Incest Thread

Incest Thread.

What are your best stories?

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bumped my sister like i bump this thread

Traded underwear with my cousin during a truth or dare drinking game one summer

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show underwear

jacked off on my cousin while she was asleep

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I don't have any pictures of any

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I had to help my 11yo niece bathe/shower quite a few times. Wasn't overtly sexual but still pretty fun

Why would you have to do that? Is she legit retarded?

please more of her. Shes hot as fuck.

Man you spend a lot of time on /b

She had a cast on one arm and a brace thing on the other wrist so she couldn't physically do it herself

Why did they trust you, a dude, to do that?

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wanted to squirt on her belly but got her naked back

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We are a pretty close family, she was staying with me for and my gf for a couple weeks, gf usually did it but when she wasn't there i did it. Niece was fine with it, I didn't go out of my way to molest her or anything like that

dang, would have been hot if she woke up and willingly wanted to fuck.

shes really conservative and barely ever got fucked afaik but yah thats the dream

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shes fun to hang with

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My mom, any interest?

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Cousin’s fat ass in a tight dress

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roleplay, this is an iraqi school thot

Very interested


This is hard to write about, but it has been on my mind lately for some reason. My relationship with my younger sister was a case of sexual curiosity gone too far.

Things started to happen around the time I was 11 and she was 10. We'd often watch movies together, which included stuff like Titanic and The Notebook, including the sex scenes, and for some reason, discussed such scenes in detail, like what french kissing would feel like, how embarrassing and icky sex is, etc. We also watched a lot of Big Brother, where the contestants flirted/kissed with eachother all the time, and late at night, they aired Big Brother Uncut, which we often snuck out of bed to go downstairs and watch together. Of course it showed the far raunchier content, including uncensored tits, dick and vagina, which made us both feel "funny".
Around that same period, with curiosity at an all time high, I started downloading porn on Limewire. I told her about it, and we watched some together. This is the point where things between me and my sister started to get really experimental and spicy, but I don't think I am ready to write about it here yet.

For what it's worth, she's like an 8 or 9, even today.

>>iraqi school
This is so random, How you know that lol?

Zamrock#9718 if you wanna jack it to my mom

she looks like it man. got more pics?


turned my cousin from a "close to me physically" to someome i'd go balls deep in over the course of a summer vacation

Basically from sitting on my lap and wrestling/tickling fights, to full blown gagging facefucking, anal, and lastly deflowering her hymen and fucking her pussy all august long.

.....where do you think these dumb kids get the pictures they repost from?

Do you think they do effort to have some obscure images?

This is straight from a recent thread from some iraqi kid that took creepshots of everyone around him

When I was 14, sleeping in the same bed as my 21 year old cousin and I started fapping in the night to relive myself thinking she was asleep. She ended up not being asleep and lifted the sheets up to see my hard dick. Made a deal that she would give me a handjob if I got to rub her tits with them

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this friend was a huge slut, always heard stories about her banging dudes

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she was always the fun fat friend

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Why is this allowed?

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Some guy writing some text?

sniffed a lot of these

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Obsessed with my sister. Two of our very close common friends dated her. Been told a lot of kinky stuff about her in details. Even saw her in action in photos. Now the lust is even stronger.

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soooo hot

Yeah, insanely.

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struggling to hold back
and those legs

I know..

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Sniff and jerk off to my lill sis panties, cummed in her foods and drinks.

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Do you still have them? How many times did you jerk off to them? Too many to tell?

Were able to put your birthday cake on her skin? On her crotch?

>be me
>12yrs and a 5yr old cousin
>we would hide in a tent she had.
>her mother would hide in her room so we were alone most of the time.
> I would snuck in and cuddled behind her.
>hard as diamonds since i just found porn and was horny as fuck.
> get her hand and have her jerk me off for a while. the greatest shit as a kid.
>her mom appears and i stop.
> ten years later I move states.
>she's here and practically grown.
>can't stop thinking of her.

such a little whore

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Inte din syster retard

back and ass crack

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I wanna make the fat bitch my cumbucket

5'9, double Ds, panties smelt fantastic, wide ass

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always gaining and losing

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det e Sup Forums. är du CP i huvudet o går in o tror folk inte ljuger här?

Man, I would make her my bitch. She would be crying when I'm done with the whore

shut up with your chink chonks language

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Wow that's weird

Came back last month with a broken top in her hands drunk with her tits hanging out. Had a raging boner the entire time

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You son of a bitch! How do you watch porn with your sister but get cold feet when anonymous? Spill it!

My sister and I would fuck constantly when we were in high school.

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fill her up where tho...

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This is my sister i got no real story about her i just love masturbating over pics of her.

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I would like to know more about this.

how'd that happen?
ever cum in her?

fattest shot

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why haven't you made a move yet

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We'd always talk about who we liked at school and I always said I wish someone has an ass as nice as hers. She jokingly let me slap it, then not so jokingly got very turned on and the rest is history. Never came inside her.

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love how this went unnoticed

ever get caught?

would you fuck off with this shit and go die someplace. you have posted this a billion times asshole

Hell no, our parents were constantly out, though, we had plenty of time to fuck. I'd say I've been inside her over 200 times

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My sister will set me up with her friends because she loves hearing about how amazing it is

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she's fine as fuck
she older or younger?

how'd you find out she likes to hear about it?

Older. She claims she still hasn't found someone that makes her cum as hard as me

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i was 15 and my sister was 19, she walked in on me jerking off, fucked for the first time. and we fucked like everyday from then on

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Got home from school early thought no body at home. Went upstairs only to hear someone is fucking my sister. Weirdly, that turned me on

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I fucked one of her friends and she heard that her bro was a stud, so she asked me if there were any other friends of hers I liked.

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Storytime isn't what it used to be...

Sounds like she still wants to fuck
Why'd yall stop?

right your sis?

I went to college, she moved out of state. she'll still send nudes sometimes at least. and no, you can't see

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Left is sis, right is my current gf and her best friend.

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both are perfect

Why not?

>You son of a bitch! How do you watch porn with your sister but get cold feet when anonymous? Spill it!
Because it's easier to do all that when you're young and stupid.

Also, pic related is a more recent photo of her (heavily edited of course).

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based for fucking someone as hot as her when hormones are fully raging

Would you be willing to talk on Kik or Discord since it's more private?

Post some nudes of your sister and be hero for one day

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More!! Feet? Candids? Kik?

>more private

What you heard? What you seen?

Nice pussy?

You faggot

Oops, how about Wickr then?

Fingered my sister a few times when she was younger

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Eh, it won't really feel any different for me. I'll tell one story now just for the hell of it, although Sup Forums seems more interested in pics than text.

Continuing on from One afternoon, we're just playing around across the entire upstairs area(not-sexual). Dad at work, mom minding her own business downstairs (she's used to hearing a racket). Sometime later in the day when we're settled down, we're both in her room, sitting on the carpet, talking about sexual things again. I can't remember the exact specifics of all these conversations, but it often revolved around things outlined here like Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling's soaking wet, not very explicit sex scene in the Notebook (which we had watched several times by rewinding).
Anway, I ask her if she wants to try a french kiss, or like, touch our tongues together, just as a gross dare. We're both laughing about it and have super embarrassed looks on our faces. Eventually, we just both poke our tongues out and slowly touch them together for like a second, then quickly back off one another laughing, embarrassed and "grossed out". We keep doing this cycle for the next 10-20 minutes or so, and eventually start holding it for several seconds.

I'll stop here for now.

You write like a fucking retard. Stop all together.