You know the deal. YLYL

You know the deal. YLYL

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Kinda true xd

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Reply - if u agree ;)

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Low effort bait. Back to the drawing board for you.

Just get the fuck out already

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Thx for contributing: NOTHING

today's generations...
funny but makes u think

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Back at you faggot

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Thx for Bump...
who's laughing now?

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no need to be racist to make a good ylyl thread!

You just can't fucking help yourself, can you.

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>not wishing for the Paris gun
you dun goofed

It's just a joke user, don't worry too much

> black population

Delete your account

Only gamers will understand XD

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No one.


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Yeah, you would need rail tracks to aim it :

Without ifunny or text

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when u get home after a long day hungry:

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The posts on this thread are exactly like my 55 year old uncles posts on facebook

Was 100% expecting shovel dog. Thank you, user

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This thread sucks

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Sorry you were disappointed

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either I'm getting to old and just doesn't get zoomer humor, or most of the ylyls on b nowadays simply aren't funny.

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So fucking funny!

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The different races are genetically, hormonally, and neurologically different, and real racism is not and was never about "skin color." Why does it upset you to acknowledge difference? Men and women are different. The different races are different. When you accept this, it makes peace easier, not harder.

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You could add Sup Forumstardation to the reasons too.

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not funny, pic related

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>You could add Sup Forumstardation to the reasons
And as if to prove my point:

Indeed. Here’s another beauty:

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t. butthurt chimp

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He's called Blac-Man.

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> racial difference doesn't exist
> literally all science is wrong because of my feelings

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Kill yourself faggot. i remember when /b was /pol. So screw your interpretations. fuck off back to ledit

>> 818648850
Fuck off back to Sup Forums.

Thanks for the useful comment next time YOU make one

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you son of a bitch

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Dumb joke aside, it's kind of impressive that this car suffered that much damage while the driver seat looks like it's barely affected. The car takes that impact so your fleshy body doesn't have to, after all.

well either acknowledge evidence based truth or fuck off back to africa

>> 818648890
>thinking you're being debated
Just fuck off please.

>> 818648895
>i remember when /b was /pol
And it was so bad they made Sup Forums to quarantine your bullshit.

> mfw this literal nigger

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Aw look at the edgy incel. Go back to your zoosadist group, faggot

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>> 818648945
I choose a third option, tell you to fuck off.
Go make your own thread about hating blacks, this is a YLYL

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what are the odds??

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>> 818649006

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I’m a nazi too? Maybe I’m just a sadist? What makes you assume I hate Jews or women?

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Smart car owner detected... nice try

Wow. This is actually THE shittiest ylyl thread i've ever seen. Well done

Sup Forumsis still/pol/ Sup Forums rother
These kikes will get their punishment one day

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Yeah, but they're not here to be funny. They're just russians trying to stir up emotions.

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recognising difference =/= hate, you brainwashed fucking retard

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Americans thinking that small cars are funny and their own monstrous SUVs are normal.

This is an international board. I think you meant to post on /redneck/

>Imagine a neonazi anime imagine board being the only place where people will tell you harmful truths

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Yeah but the 3rd red windbreaker is a man. You can tell by how loose fitting the jacket is

>They're just russians trying to stir
I wish that were true but they're just pathetic americans

>but they're not here to be funny
Well that's certainly true.

>> 818649115
>> 818649190
pic related

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If you went for recent and not as good songs, you could cut it down to two frames.
>you know the one I mean

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> he's STILL seething just because people said actual facts out loud

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Judging from that picture, the owner’s legs would clearly be destroyed.

I think you took the wrong lesson from that movie.

Sup Forums studies and memes are not science user.

>> 818649491
>meow meow cry cry

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it's just a reaction gif of a guy laughing, you hysterical faggot, I wasn't >imblying anything

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Can you please remove yourself back 2 Reddit

Wait, wait, hold up! You can't be serious here... are you seriously going with the "there is no such thing as race" bit? There is no asian or caucasion, only human?

No wonder you're so mad (and samefagging) -- being that stupid is a lot of effort.

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