Your life sucks, user. Why are you not living like me?

Your life sucks, user. Why are you not living like me?

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I dont have any family money.

I'm afraid of the ...ocean?

because i dont want your mongoloid body, gg ez.

Me neither. My older brothers got the cushy jobs. And yet, they're still obviously jealous.

that feel when no rich parents to pay for poker addiction....

>Why are you not living like me?

All that sun will age your skin, that's why.

because i like different things aka im not you and tbh i wouldnt even want to be.

A faggot who failed out of BUD/S with daddy's money? Nah I'm good.


You mean saving pictures of other people and shitposting them on Sup Forums every night?
I am living like you tho.

This nigga knows how to live life to it's fullest.

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had some money, my dad threw it away on family that didnt give a fuck about him at all

left me and my mom with nothing but debt

i laughed

My parents couldn't afford to send me to school

Lol fake and gay

Worst face ever. Don't want to live with a face like that. Would rather commit suicide.

> Still has to pay to fuck. Pornstars.

Because under Capitalism white collar crime isn't an issue and people who embezzle money and give their idiot children millions to live off of without ever having to work for it is tolerated by the mass of retard who think gays fucking is actually the problem with society and not what you spend doing your whole life ie meaningless, repetitive, unrewarding labour, and that is if you are lucky

Hey man ya never know when some weird sea creature looks at you like a tasty treat or some random and powerful wave knocks you on your ass and drags you out into the sea.

I can swim fine but I ain’t going to be shark meat.

I’m heterosexual

>cocaine and gambling addiction
>possible steroid addiction too
>father convincted for fraud and embezzlement
>2 heart attacks before the age of 30
Yeah... Seems like a well adjusted person and a way of life.

Because I'm busy with uni, carving out my own life path and not just using the easy one carved out for me by my parents.

Ok commie

why would anyone pay any attention to this fucking oxygen thief.

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>No inherented wealth
>Mom quit her job and never got back up to par
>Dad left, no father figure
>Didnt go to uni and dropped out of CC.
>Not particularly spectacular in any of my hobbies
>Average sized dick
>Crippling depression and all around social pariah.
>No friends
>Recently diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in the spine only at the age of 23.
>Can't bebd down or find a comfortable position to sleep
>no sleep
>Certified coomer
>Never had a GF
>too useless to even get one
>basically living off of my better off older brother who's does nothing but work and smoke weed
>No car or drivers license
>General lost of ambition
>Can't even tie my shoes without them becoming untied by noon.

I'm a fucking wreck

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read Lemony Snicket you Nicket

you're a faggot for using 'crippling depression' in a greentext

you deserve what you get

most manly face i've ever seen

you mean like this guy?

The bro also is constantly surrounded by 12/10 half naked women who worship him and can do whatever the fuck he wants in the world. I’d take all those for his life real fast and you’re a straight lying edgy virgin if you say you wouldn’t.

>tldr: We all die one day and I’d rather live until 40 like him, then until 80 like you.

Because I dont have wrincles on my arms and a chin bigger than a nuclear ice breaker

Sorry, worship him? Not in fucking million years. It's easy money, that's all there is to it.
>I’d take all those for his life real fast and you’re a straight lying edgy virgin if you say you wouldn’t
Ahhh, yeah, the old "hu wans to live long bruh dat shit for pussies haha".
In the real world, even the most roided up massive bodybuilders spew the same line of bullshit about how tough they are and go on to take life saving surgeries and medication. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Jesus hes gorgeous

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>being this jealous
Definitely a virgin

You mean on a cheap boat, smoking a cheap pipe and having a parasite mutated chin?

>hurr du bro u jealous
Oh to be 12 again.

It doesnt look interesting to me
I'd rather stay inside and cuddle with someone while playin vidya
Or go hunting

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