Why are conservatives so triggered by this?

Why are conservatives so triggered by this?

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uh oh

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Those people need help, and by that I mean, help into a volcano.

Why are trannies so triggered by biology ?


the only volcano you're ever going to be on top of is the one you let loose into the toilet after the 50th consecutive crunchwrap supreme, you fucking slob.

Because it's not true desu

Go back to your circlejerk hellhole, redditfag

it's because the idea of giving children treatment to affect their endocrine system is abhorrent

7th grade biology is not integrally the same as college-grade biology

Don't care, I am well on my way of completely separating from people and live as a hermit


I'm really liberal, i don't believe in gender roles, but you are either male or female. You can't defy nature.

Because conservatives can't be bothered to learn the difference between sex and gender.

because through the absolutist rhetoric of the far left it impicates that trans rights include hormonal treatment and castration of children who act a little weird.

Sex is the important one, turns out you can't mutilate yourself into changing sex

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Because it's such a Deceptive bullshit dishonest statement.

Trump will end up supporting trans rights, just like he said he was going to ban muslims into America but still allows people from Saudi Arabia into the country, even though they caused 9-11. He'll just pretend he hates trans people while helping them.

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Because conservatives don't believe modifying definitions, can make something with a swinging cock, a pretty little girl.

Indeed, you're a little weird and I believe you should be castrated

Because they already had the right to mutilate their bodies. This is simply a dogwhistle for thought and speech control.

Plus trannies are disgusting

gender has become nothing more than a synonym for personality.
"oh, you think a certain way or prefer this over that or feel someting else" -> you must have a specivic gender we can categorize you in.
Gender is made up an does not have more to say than your favourite color or food.
LGB are pretty pissed by the Ts, cause they tear down everything that firmed gay acceptance in society by claiming their Psycho-Fanfiction about Life has any substance.

so you would cut off a 6 year olds balls because he likes to wear dresses?

Trannies are inhuman. That's why. Especially when they try to breed. A castrated eunuch by definition is sterile.

Please seek help,your mother and i are very concerned about you.

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well, most just dont want children pumped up with hormones.
they might be vocal about their dislike of adult trans, but thats not a hill theyd die for.
conservatives are more afraid of the harm this ideology has on children.

Gender dysphoria is a curable mental disorder. and don't try to fcking tell me otherwise as my current gf was trans male for a little over a year.

also the rights they want to enforce limit my rights as an Individual.

I have nothing against transgender I do however have problems with the whole culture surrounding it. my gf got death threats for asking about transitioning back to female because of her anti psychotics that she recieves for her ptsd.

Probably because a tiny minority of mentally ill people shouldn't be our national focus? Also forcing children to be on hormones and exposing children to drag queens is abusive.

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Keep on reeeeeing, boomers

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at face level it's retarded and bigotted. Whoever would post that is implying that trans aren't human, and are trying to make the argument that even though trans aren't human their rights as trans are just as deserving as if they were human. The argument is that trans rights are a subsection of human rights, which is what they are debating as they don't see trannies as humans. If they didn't see trannies are humans, then they would have no need to spout such garbage. That's why conservatives find it so offensive, as trap porn is gay. And to be gay is to be human, as proven by the Greeks and Romans.

In conclusion your logic and probably you as a person are pretty fucked up, as a tranny can certainty impregnant your wife. Proving they are at least of the same species as us humans.

Join the 43% tranny

Not triggered, just grossed out

Please stop, your mother is crying now we just want you to get better.

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Ok boomer

Keep on reeeing when you realize that a split in half dick wound will never make you a woman

>hihi im so edgy, i dont need nuance
promotes child abuse that destroys lives

Why are conservatives so easily baited? I mean, look at this thread

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Medical mutilation and cosmetic surgery are not human rights, therefor are not trans rights.

Eh may as well reply, I'm bored

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beacuse in this day and age you can never be certain if someones is baiting or actually retarded.

Trans rights are gay rights. Prove me wrong

Why are liberals so easily triggered to the fact there are only two genders?

Not even gays approve of genital mutilating mutants

Like others have said so many times before, trannies have the same rights as everyone else. This """movement""" is just an excuse to either a) feel special over doing literally nothing, or b) appear virtuous and/or morally superior for supporting the Next Big Issue.
I personally don't give a shit about trannies; if you want to butcher your genitals and screw with you hormones, be my guest. What I can't stand, is faggots like you that keep making this out to be some perilous issue tantamount to civil rights or female suffrage. Pretty soon, you'll see pedos campaigning for "pedo rights", after this trans shit gains widespread adoption. Mark my words.

Trans rights are train rides. prove me wrong

I am OP, and I'm serious about my post, there's no need to be scared of people different than you, you know?

Good sarcasm there

>Loaded question.

Trains aren’t humans

Go dilate

Reactionary morons basically.

Trans people deserve the same rights as everyone else, and they absolutely already have them. any further legislation that they are calling for is for "special status" in society, where your freedom of speech is withheld if it involves comments about that persons lifestyle.

oh im not scared, if a sane adult wants to throw their reproductive system away, more power to you. But if this is forced on children who are easily manipulable through attention, its becomes repulsive and an evidence of incapacity when dealing with this topic.

You're just another ugly crossdresser who will scar your family with your suicide.

I'm not trans, I just support trans rights, faggot

Because it limits their freedom to trample other peoples human rights. Also: that whole image is to trigger conservatives. For people who agree with that statement, the statement doesn't mean anything. Since everybody deserves human rights, what's the point of pointing out a specific group? Oh, there is a point when that specific group doesn't get human right. So in that case it will be very easy to come op with examples, isn't it?

>trying to get brownie points by claiming support but not actually wanting to be a part of it

why aren't you trans you transphobic nazi scum.

do you support prescribing hormone blockers to children? i dont have a problem with the rest, just leave children out of it. But avoiding the questions about children does only make you look like you support it.

Of course, hormone blockers are reversible, and children can choose whether they want to transition or stop the process once the become adults

Did I fucking stutter?

Basically since all scientific, sociological, anthropological, political, and philosophical arguments as to why trannies are human and exist keep getting ignored because Cons need to cope, they're basically waiting on a spiritual argument to persecute by claiming heresy.

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>if I say it enough, and ignore all sociology, anthropology, and philosophy, then it has to be true
Cope harder.

>Straw man detected.

>if you want to butcher your genitals and screw with you hormones, be my guest.
Cool, the issue is that some other faggots are saying they should be forbidden from doing it and get the rope.
And they keep getting, statistically, disproportionately harassed and killed for just being trans.
Like, you're throwing a fit because they're asking for more people like you who don't care about what they do, and so that they can get murdered at about the same rate as any other group and not ridiculously more.
You absolute chowderhead.

>children can choose
tell that to those who didnt go throgh natural puberty and regret not going through normal develoment. All because their parents got sucked into a SJW group that gives out more browniepoints if you have a trans child.

>his whole fear of trannies is based on his own strawman
What a brainlet.

russian troll deteced. nobody is this dense. hormones obviously impact the development of a childs body, tits and hips on a boy dont just go away, when you stop taking hormones at age 20 after having taken them vor 10 years.

Okay, so your concern is about abusive parents not trans people. Like, yeah, if we accept trans people we're going to have to update the law regarding abusive parenting. But like, the majority of trannies know they're trannies pretty young.
Also, what? We shouldn't let trans kids be trans because the 0.001% of horrendously narcissistic parents who are trying to gain clout? Your scenario confuses me.

how toreact to irrational vioelnt assholes?
become an even more irrational asshole and defend child abuse.

Hormome blockers aren't Hormone treatment you adorable idjit.
It's the difference between pausing development and changing development. You're confusing HRT and Hormone Blockers.

>Annoying Loud presence
>Mentally ill gay Millenials pushing their propaganda to everyone else including 10 year old children
>Unhappy with their existence; wants other people to become like them either way, like germs or a disease

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No one is defending child abuse.
And it's more about being recognized by the government as people you melon.
Surprisingly when the society accepts people as people, violence against them goes down.
This isn't even that hard to realize, just look at the difference of treatment towards black people post the civil-rights era.

probably because housing and food are human rights

>thinking kids will transition just because of propaganda.
Not how it works boomer.

there is no guarantee that any child who shows trans tendencies at a young age actually keeps those tendencies when they grow up.
there is no moral ground for putting them thorugh an unnatural process that has such a big inpact on their live as this. children are not forward looking enough the understand the consequences of hormonal manipulation.
let them devolp naturally and then let them decide forthemselfes.
it also sexualizes children way to much. let kids be kids and realize how much ideology you should really force on them.

it all manipulates their natural hormone release having a direct impact on growth and development, espeacially during or pre puberty.

Well you see, hat rights, at least in America, do trans have that normal people don't

Blockers carry little consequence, and I'm fine putting an 18yo minimum on hormone replacement treatment. Blockers are not the same as treatment though, that is a fact.
The moral ground is the comfortability of living as they want to, especially since when allowed to transition earlier studies have proven trans people lead happier more fulfilling lives and don't, ya know, kill themselves.
>sexualizes children
Dude, you're going to have to explain that one. Because it just seems like a roundabout way to say "being a tranny is a fetish," and at that point you're just talking out your ass.

>Thinking kids and teens aren't already transitioning because of propaganda
How retarded and alienated can you be?

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Because Trannies arent human

Mate we don't have a mental breakdown over a single word.

pretty sure most trans people who got attacked, have not been attacked for being trans in the first place but rather for beeing cunts about it.
trans people already have all the right others have to, they just want extra treatment because they think they diserve not to be fucked by life. but life is unfair to everyone you dont get a free pass or anything extra just because youre trans.

There is no difference to anyone outside the post modern community. You're literally speaking in a different language to everyone else.

>thinking Drag=Trannies
My fucking sides, next you're gonna tell me Acting = Being Gay

Being a tranny is a fetish. Guess you never heard of autogynophelia

>I have no argument so I'll just repeat myself
God, I love angry morons like you. Y'all radiate dumb bitch energy like a mf, I live for it.

Actually statistically most will grow out of it

The government knows you're a person.

What the fuck are you talking about

Blanchard literally wrote that paper after finding some tranny who built a sex robot you spaz. Listen cutie, brush up on your sociology then come back with a theory that hasn't be dead for longer than I've been alive.

As an actual trans person I think that people are honestly getting upset over this shit, yes the conservatives fucking think that doctor's just allow fucking 8 years olds to be pumped with hormones. That's not true at all, you need a lot of counseling before going through hrt and sometimes they won't even give hormones to you, it really depends on your doctor. Also the blame falls on trans and liberals for being so hypersensitive about these situations, like cmon chill a bit please.

It doesn't pause it. It stops it. Permanent effects.

The Jews were doing this in Germany in the early 1900s. They opened these sex research clinics and we're pumping out trannies.
100 years later and they're trying the same shit.

At least in Germany good people got together and burned the clinics down.

Filthy fucking kikes.

Not conservitard but I think all trans and trap faggots should be executed.

Idk. I personally don't care what people think. They are people. They should be treated as such. Fuck it.

In no way did you describe how the theory isn't valid. You just called it old.

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