I study medicine in university

>I study medicine in university
>Sexual hormones class
>Kahoot in more or less 1h30
>I'll post the link when available
>600 people watching

Hit us up with your best usernames, i'll film the class reaction and post oc.

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bump it's 3am I don't have anything else to fuckin do

this could be good

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Bump because why not

Shameless self bump cus this class is boring as hell and there are a lot of sensitive cunts in there

wtf is kahoot ?

link now

It's not available yet, probably in about an hour

Some website where u can answer questions the teacher asks it's usefull for classes of ~600. It's anonymous and you can name yourself however you want, all the names are gonna be briefly displayed on the huge screen and the entire class will see it as well as the teacher. She's gonna do 2 questions, sadly i can't remember the answers. If you answer correctly and fast enough there's also a ranking that she's gonna display with the top 3 names and read. If i remember correctly the answers were A and C.
So hit us up with OC usernames, the whole class will see it and maybe u can start some scandal that way. You can also refresh the page or delete from history to put a new name.

Well post pictures of the big screen in here otherwise we won't be able to see the results

Good idea but i’ll also record the class reaction and post a youtube link or some shit that way i can film the teach and everyone. The names scroll pretty fast down but you can still read it. The ranking page she just stays on there for a minute tho but some nerd will most likely get the ranking unless you fags get there by luck

Oh and i forgot to add that everything is recorded and will be available for students (only) to rewatch until June so make that one count

You better not be lying faggot

Livestream it if you can, use periscope or something


What’s the point of this from a learning perspective for two questions you already know the answer to?

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Hopefully faggot mods don't see this as a raid and take down the god damn thread.

I don’t have that app and i don’t think it’s anonymous besides that would be fucking cringe for me

I’m redoing the year

Wth are you even studying??

Read the first line of the first fucking post

Are u retarded?

16 more powerpoint slides (15 min break in the middle) and we are on the kahoot, i'll update again when she will be about to give the kahoot link. Be ready tho cus she's not going to leave you a lot of time, about 2 minutes.

Oh sorry I forgot what I read an hour ago you fucking moron.

Top kek
Imagine being this brain dead

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So you’re too dumb to learn it the first time around but you remember the answers from last year? Fuck you. This is inauthentic and homosexual.

About that username, what is even allowed, how long can it be, what about special symbols like swastikas. Space between words etc... Neve used this shit before

Just use a burner account

I think it's 10 characters long, i don't know about special characters. Maybe there's an adult language filter but you can probably get around it with numbers or just "."


Make sure to give a warning before so people have time to get ready.

op, ETA?


Idk what that is

Yeah. Get ready, should be in 5 mins max

estimated time of arrival

dis gon b gud

ETA means estimated time of arrival, means how long until this thing starts.

Where are you from OP ?

Eta=estimated time arrival

It's the next slide

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Lets do this

Doesn't that mean all the questions will be in French ? So we aren't going to be able to answer any. Also is there not a chat or anything ?


Who cares, answers are A and C


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fucking captcha fucked me over

post pics of screen op

Donald Trump checking in

Wtf are those questions

i'm filming rn and wtf there is 6 question i remembered 2

HangNiggers checking in

You're in 92nd place. Nice one OP, u fgt

I got it right

I already am in last place

correct answers top left and bottom left?

I saw a lot of names people were laughing then racist shit came in and everyone shut up with a few fags laughing here and there it was funny
There's gonna be a second one, probably the same code but i might be wrong judging by how trash my memory is rn

25% is too fcking low

Top right apparently i'm a fucking retard

im bangin teach checkin lets stir up some shit

At least take pictures and what not so we can see what's going on, video too.

I'm tied with gasdejuice tho

ah fuck

Holy fck this shit is top kek

OP is a feggit reporting in

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wait top left was correct now

You're in 28th place. Got this one right somehow wtf

EpsteinWasKiled checking in OwO

>69th place

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You need to livestream or at least take a video

Damn bruh taking a while to load

I'm recording but she's mking 2min break to answer

based op


stream that shit boy, i wanna finish first

Got this one worng, fck this shit. 914 poitns only

2nd place bois

Are people reacting ?

OP is a feggit reporting in 10th place

Think the thing changed my fucking name.

It does if it’s too on point.

They are all reading but people shut up in a cringe silence when the names comes out cus everyone is too afraid to laugh. Also there's like 10% nigs in the room

Was hangniggers :(

Are people reacting to the my name is jeff or 6millionjews?

For fuck sake i would like to see these questions

10% hmmmmmmmmmm, add 3

I have the video of the name scrolling on the big screen, the rest isn't worth ur time. I'll download the class rediffusion and will post it too, should be availabe in 1h

Yo im tied with 6millionjews damn

just pick 1 of the 4 and pick asap the faster you answer more points you get this last one was bottom left so chances of that again or lower most likely

>10% nigs

Confirmed fake. france would at least be 40% nigs

>13% of the nigs are getting 50% of the wrong answers

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This is too fcking unlucky, droped from 10th to fcking 60th

Yeah i heard chuckles but people are to afraid to laugh at this in front of everyone. I'm the only faggot having fun tho
They are in french and it's technical shit on sexual hormones

You're in 18th place, 59 points behind Nick Gurr. This shit is fkign gold

ayyy 17th lez go ima show up on da board

If you ever do this again you should tell us some of the peoples names so we can makes names targeting specific people, that is bound to get a reaction.

dats me fam