What kind of girlfriend do you want?

What kind of girlfriend do you want?

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Mentally stable, hard working, kind, healthy.

Strong, aggressive, intelligent, knows what and who she wants, kind, passionate...

big titted asian or latina who listens to good music and can possibly cook.

Sounds like you want to date a man


The slutty kind

Traps are not gay, are they?

I dont want one

The one I already have

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That's all well and fine until her slutty lifestyle leads her to cheating on you. Oh well

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No one cares about your nigger faggot cuck fantasies

imagine being this much of a faggot

First i would like to have a gf. Then i will know what i prefer


you're suggesting it's possible to have what you want lol

Shy, pleaser type, skinny, Asian, HOT, swallows cum, and tries hard to deepthroat.

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Sorry, found it here, no idea.

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A girl that knows ow to cook.

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A mute who turns in to a six pack at 10:00 pm

a girl

the ABSOLUTELY loyal kind.
better yet
the one that is so utterly depressed and clingy that she'd be too out of energy to even cheat.

One that doesnt cheat on me while pregnant with my kid


Any. But preferably one with a big pp.

The kind my wife never finds out about

The only answer is big toddy goth gf

A girl like mine: pretty, loyal, kind, smart, good at cooking and a little bit slutty

A dead one.

Wont talk, wont cheat, wont lie, wont complain.

Nice double dubs. Got me a kek for your comedic efforts


I don't trust women so No, I don't want a gf.

Like this

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I mean, you can want to date a man all you want, bro

Tbh the one my wife is.
Submissive masochist and up to try new things.
But still not a doormat that straight out does everything I tell her and can challenge me to keeps things interesting

It's just such a small portion of women have those traits.

Which is why the "date a man" post was funny. You're making me explain your own joke to you.

I want the girl in OPs pic

One that sucks my dick under the dinner table

what does the term "trap" mean?
it means they trap you into being gay
so yea, its gay

Hairy pussy high capacity asshole not looking like a goblin and comfortable with group sex

Short, slim, shy, not very sexually experienced, into similar interests.

Also short, slim and black. My ex was like that and I still think about her

>in my 20s
smart, charming, hard working, pleasant to be around
>now (43)
big tiddy, petite, long black hair, not into Sup Forums

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A qt brown girl (paki, Indian, arab etc) that is feisty enough so that it's a slight challenge but still knows her place in the end.

Inb4 brown girls aren't cute.

They come either ugly af or qt af, no inbetween.

>Inb4 brown girls aren't cute.

Darker skin is objectively superior.