I just ate blue rare steak, in honor of vegans and vegetarians

I just ate blue rare steak, in honor of vegans and vegetarians.


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I like meat but raw shit seems gross as fuck

Not raw, i gave it a couple minutes either side.

3/4ths of that steak is raw.

Dont hate
Its tasty asf bro.

Meh, I like steak between medium and medium well. Otherwise I have to spend about 30 years chewing.


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Blue rare is okay but I like rare better

nobody cares. youre just as bad as any vegan/vegetarian that has to tell the world they're vegan.

autism is a choice, op, and you make bad choices.

I imagine it tastes like blood, can't get myself to try it

There's actually no blood at all in a steak anyway, even if it were 100% raw.

It tastes like beef. Although I find the texture unpleasant.

Except OP isn’t trying to force the world into his unhealthy cult. He is toasting them.

I can't anything rarer than medium nowadays. It just tastes like metal.

Get better product.

>hurhur opinion is fact

>no professional chef in the world prefers well done steak

Yeah not really an opinion dumbass. You just have shit taste buds.

I think Gordon Ramsey said the maximum acceptable level stops at Medium.

I've always preferred medium rare. You get great texture and a good variety of flavor. Rare is good, but I find the texture a little less appealing.

Certain cuts do better as med-rare. Anything with a lot of fat (rib, sirloin) you want to render it down, so med-rare is preferred for those.


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Well done is trash. Medium to medium well are fine, medium rare is acceptable anything less is animal food.

>I think Gordon Ramsey said
Imagine letting British douchebags tell you how to think.

>Urr durr i am have homosexuality

steak is suppose to be eaten raw retard, technically cooking it is actually bad for you.

Eating meat is immoral

I have never seen anyone misspell delicious quite so badly.

morals don't exist

rare meat barely has any flavor, enjoy your watery mush while the rest of us are eating food that's actually cooked