How to make $10,000 in 3 days? Pic not related

How to make $10,000 in 3 days? Pic not related

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You'd have to commit crime or be lucky and win a lottery.

I wouldn't suggest either, there is no sure, legal, and quick way to make money


>there is no sure, legal, and quick way to make money

ie there are no jobs available.


Legal jobs won't make you 10,000 in 3 days you fucking retard

Unless OP was a high demand hooker, he wouldn't make 10,000 in 3 days

Probably some cushy bank/stock related job that makes commission... Maybe.

Stock market can make you as much as you want. Assuming you can follow trends and don't have terrible luck. I don't follow trends and my luck is hit or miss.

well if you really want to know
charge like 200 for a bj and you just have to give 50 blowjobs in 3 days
if you charge 100/bj you'll have to suck 100 dicks
and if you go by 50/bj you'll have to suck 200 dicks

200 bjs in 3 days are about 67 per day
100 bjs in 3 days are about 33 per day
50 bjs in 3 days are about 17 per day

easy money easy life
if you can live with the price

Anyway, how does one make money? Other than getting the secret service involved.

>live with the price

How much does it cost to give a blowjob?

Sell your kidneys OP

be a wageslave
illegal activities like drug-selling etc.

last two are less recommenable


your pride/moral and your face

One whole dignity

Invest 100k in stocks
After 3 days

>get a sharpie
>get camera
>make account on some whore-cam-site
>put sharpie in pooper

the first two days do as much good as possible
be kind, help people, donate everything you own
then kill yourself and hope reincarnation is real
be born again into rich family with more than 10.000$