I fucked up big time bros. I went ultra autist

I fucked up big time bros. I went ultra autist
on my gf and she feels like she cant be herself
around me because she thought she was prego and then she went to the gyno to check
after 2 prego tests. We then talked after that
and she said she wasnt prego and I was like
thank god but she then asked me what i would
have done if she was and thats when shit
hit the fan big time. I told her I wouldnt want
the kid and take her to get an abortion
but she said that she wouldnt allow that. So
then I told her i wouldnt be in her life and
but i would still pay support but with this she
upset. After i told her that she assumed that
I really didnt love her and that I only thought
about myself but what i meant was that
I didnt want a kid at the moment so now
Im fucked and now she doesnt love me as
much like she used to dafuq do i do? other
than have a sperg attack? pic related

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Goddamn man, you folded under pressure hard. Nothing you can do.. tey arder next time.. be extra sweet.. or.. leave, find new slutty got girl who luckily happens to have GREAT tits and enjoy life. Fuck the negativity dude. Wither you're sorry and didn't mean, in which case you'll eat shit for a long time, or you're not really sorry and you need to move on and enjoy life again. Thats it.

Qlso... godsam I'm drunker than i thiug. That shit made 50% sense. Sorry

If you hesitate to do what you want because of her then you already lost the relationship. Women should compliment your life and it's they don't agree and follow your lead, you should feel no remorse for removing something that isn't a good fit

Leave. Girls like this fall pregnant and expected your full support regardless what decision they make

God pls be b8.

instead of explaining to us maybe explain to her. Otherwise yea., you look like you are afraid of responsibility and rightfully so. She probably should be afraid of the responsibility of it too... if she isn't then she has no idea the difficulty of raising a child... your normal day-to-day life would never be the same for the next 18-30 years and then after that you are an entirely different person anyways like 3 times over... so yea... she should be more afraid and you both should prep yourselves to be more ready. And drinking wont solve your problems just make you solve them later but with a headache.

Fuck bro

I was able to understand it m8 don't beat yourself up.

getcherself sterilised ~
it's the only way to be sure
~ yes, I did it, and never sorry

whatever man. being with a chick that isn't okay with abortion is retarded anyways.

Having a baby with a woman is the best feeling on earth. Makes us both feel closer to god. Make sure you make the woman you love pregnant. Theres no other reason to live.

Thanks bros I'll see what i can do

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god isn't real faggot

Fucking truth. Amen.

Aa soon as you turn 25 find a woman and make a child with her. I'm not kidding. It is the only thing you need in life. Only other dads will hear me on this.

wanting women makes you weak. MGTOW is the only way to go

Maybe not the Christian God. But god is very real. After high school you will open your mind up to more possibilities.

I'm in my mid 20s. I used to buy in hard to that shit, then I realized no one was listening

Nothing to buy into. Stop trying to create god and go experience them with the woman you love. Watch her eyes as your child bursts from her womb. You wont need church after that. It's easy If you allow her into your soul.

>a baby
...is loud, dirty, demanding, and needy.
I have heard them, seen them, and detest them, and their idiot fckn parents
who bring them to restaurants, theatres, and other public places to create a disturbance.
Fuck all baby-worshipping breeders.

Try using periods. Normal sentences.

You aren't real as far as I'm concerned. Probably just an echo on the interwebs.

Simple material boy. Make room for the things that truly matter and you will live life to its fullest. Dont be the person that hates. Be the person that finds the way to accept. It's easy to hate. It's hard to understand. You will learn about patience after you make life with your love. You cannot teach the lessons that time endows us with. You must learn on your own.

>Make room
...by pushing out the things you value?

>You will learn about patience
I learned about patience when I began playing tournament Chess versus old guys,
who were willing to sit there all night until I made a mistake.
You shall never learn patience to the extent I learned patience, user.

Waiting is not the same as being patient. I can tell by the way you communicate that you need enlightenment.

>I can tell by the way you communicate that you need enlightenment.
That is the most ridiculous statement I can imagine, second only to the girl in college
(Psych major, of course) who said she could tell by the way I walk that I am aggessive.

A half-hour later, and no comment?
Run out of Hindu talking points?

> dafuq do I do
Dump that fucking cumslut gf of yours trying to cuck you with a baby. Tell her to eat shit and to stop trying to ruin 2 lives with one decision and make sure to let her know she’s a selfish cunt



MGTOW is totally focused on women

Hope she dumps your worthless ass.

you should have just lied anyway idiot, she was trying to pull your card after the fact she probably doesnt even mean the shit about not getting an abortion shes just a female and as it happens females are usually fucking emotional idiots.