Be Me

>Be Me
>3rd year at Uni
>Have huge crush on shy BigTittyGothGirl from a few of my classes
>Rumours going around campus that she sent a naughty video to one of the chads
>Got sent video of the shy BigTittyGothGirl last week
>Nothing extreme
>Just sucking dildo
Screenshot included
>How do I get it so that the dildo is replaced by my cock
>I’ve jerked off so many times to this clip
>I need her lips to be wrapped around my cock so bad
>How do I make this happen
>What should be my plan of attack

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Share the vid for answers

I only have short clip of it, apparently it was snapchat she sent him then he showed everyone. Full clip is of her deep throating it but I haven’t seen that so dunno how true it is

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Stop being a pussy and fuck her then

How though? I can’t just go up to her and say, hay wanna bang

You're right, go to gym and eat right for 6 months first, then go up to her and say "hey, wanna bang?"

Become known indirectly , how’d she get chads Snapchat ? Become somewhat involved in the classes your in enough to stand out to everyone,including her

become the guy who got the video first

Samefag,also chances are you should move on...unless your lookin for a quick fling,she’s already proven what she is

I think chad was Leading her on as a joke to his buddies. Let’s make fun of the shy goth freak kind of thing. She fell for it and got hurt badly, I’m the shy loner in corner of the class day dreaming about cumming down her throat. I just wish I had the courage to make a move

I don’t think she’s like that, I think she just got played by an asshole chad

If you really are a shy loner then just pass that girl. There is a reason why that snap goes to the other boy and not to you. Best advice is to just work on your body and money, and with that will come some social status. You will boost your confidence and you will stop beeing a loner in the corner. And think, why should she gulp down your load and not the chad?

But she’s a shy outcast like me, she just was the butt of a mean joke to bully her

She sent the video. Chad didn't force her. She is sucking on a toy, to try and encourage Chad to offer her his dick to do the same. She is EXACTLY like that.

Nah bro, she was the butt Chad stuck his dick in because she wanted it. She wouldn't have sent that video if she didn't want his D. She's proved what she is.

just go talk to her. You already know what kind of woman she is. Just go up and tell her how youve noticed her and ask for her number. If she gives you that, you already know she is a slut (because of said video) so dont be afraid to tease her, add sexual tension, or "jokes" in the conversation with her. keep reminding her how attractive she is to you(dont go over the top and say she is gorgeous, youll look like a sweetheart and thats not what you want) then tell her you should hang out. Once you hangout remind her of how good she looks, keep eye contact and dont be weird, just relax and try as hard as you can to be 'cool', try to feel he rvibe and if you cant tell by how she is acting if she wants to kiss you ( i say kiss her because you seem like a shy person and youll get hard as a rock once you two make out) once you start kissing touch on her or rub her body and kiss on her neck, dont just peck like a little kid, you two are grown ass adults and women can smell weakness.

Basically you know she isnt some shy lottle church girl so dont be afraid to take the risk once you two are by youselfs, women think the same way as you they just want men to take control, if you act to shy and dont show her what time it is, she will either think your lame/shy/a beta who isnt exciting enough to bring out that slut side of her, or even worse she'll think you a nice guy who actually is interested in being with her, so she'll put up some false act like she actually has morals, and make you work for the community pussy because you werent an alpha when you had the chance, and she wont want to seem like the slut you already know she is.

But he was just using her as a joke, so how do I get her to send me those saucy videos and slurp on my cock

Well while it's true that women are attracted by being confident, thats definetly not everything you need.
First of all, forget about your fantasy for coming down her throat for a moment.
Before even thinking about sex get to know her.
Don't be a desperate looner that's just nice to her because you want to loose your viginity to her, she will notice your desperation.
But tbh you shouldn't even try with her, you seem already fallen head over heels for her and given the evidence you'll get your heart broken.

Post more pics and video of her

Thanks for the advice

buy her roses and talk to her you big coward lolmao

Yeah maybe I’m thinking to much with my dick right now

As you can see in the video above, she is not so shy when she want to get what she wants. Just be cool, almost all girls are like that. As you said, he is "chad" and almost all of them wants a "chad". Your turn will be around her 30, when she would hear clearly her biological clock and will be forced to look for other men that she think of as not so good. Till that time carousel is open. I don't know how to help you, society and people are shit nowdays.

Damn I can’t wait that long, she couldn’t be dicked down by then

I've had a lot of success with girls like her, slightly insecure but chasing the chad dick.

Confidence is key - don't be nervous or anxious when talking to her. If she is aware that video is circulating I'd brazenly say to her "Awful that the video of you is circulating but also great that so many people get to see your skills. You looked hot as fuck" and leave it at that - if you peak her interests she will start chasing you a la Chad. The brazen confronting of an awkward situation shows confidence and you've already broken down a sexual awkwardness barrier by discussing it so openly.

You've got this user, go fuck that big titted emo sexpot.

>What should be my plan of attack
Kys she's disgusting and you should feel bad

Redditor stole your post user

pics to see what you are facing

Find a hobby. Gym is usually a great one. Good for your self-confidence. Great eye-candy for women. Change your diet along with it, too.
Pass by her, make eye-contact, and SMILE. She’ll smile back. Do this 2-3 times.
Then: “hey, I’m user. I’ve seen you around a couple times. What class are you on your way to?”
Eventually leading to “wanna grab a drink some time?”

Her: “oh, yes, user! Here’s my number. I’ll send you picxxxs later, too!”

Great workout routine is “zero to hero,” by Jeff Seid (on bodybuilding forum).

She sent the videos to chad and not you. The solution is clear.
>Become like chad.

Yeah, you are user. I know because I was just like you. All I could think of was how I get into the next best looking girls pants.
Somebody here suggested a hobby as distraction, I'd second that.
When I started to go to BDSM Munches I met a girl and it klicked right away. We struggled (botu of us didn't actually start a new relationship at that moment) we met a few times, before she ended up tied up in my bed. What I'm trying to say is play the long con aim to make friends not to find somebody to fuck. BUT don't miss the point of no return if you actually find somebody you want to be with, hesitating to long before making the first step can also mitigate your chances.

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She knows video is out, but she’s very upset about it and ashamed. I duno if bringing it up will be a good idea?

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You're your own worst enemy... Women hate clingy guys. At best, she'll use you, but she'll NEVER fuck you.

As at least one other guy has said, go hit the gym. Develop your interests. Become somebody worth knowing. Expand your social circle (don't try and use hers). Basically: become a better man. You won't need to worry about anything at that point, because you'll likely have women pursuing you.

Literally start a convo with her initate it. As to join a group with her flirt

Well definitely don’t start with “Hey, I saw that cool video of you practicing sucking dick. My name’s user, wanna hang out sometime?”

Just talk to her. If she's upset, she'll probably be grateful for someone being nice to her. Work on it from there.

Did anyone tried reverse image search or have any souce yet? I'd like to see how shy she is while throating that stuff... Anyway user, she doesn't look so hard to get, just grow a pair, don't be too nervous, talk to her, get her number and ask her out

What’s the odds that he is OP?

I tried, nothing unfortunately

post quality goth chicks ree

Slide into her DMs, hoes love that

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