Go to game stop

>go to game stop
>wait in line
>chubby weeb girl in front of you does this

what do?

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tell her i wanna become her human toilet

Turn 360 xboxes and rape

Run home and wank over the remembrance of the event.

Lick it.

That would be harrasment, she could get you in jail for it; even like this, that she showed it first.


Make the scenarios believable please

Made me laugh


Realize that I've accidentally queued behind someone working the counter like the idiot I am.

I walk around the other side and get served.

The picture is in a gamestop, it's just behind the counter.

Still not asking for it.

behind the counter and in line are still different things.

if you were working at Gamestop and behind counter, you could basically do whatever, as there's zero percent chance of someone walking in on you, and you know the cameras are all cheap fakes now

That's definitely Party City

Smile and melt her heart.

You do realize every time you preorder you have to wait in a 40 person line to get it on release night right?
I live in a tiny as fuck town and it'll be a 40 person minimum line when Nioh 2 drops in a dew months....

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2/10 would fuck

>Preordering physical copies at gamestop


I would clean her entire digestive system with my tongue

put my nose in there and inhale

Put an amibo in her butt

tell that bitch to cover her ass up and get back to work.

I thought this was a wataburger thread

Your town's faggot population: 40 person minimum

Buy Judgement for PS4


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Plug n play

Is she cute?

If yes give her a good spank, put a butt plug and a small remote control vibe in her and tell her to follow me.

Proceed to walk around shops with her for an hour, randomly turning the vibe on and off at different intensities teasing her but not actually letting her cum. Take her back to the gamestop, get her to bend over, take out the toys.

Then tell her it was fun but I gotta go, follow me if you're needing help getting off.

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I am the only honest poster here.

You rapist, fuckist, lickist e-machos are pathetic.

Where the fuck else do you order your ps4 exclusive games?

That might be walmart but it sure as shit isn't Gamestop. Not that Gamestop is any beacon of hope, but that bitch is bent over the counter posing for someone on the cashier side of the desk and what's on the customer side? A fucking crayon display.

Take a picture then post it on here asking others what they would do

Ask her when her break is.
Take her to some spot and fuck her.


Take her ass

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it's not rape to pull out your boner and wipe it on the pussy lips of a girl who is flashing it to you

shes completely throwing herself out there it'd be disappointing and insulting if you did any less. what would you do smile and do a fake laugh and say some lame shit you think sounds smooth? fag

lol. he ded. people.com/human-interest/eli-thompson-miracle-baby-without-nose-dies/

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She's probably about to poop, fat weeb girls like to poop at Game Stop for whatever reason. I don't quite understand why, I asked one of them once and she explained it but it was too autistic to make sense of. Anyway I'd probably move out of the way because I don't want to get spattered by weeb girl diarrhea again.

Tell her to fuck off back to Hobbiton.

Ask if we could go to her place and fuck

>I don't want to get spattered by weeb girl diarrhea again
what the shit?

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insert fists to anoos and wagine

Truthfully? I’d say, you better close your ass unless you want some cock in it. If she doesnt, well then that’s consent as far as I’m concerned and I’m diving my entire dick right in

ask her to fart in my face

Plug and play


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Kick her in that nasty hole. I only enjoy clean boy holes.

no questions

Fuck up the pussy and then get away from this hoe