Celeb Thread - Waking Up Without An Alarm edition

Celeb Thread - Waking Up Without An Alarm edition

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anyone wanna jerk off to Lindsey?

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hows the weather down there midget

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ill skull fuck you


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hey kiki


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sure is quite tonight

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I wanna kiss Kiki tbh

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Control yourself!


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I would love to see Vicky make out with Kiki.

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I wouldn't mind seeing that

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you like gay man. I give you lots of gay man

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I have it so bad for her, she always gets my cum

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me too .. she is soo fucking tight and hot

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Wow, this...impressive

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Her thighs and lips get me so fucking hard

her body is just perfect
and that innocent face mmm
her lips too .. look at the way she open her mouth

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she is sso flexible

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haven't been in one of these in years, glad to see they're still nothing but fucking children and not a single actual attractive woman, good shit b

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Love that..shes so fucking sexy. Her mouth would feel incredible

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her face is made for cocks .. look at those lips

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In addition, her music is awsome!

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So plump, so wet. The feeling of sliding cock past her lips must be so intens

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and that innocent look on her face while she sucks you dry

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yep love her music too
her music videos too .. they are always so epic

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I want to fuck Kiki.

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Just want to stare into those eyes while she makes me feel amazing

Besides, I can't know for sure, but I think she's a very sweet person

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enjoying her tight body too

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oh believe me she is
I met her twice during her tours throughout the years .. and both times she was the most sweet person ever, and she gives the best hugs!

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lucky bastard. My angel has never been in my country and probably won't be. I'm jealous, but I'm happy for you.

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Would you coom to her face while she's dead?

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Good morning.

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w/o a doubt

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morning corly

would you?

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( ^__^ )

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let's fug

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Yo, tryna get my out of control fapping in check today so let's tone down the sexy a little. ,':-)

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Imagine the smell tho.

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Smells like fresh pussy

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cigarette ash and patchouli

post ironic
post sarcasm

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I meant her chest! Oy vey user you're gonna get us sent to prison... - _ -"

T ^ T NO

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