Have sex

>have sex

Just did.

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Im sitting on the toilet with no pen

If be embarrassed if I were that small

Cuz ur shitin blood cuz u got assfucked?

Dont worry, Bend over and ill get bigger again.

>has sex
>immediately post on Sup Forums about it

I cream my wife 5 days a week raw dog. Would recommend.

op it doesn’t count it they don’t consent

Here you go

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In condom with a cut dick, i would hesitate to call that sex. 10% pleasure at max.

Harvest your dick cheese

I fucked my GF raw with pullout method, until her birth control provider got dumb recently wont reply back to us and let us pay them.

Not my fault im cut. Hopefully they get that stemcell foreskin available.

god, you mutts are too retarded to wash your dicks so you perfet to cut the skin of it?

How many time did she ask "is it in?"

Stretch bro, not excuise not to do it

El ano de SIDA.

Happy Harvest

Don't let these cucks pretend, lmao

They pretend it's worse to be cut, when they're just trying to distract from their premature ejaculation.

Hurr durr, you feel nothing, hurr durr
>translation, sensation difference isn't that big, you can last longer while cut, you cum quick when you're not cut, only virgins would think that's a good thing while any girl will be disappointed

About the same as your mom did.

uhh, worst cope of the day, also premature ejaculation is more common problem with cut men, read about it. you want to excuise the jews who made a blood sacrifice with your dick.