Weird kink confession thread

weird kink confession thread

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I like being an amputee


I faps to the though of being raped by shota and futa loli.

Bump for insight into the incel sex drive

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are you me? below the knee amputee here

Are we dumping folders
Need nun porn

Into women shitting especially when it's a nice fat one

unironically nothing makes me harder than diapers (girls are gross)

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Animals being hurt gets me off. Just look at this goose getting FORCIBLY penetrated.

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You like being crippled?

Best thing that ever happened to me


I’ve always felt like not having legs is part of who I am. When I removed them, it felt l’d removed a weight off of myself—they felt unnatural, like they didn’t actually belong to me.

How did you remove them?

I used bungee cords to cut off the blood flow and nerve feelings on both of my thighs. I waited 4 hours, until I couldn’t feel or move anything below the thigh, I used a power saw to cut both my legs off. The bungee cords acted as tourniquets so I didn’t bleed out.

Pics w timestamp or gtfo

Being tied up and coomed by a pump

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No. I made it up. I’m not either of the two anons who initially replied.

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hell yeah user

post moar

public humiliation 100%

i want to be treated like property and dragged around on a leash in a trashy outfit while he shows everyone what easy fuck meat i am

Kill people?


girls high on ghb being eaten out


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i love you diaperanon

my weird kink is i like dressing up in authentic uniforms to fuck/jerk off. They have all the appropriate patches, are up to code. Always laundered perfectly. Because they have to be the real thing, I am looking for a cop uniform and having some trouble, without going to the lengths of just buying a shirt and all of the patches etc seperately.

This is a new one. Any more?

Masks. I've plumbed the depths of the internet, and I always come back to guys in masks.

And being controlled in public.

Tactical gear and gas masks turn me on. I don't wanna wear them, I just like when others do.


i've stabbed my nuts with a pen before just to jack off

Tickle torture... Nothing is sexier than a hot girl tied down and being able to tickle her until she's a weeping, giggling mess. I've been lucky enough to do it a few times.

Me too, diaperanon

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Same here. Nothing gets me as rockhard as diapers.
So many of you in here that I figured it would be a good time to start a diaper thread:
you know, as containment.

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I like when my boyfriend keeps me from the bathroom until I piss myself. It’s humiliating to wet my pants and the floor right in front of him.

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Having my neck slit and bled out. Then being butchered up and eaten like a cow or pig.

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