What's your worst injury Sup Forums?

What's your worst injury Sup Forums?

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scrotum got cut open was almost turned into a troomer thank christ it wasn't that bad

I broke a nail.

I'm literally sitting here with one leg amputated above the knee and the other in a full leg cast toe to hip.

What do I win?

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I’m a lefty and my parents forced me to write righty

a friend of mine once said my bolognese is shit.

no friend of mine anymore

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My feelings got hurt on Sup Forums

Isn't that like really really bad for your mental development?

needed 44 stitches on my leg after I collided with another player during a game of softball

Holy shit m8 Get well bro

Youd be so easy to rape

I was close to committing suicide. I had a horrible childhood. I am doing excellent now though.

As horrible as it was it helped develop me into the person I am today. I do feel blessed.

Broke my big toe because I kicked something practically immovable while drunk. Didn't go to the doctor. Its crooked now.

it's never too late to fulfill your childhood dreams

You'll be aight.

Glad to hear it.

I was in an industrial accident and had a large hunk of machinery shot through the right side of my chest. As a result I have only one lung and I'm missing several upper ribs on that side.

I flat-lined a couple times while they were working on me but I was only conscious for the first time.

Shattered teeth.
Had a dolly with 300 lbs slip while I was leaning over it. The load came down and jammed the dolly into my chin, shattering three teeth into shards and ripping a hole in my chin 2 inches in diameter.
Got workers comp tho.

Guess worst I've been through was swimming into a rock, cut up the side of my face but missed the eye by 2 mm.

Got a pretty neat scar tho and a fuckton of insurance money because apparently people value their faces.

Other than that I fractured a collarbone while skateboarding and then turned it into dust while drunk.

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got stabbed in the side in a mass brawl.

shit. get well bro. on the upside that pink cast lets you look like a sexy flamingo.

my broken heart

my damaged country.
Thanks trump you fucking traitorous bastard,

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Oh no I'm sorry. The broken toe wasn't the worst. In the past while drunk I might've put some cigarettes out on my hands.

Hurt pretty good.

broke my spine. i can walk, but i have rods in muh back. weed helps.

glass fall down in the kitchen broke and throw my achilles tendon.

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Did you do that jerking off?

As a kid I was manipulated into having (gay) sex a few times per week for a year or 2 with an older guy. Age difference is about 6 years (me being like 8 or 9)
He manipulated me into liking it and not telling anyone for years.
I now have trust issues, I don't know who or what I am, life sucks :)
At least I'm seeing a mental health professional as of lately.

Or does only physical injuries count?

Fuck dude, how did that happen?

You won a new arm! How unfortunate.

I shit myself daily. But other than that, I'm alright.

sounds like you are just super dumb.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a bitch, isn't it you whiny little faggot?

4th post down guy lost his leg. Everyone else crying that their feelings got hurt. What's this site become.

Aight, i'm going to rape your 8y/o if you ever have one.
You could've just called me gay and gullible, nigger.

stabbed myself in the leg with a double blade sided butterfly knife, went in bout 2 inches deep.

HelmiPelvectomy, does that beat atk and cast or no?

Would you really be upset to lose a leg?
If you're lucky you can have a prosthetic leg and be fine.
Losing a hand or an arm would be a whole differnt story.

Took about super hard nine hits to the back of the neck in a fight while I was on the ground face down. Definitely should have gone to the hospital and probably had some sort of fracture to my cervical spine or something. Neck hasn't been right since and it's only getting worse. I can only imagine the pain is going to get worse and worse as I age. I was in acar accident and experienced whiplash a few years before so I can only imagine that this thing will be absolutely fucked by the time I'm 50.

stay mad you little virgin incel kekkek

I had a full body amputation. Sucks.

A sweet Halloween costume!
Don’t worry bro, I’m sure it’ll grow back.

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Subluxation of right shoulder. Not a bad injury but i didn't go to a doctor to put it back, i put it back myself. Now it hurts and pops when i lift any kind of object with my right hand

Got shoot in my right knee

It’s called True Patriotism. It fucken hurts when the ‘president’ is a russian traitor.

Broke my arm skateboarding when I was a kid. I thought that was serious pain until I went to the hospital to have my broken arm set and saw a guy in the same elevator that had a bicycle accident and some bone was sticking out of his arm. Not being an MD I think that's the difference between a simple and compound fracture.
In any event seeing a bone sticking out of someone elses arm sort of put things into perspective.

... that said I'm sure that's nothing compared to what soldiers have seen.

Sublux doesn’t require “put back”, it’s a near dislocation, usually results in tearing and inflammation of rotator cuff muscles. I did it years ago, has never come right.
Also broken toe, Mx bike kick start lever full depth in calf, shattered hip, crushed finger, thumb very close to cut completely off, smashed from teeth up into top jaw, and almost drowned but some rescue breathing got me going again. A few broken ribs, attacked by 3 guard dogs at once. Oh and I stood on a broken bottle once, still have a bit of glass in my foot. All separate incidents. Hard to pick a favourite.

all that faggotry in the barracks.. it was horrifying.

What were you doing to get attacked by guard dogs?

One day when I was around 12 I got in a car crash and then I just didn’t have legs anymore.

That’s an Open Fracture you’re referring to.

Does it look ok?

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Ha ha nothing dodgy. Neighbour had several when I was a tween. Saw their son and he said to head over, he’d put dogs away. Our properties had a gate between them out back so I just went through. Turns out he put dogs in back yard so I could go in front. I ended up in hospital, they got me good!

Thanks. I'll look up the different terms, it's been a while. The worst that's happened lately is i tripped on some computer cables and had about 1 second to make one of two decisions.
1) Fall into a table
2) Regain my balance but take a nice laptop off of a table.
I picked the former because though it might take a couple weeks I can heal myself but the laptop would have been destroyed and that's expensive.

I’m not a doctor, but... no.

why not use the front door? are you a vampire?

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Shattered my heel and ankle. Got a plate and 8 screws holding my shit together

... I really nailed the right side of my head, it looks like someone beat me up and my right eye is all puffy and crimson red. It funny explaining to a few people that nobody beat me up, I just tripped over a bunch of computer cables.

No worries user.
A good one I saw was a mate came off MX bike 5th and pinned over top of a hill. Got all out of shape and parted ways with bike, hit ground doing Running Man, one leg straight. Fucked his femur, got a rod and pins etc. got bored after about 2 months, took bike out, crashed. Re broke femur, and bent the rod. Pretty major fix. Now he’s got different length legs ha so much for knowing better than the surgeon that told him not to ride until rod removed : )

Gay, gullible, and fucking retarded. The perfect storm of faggotry.

How about now?

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Ha! Nothing so interesting. My house was on the corner of the block and faced a different direction to his. So basically I went out the front of my house, and the gate to his back yard was about 6 steps away.

You know you can get handicaped parking with some bullshit mental diagnosis? Social anxiety combined with agoraphobia is enough. No need to chop your legs off dude

yup, that helps to put things into perspective indeed.


Feel bad for people caught in this predicament.

Whenever I see a dogs ass I get erect and I had swollen testicles from a previous engagement so I didn’t want any movement down there.

Fuck heels hurt. Still limping or ok? Guessing not ever quite ok? Ankles are awkward things once broken.

Doctor wouldn't have done anything for a broken toe anyway, besides buddy bandaging it to the neighbouring toe.

Yeah nah, definitely a Hard No.

someone should photoshop the perfection girl in there

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Browsing Sup Forums isn't it obvious

Yeah, they just give you ice packs and maybe a powder and bill you a few hundred dollars.

Left leg amputated 2 inches above knee

plus the normal three minute prostate check.

Id say so. Can you even use a prosthetic leg to walk say 3 miles?

makes sense

Was this a feminine benis once? Rip benis

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i like 's answer better

Dobermann once bit me in the face. I almost lost my right eye.

yeah it started as a split end and just got worse and worse

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Did you coooom?

Stopped fapping for a week.
Dick exploded.

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I was beaten up by some nogs in school, one of them literally kicked several of my teeth in.

What the fuck is the story with this pic anyways

Probably me fucking up my heart valve from injecting heroin kek might die any day from a random heart attack. Feels bad man. But I knew what I was doing when I was shooting up.

They did that to my older brother.
Although finacially successful, he's a weird 45yr old with no wife or kids or current gf.

This is why god left us

1.Fucking eww nigga what’s up
2. The two pieces of tip look like they’re in a loving embrace

I just sat them like that so they weren’t flapping around like lobster claws

Yeah, certainly more graphic.
I was trying to google earth you a pic, then “oh yeah, that volcano problem...”
( grew up in the islands).

Same thing happened to me when I was trying to give head to ops mom


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How did he manipulate you into having sex? Emotional wounds can be deadly af, they can make you do some fucked up shit if you dont get the help you need.

Sounds like a legit faggot
Did you ever rub dickskins?

Tried to kill myself but fucked it up. Sliced my wrists open, the wounds managed to clot before I bled out.