I wish i could see my mom fucked by BBC,would love to see her suck

I wish i could see my mom fucked by BBC,would love to see her suck

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Solution: make a black friend
Invite him over

Solution: Kill yourself

Solution: make a black friend and kill yourself

Solution: one part white vinegar, one part water, lemon rind, rosemary sprigs

>Invite him over
then what

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Let them talk and leave the room awhile

that easy ?

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he'll see that your mum is a pawg and get horny then when he sees that unbelievable thicc white ass begging to be bred he'll lose control and black that slut right in front of you as you jerk your little whiteboi cock

Ideally this. Even better if you introduce him to her as your bully. Your mom will be surprised and wonder why your bully is visiting, when he starts complimenting her fat ass in front of you, humiliating you
Maybe your mom will even get a kick out of it like mine does, she's a pawg and commented several times how black guys are bigger

show us your mum
do you jerk your little whiteboi dick imagining her getting blacked

yes, niggers are mindless fuck machines and women are mindless

fuck, only thinking about that mede my lil cock hard

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I haven't thought about it until this thread
What's funny is there's been many times black guys hit on her in front of me

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Fucking pathetic fantasy retards... Stop watching porn for just 2 hours, life isn't just jerking off.

No one cares about your nigger faggot cuck fantasies

post more please

Lol as a black bull I had a milf similar to her. Two kids in school, I'd come over a couple times and fuck her in every room
Almost caught once and had to break it off as she felt "guilty"

I wish this was my mom and my black friend

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Damn. I will never know if mine saw black dudes growing up and presently or not. How big are you?

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Never needed to measure. Show this to your mom. I already know the kind of woman she is. I'll have her on her knees infatuated with me

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TFW an ass has its own zip code

need moreee

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Dude, you're killing me with that ass

Sauce? Who is this boner inducing demon

Your mom is the internet model Colors of Autumn?

Good man. Going to jerk my dick in to dust now

A favourite of mine.

Small tits but lovely big arse and eager pussy