Why is Obama considered the greatest President since George Washington?

Why is Obama considered the greatest President since George Washington?

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because he is

Because people are retarded.

nobody other than basketball-americans think that.

He's actually considered 13th greatest

He's not, Trump is.

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Nice joke trumpet


You misspelled Ronald Reagan

It's all relative.

The newest generation to come into "active" political knowledge is the Millennials and in their lives, we went from Senile Reagan to wimpy Bush, to decent but disgraced Bill to the imbecilic and scandal-ridden George W. Bush to Obama--a strong, charismatic, extremely intelligent man of the people, to the subhuman criminal enemy maggot we have now.
Think about that.

He is a decent-to-fantastic president who is sandwiched between the two worst presidents in US history, both of whom are crony capitalist CEO class assholes who couldn't care less about minorities or decency and who have the combined IQ of a kumquat.

Trump is DEAD LAST, as ranked officially by an ever-increasing number of experts, political scientists, historians and other qualified people.

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I masturbate over this fact almost daily. I'm so glad he won so he can be humiliated beyond anything imaginable. Holy shit.

Notice the apparent lack of any sources on this load of purile partisan bullshit that reeks utterly of having been cooked in St. Petersburg or Macedonia.

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u mad

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Not really. Just glad you retards are so easy to spot. You REALLY suck at this, Ivan.

It's Boris, Ivan has afternoon shifts.

Because he's a example of how all politicians shold act.
And it's not about being ,,right" or ,,left".

Best liar
Spends most money
Good speaker
He basically appeals to the cucks of America which is more than half

>spends most money
>best liar
>hurr durr muh cuck meme

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>Not really. Just glad you retards are so easy to spot. You REALLY suck at this, Ivan.

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>Obama spent the most money

[Retards actually believe this]

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Whoever told you that must have had a traumatic brain injury. No mentally stable person believes that.

u mad ivan?

He may be dead last, but Trump IS Obama's legacy. That says quite a bit about Obama.

because people are blinded by race.

dude was arguably more republican than Bush, but boomer libs wont admit that the DNC has been corrupted by corporate money.

Not at all! I'm laughing at you, retard. So, please, continue...

>u mad ivan?

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>mention Obama
>prepare for incoming incel trumpanzee shitfest
Yep here we go
Them trumpies just can’t Cope.

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Even soyslurpers don't think that.

>free healthcare
>republican as fuck

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He was an awful president

A revolt against the system that allowed a black man to become president by all the most pathetic, worthless, brainless subhuman racist trash in the country teaming up with Russia to install an enemy of the state as their last hurrah before the entire right disappears for good was the best president in modern memory's fault. For being black.

This is some ADVANCED stupidity.

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Nobody does besides the most cucked npc's.

He was a poor president who could do everyone a favor by retiring from public life entirely.

>wimpy Bush, to decent but disgraced Bill to the imbecilic and scandal-ridden George W. Bush to Obama--a strong, charismatic, extremely intelligent man of the people,
Try not to believe propaganda 100% bill was a hack and Obama was weak and crooked

No, Son. You're just an awful human being. Now Hit yourself.

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Cuz he gave Putin Crimea in exchange for making Hillary lose. Best trade US has ever done w/Russia since Seward's icebox. Trumptards just mad Obama greatest businessman of all time.

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Tell us, where did the bad Orange man touch you? And I suggest you increase the dosage of your anti-psychotic meds....like, quickly.

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Eh was alright, even though I didn't vote for him.

>gave Putin Crimea

Russia illegally annexed Crimea in a military operation/occupation that earned them crippling sanctions from the UN. And was very likely their impotus for enacting "Operation: Agolf Twitler", aka "Retarded Agent Orange", in the first place.

As you post a propaganda image.

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mother fucker im in australia our dollar is 67 of your cents.....when obummer was in office we got up to 1.04 money talks

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the love and respect that are beaming from this photo are quite beautiful

Who gives a fuck what you think, you can’t even put out a few fires you dumb cunt

Why is trump staring at Obama’s junk?

In my intellect. I'm a firm believer that a world leader should ideally not be a retarded pathological liar whose IQ is regularly outstripped by 12 year olds.

He's also guilty of high treason and about 35 felonies and other impeachable offenses so far.

American education.

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You may need this...


Sad but true.

Are you getting many tourists now that your dollar is weaker?

Tourism is big business.

simple, petty jealousy.

Australia was also in the middle of a massssive mining resources bubble that...... burst and sent your dollar straight into the shitter. Learn to basic economics fren

Only by Libtards and welfare recipients

You shouldn't talk about Obama like that. The thought police will find you.

It's getting late for a ylyl thread, no?

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Bit of a loaded question don't ya think?

Kek I’ll be staffing the line after the election when all the red cap fags start ringing in kekkekk

Don’t worry America, the real patriots will rise up this election and take back this country.

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You're like a trump tard but on the left. Like a shot flinging monkey.

The political right isn't going to dissappear anytime soon you retard.

Also bush wasn't that bad, Clinton was mostly good, and chances are people will view trump as a shit talking but ineffective president. He hasn't really dine anything either way worth remembering

Top kek. This material is great. Ty user.

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Diversity hire.

It's spelled "pink pussy hats", not "red caps".

He's a kike cock sucking cunt.

Right on time for a desperate fucktard from Russia to try to dismiss my assertions without any counter argument or valid statements though, apparently.

Cant meme

Obama's not orange you desperate moron.


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Sweet dreams, princess.

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>>free healthcare
Nigger what about the ACA is free?

Well, he's not black, either.

He more like a milquetoast.

>the right isn't going to disappear

Their relevance is. The next generation comes of age in less than 2 election cycles.

You can see it in how desperately they're working to rig elections all over the country these days.

I wonder if this years defeated trumptard spergs will be as autistic as the cringe butthurt republican Obama spergs

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wake up bernie bro. When Obama said "Tell Putin I'm up for election, but afterwards I'll have a lot more flexibility" and then 13 months later Putin is vacationing in Crimea, what do you think "flexibility" was in reference too? I swear you rubes deserve MSNBC.


>not Putin

You had ONE job.

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fucking Kek

Because people are retarded and brainwashed.

Haven't you got a fire to light you dumb inbred criminal descendant?

Reminds me of DNCucks who did the same thing with Bush to Clinton to Bush to Obama to Trump. You Fuckwits deserve eachother, I'm truly happy for y'all

Media told me Obama is best in History of world. Hes so open minded he married a tranny.

Why does Bernie hate women?

Fucking LOL


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you got the founding fathers jackson and jfk and thats literally it

after that its ron paul

stinky house nigger

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You would give your place in line to the man in your head 24/7. Very kind of you.

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