy boys who gonna take HRT. Nobody cares about your feels. See related post.

Blanket! Best pillow! Cold area, warm blanket!!

If not tired, need get rid of tension!!
Everyone different, but everyone do it!
What spend most time on, sosu?

Nana!! Blog no work, sosu!!
Can’t see new, needed tell that!

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Ubba glub glubba glubbb hurrr

Retard lol

eye wood nebar dew thad! toylet watar is icky... eye dink regular watur onli! ebill!! letz mayke diz bread an ice bred

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no ebil i dont want hot bath -.-

i know blog no work!!!
i did do it myself....
was saaaddd.. and was like blog offfff.....
sorri ;-;

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cute and

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Thanks, it's relaxing

That was cryptic right there, I just learned some Japanese. Mostly just code. Lots of code. Never ending. Then you just lay there mind racing forever.

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You weren't even born yet when this site was made.
Don't lie. You're obviously some edgy 13 year old who thinks he's kool for using 4dude.

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It's just
everything yknow?
everything gets me down
I wake up to my parents fighting when i'm past 18 and i thought that shit'd be done, but no, i wake up to them physically fighting and being drunk
it's all so tiresome

butt yew ded n eye ab pic ofb prooff. yew fibbing yew dink toylet wutar al da tim wen tink know wun luukin. nebar!!! yew hellp we mak dis ebil bread n sea et beetar
yew gowin inn four wut ded yezterdayy, lewd bunbun
gllad yew lik et. butt em sorry kant tink ofb sumting elze our yew

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says sorry and pats
mixed feelinga off hate

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divine dubs!!!
no fair i uhh.. i dont want bath im not dirtyyyy!!!!

Don't be sorry. Imma do the sleep thing now I think. Enjoy the thread, enjoy the peeps, continue being you.

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trips ob faik!! et knot reel et editedd!! eye nebar fib onli dink kleen watur!!! toylut watur icky!! eye mayk dis bred ice en yew ken becom ice two yew gedd two sea how much beetar et iz den ebil! et alsow ficks yor shouldar en yew gedd comfyy sleepes
How about just the pat :)
Sleep well nice poster

Time for me to have a shower and sort some dinner out, I'll be lurking a little bit soon. Thanks for being nice to me friends

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yew gowin inn enywayz!!! ned two klean yor lewd heartt n mak yew fluffy egain
gnight shouko fren. hop kan slep n slep wel. hab gud dayy twomorrow n gud dayys untill sea yew egain
dayy trips ofb truthh!!! et ez reel yew keep fibbing bout et beein fake butt eberrywun know et reel. wel den eye mak dis ebil bread n yew sea et sow muchh beetar den wut icky ice kan dew, et mak yew joyn ebil siide. eye rathar hab hurtt shouldar den bee ice!!! gud bye pinky fren. hab gud meel mak sur knot two sllip inn showar. thx four lettin we tease yew. sea yew wen sea yew

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are you a 40 year old virgin

better to not know than be the pinnacle of loser like you

Honestly, 18 isn't some magic number that makes it so that all your problems get fixed. The only difference is that you can legally buy cold meds.
I don't know enough about your parents to offer any specific advice and directly telling them to stop is probably going to turn their wrath onto you.
Maybe you could send an email pretending to be a neighbor from a new account threatening to call the cops?

just something like "I can hear you fighting from across the street knock it off or i'll call the cops next time"

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will it cleanse me -.-
lemme ask pink first ok

hello pink does it help

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But I like, but can do what want sosu

If like that? Walk!!
Only a little is ok! Only 5 minute is ok!
If rain, bring umbrella! Just need move, sit in shade from rain, and breathe, sosu!!

Walk home and wear pj, get in bed, hug soft pillow!

Calm energy!
Walking make feel better! Make mind know it’s night and need sleep!!

Light makes mind think it day.. big problem now!
Mind that control feelings is dumb, mind that plan things smart
Make plan to tell dumb mind it’s bedtime! Like child!!

Walk also help calm breathe. When in bed and hug pillow, breathe soft! Not need force breathe slow, only soft!!
When start breathe slow, you start to stop think, and slowly fall sleep!!
I think am good with sleep, sosu
Melatonin help too! But make hard be sensitive to sleepy feeling

But can use! Make body relax!
Only need caffeine and alarm for when wake. Body too relax when waking, sosu
Hard wake up
When wake, pillow feel too soft, squeeze compelling sosu

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My dad is ex military and thugs everybody around here around, to the point where if they say something he'll "do something"

sounds like stereotypical white trash. lol

ever find a pabst blue ribbon in the fridge?

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I'm a depressed 22 year old with money
Girls are expensive. I have zero desire for a gf.

I've been here since I was 13. Get out while you can.

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yew dot gett sayy, yew comin two strew pott noww. et gowin mak yew hole knew bun. ifb knot lik et shuuld hav thot ofb dat bee four

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it's usually some sort of IPA or something, i don't know, mi'm a teetotaler

i thought...
that nobody but fluffy one cared...
sad bun does things that make no sense .-.

hmm oki fine im in pot now what next

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You don't have to mention anyone in specific
just like

Hey "Dad's first name/mr last name, I can hear you fighting from all the way over here. Knock it off or I'll call the cops."

With an email like "[email protected]" or something super generic but non identifying

>Get out while you can.
22 is young. I think all the trap threads turned you gay brah

Just admit you want a big hairy bear to lay on you and make you suck his penis

People are too stupid around here to send emails, also how would they know his email? it's private, he'd know it's me

eye kared jest nebar komment bee cuz scarred
know we startt fyre gett wutar boilin

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I've usually heard of neighbors giving each other contact information like that, is there anything? like a phone number?

You could have a friend call, presuming he hasn't met/heard him.

sorry i though...

oh it getting kinda hot in pot
is this normal????

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Friend, haha
i appreciate the responding, even if its onl,y you, if im being too dismissive im sorry, im just used to being shit on

You should be a human toilet.

More like i should be a human sarcophagus
whatever that means

et ok ifb brring et bak lett we know wantt two sea progrezz. yee et ffine dot worry, jest ned two add veggiez, et two mak fur shiny

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I'm just trying to help you think of a solution user, I don't mind

Is there anyone outside of family who you can trust to at least be able to impersonate a "concerned neighbor" with a phone number he doesn't recognize, or a voip call

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Not at all
it's not like it would change anything, cops have given them a fine for doing it before in a bar.
My dad is a paralegal as well so he can mind fuck cops

Nah. I just want to take big pees and poops in your mouth, and rub it all over your face.

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Well, you're right on the faggot part, been called that many times by my parents haha

hmm oki vegeablesss n stufffff n stuffff
but still hot and fluff dont feel shiny -.-

i but blog up again .-.
it was just one thingy off change to get back up .-.
sorry for being dum ;-;

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Show us some of your faggot 22 year old body.

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Not comfortable showing my disgusting body, sorry.

You could always "order a pizza" at your local police dept next time a fight happens, but that carries its own risks.

Do you have any grandparents you can live with?

One of my grandmothers is constantly falling over and such, and lives in a tiny one person apartment, the other lives with her weed smoking son and coke sniffing grand daughter.

What good are you? You can't even please perverts. You are a sack of shit. lmao

You admitted you should be a corpse. What do you got to lose?

Hot pot tasty, sosu

It ok! No force anything, sosu

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Not much admittedly, but i'm not giving into somebody i know i'm morally better then at least.

>morally better
>crying on Sup Forums like a giant sissy to less than impressed anons

You like punching into the darkness don't you? No wonder you're such a depressed cuckboi

I suppose, but i'm still better then you satan

what mean tasty hot pot!!?!?!?!
and i only closed it cause i..
i thought only fluffy one cared...
so there was no point as i could just show fluffy one them....

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