Moar loli

moar loli

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Like it days in the first picture pedo-Alert. God this would be good for 4 Chan.

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When I was a teenager I was somehow deluded into thinking that my attraction to little girls was totally normal. Like, in retrospect it was gapingly obvious that it was very not normal, but I just took for granted that everyone had those thoughts and feelings for little girls. I think it was in part due to some sort of cognitive bias, because I would seek out and look at non-nude modeling shit mostly on 8ch, and I was basically thinking ‘well I know I’m interested in this, and these other guys are interested, so everyone must be interested’

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Can anyone relate?

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No, i only like lolis
thots begone

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Dumb weeb

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Why is this thread so fail?

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>posters: 6

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