Look at that face

look at that face.

how can a heterosexual male not fall in love?

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I'm not into people with downsydrom.

You sound like a teenage boy

youre in luck because your princess has 46 chromosomes per cell

I think she's pretty cute but lol she should shut the fuck up.

Nice bait

You sound like a grown man still living with his mother.

Oh wow! I didn't see that one coming. You're very clever aren't you? Bet you spent 5 minutes thinking of that one.

I have a fetish for people with philtrums

She probably would let me put it in raw so we didn't use rubber condoms

The face of autism

I’m femanon but nice try virgin child

Yeah, sure you are faggot.

Prove with sign saying "id fuck Greta"

because thats a picture of her thats 4 years old and she doesnt even resemble that anymore.

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No telling

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That climate bullshit is a huge turnoff...also, bait

Youre converting me. Go on

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Cutest Greta pic I've seen.
This must've been before her childhood was stolen or something.

is that reviewbrah?

Ever since her spotlight. I'm inbetween by her face. She looks youthful and 30 at the same time and it's off putting.

She has aged a lot, I'm not even joking

Now she is in Switzerland on an another climate strike.

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Would 100% use her as a cumholder

Just think, in a few years she will be married to her boyfriend and have her own kids to push her views of climate change onto.

She's cute and I have things for girls with special needs

nice loli look even she is 17yo, wonder if anyone fucks her already

she does have a boyfriend... ive met them both, i think she lost her virginity to him but i never asked.

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Will she lick under the hairy sack?

Isn't she a downer or some shit? Sorry user, I don't like retards.

No one's that desperate

retarded residues

only vegans like her, cause shes a fuckin vegetable

why would you fall in love with a such a annoying and retarded girl?

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When did Sup Forums turn into a liberal pedo ring?
oh wait... its ALWAYS BEEN

Because some heterosexuals have something called standards

1. thats a kid
2. its a retard

>fall in love with a potato

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I’ve seen cuter.

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What face?

she is incredibly cute

She's probably smarter than yourself.


She should model. Such natural beauty

please go commit die pedophiles

Not being a retarded must be a start OP.

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>how can a heterosexual male not fall in love?
Thats easy you just have to not be a pedophile. I know you republicans have a problem with not being pedophiles, but hang in there.

a cute and quirky goblin, for sure

i would love to gaze into her vacant eyes set too close in her troglodyte face as we make passionate love our thrust synchronizing until i erupt furiously with a chewbacca like roar as she hums sesame street songs and claps excitedly

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oh my

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she 17.

Im 19.

Hardly pedodomatic ffs

imagination vividation.

who be autist, not thy, but thou

Because you're not suposed to stick your dick in crazy

Well not in that Picture in the OP

she 17

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Ya, too granny for me too

you are revolting.

Cutie spreading hoax.

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well she does have a close resemblance to my mate andy who is in his 40's

has anyone the meme where she says sun hot?

Because my fiancé is better than this kid that knows nothing

If there is global warming then why are they always dressed as there is global cooling?

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Because she looks like she has fetal alcohol syndrome

Don't you know user?
The ice age will hit in minus 25 years!
Eat the bugs bigot!

Because once she came out as a self loathing, anti-White communist I can't even stand to look at her.

quit larping faggot. your greasy mantits dont qualify you to become a woman


Fuck off, snowflake. You clicked Sup Forums when you meant Sup Forums

When she sucks up to niggers and Jews, she is anti-White.

more like this?

remember it with a beard at a convenience store

It's amusing to see all the little boys displaying their bravado in ignorance.

The meme of being "retarded" or "fem" kind of loses its punch when a little girl with a mild case of Asperger's manages to command so much attention.

Meanwhile, the unaccomplished Sup Forumstard basement dwellers can only denigrate her success in this Echo Chamber of the Wretched with the delusion that doing so will make them feel better about their own shortcomings.

>command so much attention

She only command sso much attention because deep down, every man knows she's a fucking cutie


She's the poster child for a bunch of tyrannical euro socialist cunts.

They wanna submit to her, but not her puppet masters. Thats where the internal rage comes from

>every man knows she's a fucking cutie

I legit think she looks like she has down syndrome. No meme. Eyes are wide apart, huge forehead, and nose is quite large.

She kinda looks like a he actually.

dat body tho

Still way more mature and smarter than Donald "Dum Dum" Trump. Our Fake President!

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Without any effort. She's cancer.

She's 17 at most, still illegal here

Oh shit. Called him a dum dum! How will trumpfags ever recover! Trumpfags on suicide watch! We president now baby!

Under the mask of Greta is George Soros.

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>how can a heterosexual male not fall in love?
What kind of sick degenerate confuses brutal anal rape with falling in love. You need help neighbour

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any greta feet pics?

Tits or GTFO

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Pretty sure it's cause of the down's

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