I’m not a person, I’ve never been arrested...

I’m not a person, I’ve never been arrested, but I like to fantasize about being pulled over and going for the cops gun, or using a rock to bash the cop’s skull in.

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I meant I’m not a violent person lol

why ?

It’s just a fantasy. I have no ill will towards anyone. It’s a fun mental game to play because usually the cop is the one assaulting you, not the other way around.

I’ve literally never been in a fistfight in my life. I am a pacifist.


>I am a person, I have been arrested and booked >I never thought about going for the cops gun or bashing his skull in
We're both still going to hell though so it doesn't matter

I still keep a stone in my car, though. You never know with all those crazy people out there today. Stones don’t run out of bullets.

Did you deserve to be arrested? Lol

wtf kind of retarded shit is that, why a stone and not something more effective

I hope a cop fucks you up

Because the difference between you and I is I imagine doing bad things, but you’ve actually already done them.

It’s a weapon to last resort. It is 2 pounds and fits inside my hand. My forearms are strong as hell and I know if I hit someone I could seriously damage them

I hope she’s a hot cop, then.

You are better off with a bat or something

Also Hell is made up

The stone is concealable

If you are under attack it doesn't matter if it's concealable, you just want something easy to use and easy to get at.

That is why the rock sits in the pocket of my drivers door ;))

Also most if not all PDs issue double or triple retention holsters to avoid retard cops getting turned on by somewhat intelligent criminals willing to kill. Incase your brainlet doesn’t know that means I’ll explain. A triple retention holster means you have to do 3 SEPARATE ACTIONS in order to even draw the gun, disregarding the fact most pigs don’t carry one in the hole, meaning you will have to operate the slide to load one in the chamber. Plus disengaging safety That’s if you even know how to operate a G17. By the sound of your posts you’ve never even shot a BBgun
No pig is going to let you even get close to the strap without bashing YOUR head in 1st. Even if & only if you surmount all the odds and somehow win you're going to prison.
Remember in court its not you vs Cop
It’s :
> the State vs You
The power is in their hands

R u a fucking nigger OP? If you’re white or even light brown/tan you have no need to worry about the oink-oinks, just hand the papers over with ID, take the ticket and go on with your day

Please please keep this a fantasy. It’s not worth dying over fantasy

If you are in the US you should just get a gun

My ruse involves being nice and friendly, and shaking the cops hand before he leaves the traffic stop. Fun fact about me: my grip is super strong. I will crush his hand while I shake it, and as I have physical control, I can calmly disengage the locks on his holster with my left hand while he struggles knowing his hand is about to be broken.

Of course it’s a fantasy lol I don’t want to hurt anyone. I never would. I am a confident pacifist.

Guns run out of bullets

But they also have range

My fantasy is not about killing the cop, it’s about scaring the cop.

Notice I have made no mention in this thread of actually SHOOTING the cop. That’s not even part of my fantasy. The fantasy is the cop has the living crap scared out of him because the subject is about to get his weapon.

Don’t think I actually want to DO this. I enjoy the visual movie in my head and that’s the extent of it

People sometimes miss. Guns also jam and poop out in the middle of the fight.

Man this guy is retarded.

> a mini-bat can sit in the same spot or on the passenger seat/footrest

Added benefits of
- longer range
- useful to block melee atks
- less risk of catching and smashing your fingers than using a fucking rock unless you plan to hurl the stone which is even more stupid
- weighs roughly or more than 2lbs

That or just get a nigger-stick
JFC. OP is dumb

Pic related

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Dude cops are already paranoid. Now anyone with a rock is a terrorist.

You’re telling me how to imagine my fantasy? Really? Lol

The rock is sinister, animalistic, simple and brutal. Using a rock on a human means you are closer to ape than human. A billy club looks dumb as fuck.

They don’t have to be paranoid. They have so many guns.

Why do you think they have guns?

Have fun getting on a live leak vid, retard

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FFS dude have u ever been pulled over?
> ill shake n crush his hand
Your not allowed to get out of the car in a traffic stop or they WILL draw weapons on you
A cop isn't going to shake your hand dumbass. They are trained to avoid physical contact with suspects until necessary for this very reason. Avoid morons like yourself any advantage whatsoever. Even if he did you would be in your car and couldnt reach his holster because he would turn his hip away from the car door. And you wont undo the holster quick enough without training from that position hundreds of times over and over again.
And what do you think? They’re just gonna sit back and cry while you fumble with the holster?
NO they’re going to use their name off hand, head, feet whatever to kick your fucking ass.

> thats why the rock sits in the pocket of my driver door

If it was 100% fantasy you wouldnt have a rock in your vehicle user. You putting that means you consider the possibility you might act on it.
Im just giving you solid advice and you’re using retard logic cuz “muh fantasy muh rulez”

Cops shake hands. What do you think they aren't people or something?

Ive been pulled over for running stops, tail lights out/headlights caught for smking pot in my younger years
Never has a cop offered or accepted a handshake. They aren’t business men nor your friends.

You sound upset that im ruining the fantasy you built up
> protip: this is what happens when you post it online

I've been pulled over too for speeding mostly and not once did they shake my hand or offer. wtf is your point?

Still I've shaken the hands of a couple sheriffs after they questioned me.

I think it wouldn't be worth it, even if you hate cops and are some meme anarchist thing you would get pulverized by some other cop in no time

That your whole basis of argument is that you “r so STRONK I will CRUSH cops hand”
It’s fucking stupid and your refuse to acknowledge it

Its one thing to say “yeah u know what ur right, this is dumb, but I like my imaginary scenario and am going to choose to disregard the hard truths of reality because its funner that way” Instead you are piling on nigger logic such as
> rocks dont run out of ammo
> more animalistic
> i don’t wanna shoot them
> im super strong dude
& try to argue with me how it would work IRL even though you know deep down how obviously wrong you are.
I know you know because you refused to rebuke my points about how even if you are vicegripping the swine-cock they can still beat the fuck out of you or taze ur ass with the free hand.

Like dude I get it. You’re a pacifist, you don't like to hurt people. That’s fucking fine. A-OK. So am I. You’re fantasizing about violence because the human mind, especially male ones have an innate hunger for violence.
Why don’t you join an MMA/UFC gym or a boxing club? That way you can vent without risking your life over a stupid-ass edgy fantasy. And you don’t even have to hurt people, atleast seriously

Like I said before im just here to point out why you are wrong and give advice

Also im choosing to ignore how you care about how a billy-club “looks dumb” who cares? It can be a pink & purple penis shaped metal rod, it’s not gonna matter when it’s slamming into somebody’s head.
You contradict yourself when saying in the OP
> go for the gun
& then saying
> i dont wanna shoot
As a backtrack when I rekt U on why you cant get a hold of the gun
Nor the fact you say > dont think i actually wanna do this
> dont think
> think
Meaning you were debating whether or not you want to make it a reality and then say “its just fantasy” as , yet again, another cop-out (pun intended)
Nor how you claim a Glock is going to jam…
But I digress

Retard BTFO
> feels good