Footfags have had their time

footfags have had their time
armpitfags rise up

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0/10 m8
People that like armpits hate these ugly ass pits

Speak for yourself. They've been delicious. Show sth better, then?

stop please


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Hair grows out of arm pits. Hair doesn't grow on soles.
It looks like you guys are fucked.

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not really an armpit guy but I can agree with this

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You're a fucking faggot bitch.

I like hairy pits

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Need licked pits

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why can't armpit licking be more in mainstream porn?


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Yas. Need moar of it

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based and armpit pilled

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Are these good pits?

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Would lick

Glad to hear it

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hair grows on pussy, so you're a fag

So nice

Dear lord Daisy is a goddess

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Who is this lovely thot


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I have plenty if you wanna collect her

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Post what you got dawg

Do you anons like stinky armpits the way I like stinky feet?

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Joke's on you, I'm both

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