3 AM Hunger Games Thread: >>818647359 Edition!

3 AM Hunger Games Thread: Edition!

24 Jasiri admirers (or haters)

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Swedish Chef

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Kizuna AI

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Hacker God 707

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Swedish chef will destroy you all with his assault spoon.

Kidd Keo

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Nutella Girl

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The flag with the ñ word

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Big Tits Kylie

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Koiwai Yoshino

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Frozen ghost

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Pro Vaper

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Radiation Man

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Katniss Everdeen

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Moon Newspaper

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To all 2 of you still with us tonight, are you ready!?

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Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if literally no one were paying attention at this point

Ah, well. Let's start!

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Sí, gracias por preguntar.

I'm a nightowl so i'm not the least bit tired~

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>imagine expecting quality commentary at this hour

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nice loop


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Your schedule is all over the place man. Anything you'd like to talk about?

What schedule?

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Also posting 2 slides to compensate for the delay while I made the wincard

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7 remain!

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Heh, guess you got me.
I haven't been able to get in a game for a few days- I keep coming in after the roster is full.
Not a big deal I guess since I'm still looking for new tributes since I retired those winners.

Three more succumb to the incorporeal grasp of the haunted house

Ah, Ice Queen/Freckles, I take it?

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We're down to our final 3! Bets now, or forever hold your peace!
>the forbidden flag
>Swedish Chef

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Go chef!!

This psychic motherfucker right here. He knew.

He fucking knew.

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Congrats, Chef! You certainly stirred up the competition up this game.

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Ya without freckles I'm debating on animal vegetable or mineral.

Here de here de here mork mork mork bitcheeeez
Assault spoon came through for me, your Swedish chef.

Kek thanks user, saved as trophy for first win : D

Thanks for playing (everyone?)!

Goodnight, now :]

thankyou for the game

why not just keep playing same tribute

Its one thing to kill them over and over- but once they win it seems like they earned a break from the constant death and destruction.
And if they're a winner and they play another game and die- they're just a loser again.

a unique perspective. I understand it. at the same time, glad we don’t all do it

suggest you use Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz

I feel that, and was originally going to do that with Vex before realizing I wasn't comfortable posting other drawings at the time. So now he's kinda the one people know me by, heck.

It is nice to see the familiar tributes.
Seems like your not playing with strangers.

Was never a fan of wizard of oz. Always seemed like a dorky 8th grade play.

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Each of the three stooges

Wow Sup Forums moves slow at this hour