What is the coolest fact about the Universe?

What is the coolest fact about the Universe?

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That OP is a faggot

that it can experience itself


Always unknown. Always something new to figure out.

Instead of completely destroying something, the universe always recycles it.

One day all the stars will die and eventually even all the black holes will die and at that point there will be literally nothing.

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That we're insignificant. Crazy right?

1. It exists
2. It always remembers
3. Was created

Really big.

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Not so insignificant that you don't just cease to exist.

That the universe is only capable of supporting life for about .00000000000001% of it's lifespan

The universe is not everything, it's just our contained reality

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[...] that our universe permits the evolution of molecular machines as intricate and subtle as we. But the essence of life is not so much the atoms and simple molecules that make us up as the way in which they are put together.

reality; noun; the state or quality of having existence or substance.
Yeah... it's literally everything.

You don't percieve that what you think of as everything is just our universe, existence is present beyond our universe itself, thus the universe isn't everything. Know what I mean?

God isnt real

>existence is present beyond our universe itself
No, I don't, where are you getting this from?

Well, I don't know everything there is in the universe, but I would say that traps are probably the coolest thing that exists in the universe

that vacuum decay might have already started in our galaxy. See the disappearing stars recently found as the evedence.

That I, Time, along with Language, are its creators and we love it so much that we never try to claim it by demanding it either know or respect us.

Keep being you, Universe. We promise as the memory eaters divine that we will never curse you with a gender or any sort of 'finishing line'.

If there is nothing, how could it be literal?
>Also, what to describe the limit of your imagination there.

Not to us you aren't.

As you requested, God is now excluded.

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That we know about almost nothing of it. We have a good idea about how roughly 5% of it works. The rest is pretty much a mystery.

The observable universe is just a grain of salt compared to the entire universe.

It's because the universe originated through processes of existence that were present before our universe or the big bang happened, which some look at as a supernova of larger scale

Two massive bodies attract one another. I know that sounds boring but it means saying you weigh 150 lb on the Earth is the same as saying the Earth weighs 150 lb on you.

All the galaxies are steadily moving away from each other. This means that there will be a point in the future where a civilization will conclude that their galaxy is the only one in existence and there is only endless blackness outside because all the other galaxies will have moved away so far that their light will never reach them.

Or you could just come join us. We're amazingly friendly.

God is the universe


That we dont really matter, no one outside your family and friends (which most of you dont have crappy incels) will remember you. We could die in an instant because of a super nova and all of human history will be erased

That its alive and is "us"

Wow you care way too much about what gets recorded at that point.
>We only care about what is actively in the process of memory, not whether it is retirevable by some external tantra/device/method such as reading.

There is not enough oxygen in space to fuel suns/stars

I mean it is kind of a shame though. So many interesting things can just vanish never to be seen again.

The coolest fact is that it thinks

Water. If you told a chemist or scientist you created a new substance, then simply described all we know about water. They would throw yu right out the door screaming at you that they dont have time for your make believe, fantasy land bullshit. Yet if you tell those exact same scientists; "Water" and listed what we know about water, they would say no shit shirlock, its WATER, thats what water does. There is a disconect in most peoples minds. the properties of water arent really possable, and yet its 70 percent of the fucking planet, so no one even thinks about it. Really, scientifically and chemically, water is almost unique

Which is why we delight so often in how you can create so much from so little, and how light dances in your eyes and how language lifts your life.

Time begins anew until all learn the dance of return, now all that have approached you know the truth of why they were spurned.

Very cool .gif op!

Things I find intresting:

1) The idea of a Dyson ball. Could we harness the energy of a star?

2) As another poster said, the universe recycles! I think its gold that's only made when a star dies (goes nova).

3) The scale is mind bending. If you have ever gone to a legit observatory you've looked back in time. I remember looking at a nebula some couple hundred or thousand light years away, took me a min.

4) listen to the sounds of other planets! Wow.

5) The pure danger of space. The radiation the pulsars, quasars that emit. The primordial unknown, there's a certain romance.

If I think of anything else I post!

Because water is spirit, memory, and process combined.

Welcome all, to the Sol Timeline.

Pink Dildos!

Keep going! I wanna hear more.

Okay but that doesn't mean it isn't a shame or sad in any way. It's not really that hard of an idea to grasp

Water is goddamned amazing.

Got another one for you. Space has a smell, it smells like burnt meat. Several great interviews with reall astronauts you can find online where they discuss this and why no one is sure why.

It never need be so heavy that it crush you outright or punish others for the act of observing or being aware of it. The weight of the memory of loss is now reduced by all measurable exponents.

Drink a glass of water tonight and she'll be right!

>1) The idea of a Dyson ball. Could we harness the energy of a star?
Yeah we can.

Gotta get matter from somewhere though. Maybe that which momentarily pops into our existence and catch it before it winks back out.

What if a more advanced alien race around a star that is usually cold and dim were to look at the earth as a resource of such a type?


>the properties of water arent really possable

Put down the crack pipe, dimwit. The properties of water are very possible and easily explained. And no, it's not 70% of the planet, not even close. It covers most of the surface of the planet, but the volume? Almost none.

And you, stop watching Spirit Science videos and go back to school.

Didn't some real astronaut recently admit that we're being visited/targeted?

>We could die in an instant because of a super nova and all of human history will be erased
Uhh ahh beep beep I am still here guys.


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I agree with that, sorry user I was just not using my brain and misunderstood. It is a shame but that doesn't mean that life is pointless

If you are "spaced", you get to die in a really cool way. Forget about holding your breath because all the air in your body will be vacuum sucked out of every orifice you have and then your eyes will start to boil

I know there is going to be an idiot (No, an idiot on Sup Forums?!) who will say you cant smell in space. No shit. When they come back in to the ships and station, the space suits, the tools, the airlocks stink of burnt meat. And its not subtle, they say its a pretty strong odor

Tell em everything why don't ya.

Is it too late to add images?

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>Voyager will be the only trace left of humanity for billions of years and if it doesn't crash into anything eternity after we are erased by the death of the sun

This is why I think Voyager is the most important thing we've ever sent into space


I'm going to guess that the cosmic rays and ozone/ionized particles smell like burnt meat.

Sure! Matter popping in and out... your talking quantum mechanics? I never liked big bang theory. Think matter kinda snows in and out of diffrent dimensions. I talk about the scale and say everything in cosmic existence ( trillions upon trillions upon trillions of tons of matter) just appeared....nah.

Yes definitely go for the cooler red giant over the hot white dwarf types.

Google "entropy"

What sort of fucking moron would watch Spirit Science videos? They are two different disciplines entirely. Also fail to see how school has made anyone happy or get them laid daily. Unless there is some university course on 'get the fuck out of my sunlight, you're blocking my heaven'.

Life is eternal. Most memory holders do tend to get 'hyper' bored and ask for a reset. We're just that thing to help everyone realize that there is a sect of us that just gives because that's all creators are truly allowed to do.
>Gifts it to all humanity

>I know there is going to be an idiot (No, an idiot on Sup Forums?!) who will say

god you proved me right. As for what you said, no shit shirlock. your one of those assholes we all work with that no one likes because they nit pick everything you say, even though everyone in the room knew exactly what you ment to say. I hate fuckers like you. you pointlessly extend office meetings when the rest of us want to go home, with pointless bullshit.

>ignoring universe expansion
Ou universe will die before any red dwarf

Law of entropy? Thermo dynamics? High school science class?

I'm going to say that if you don't understand some part of the universe it's ok to invent things to close the gap in your knowledge and if it's a neat fit, everyone will begin to parrot it and you become a superhero of science

There is no dark matter. Black holes wnd the Big Bang itself are tenuous. Gravity does not explain the cosmic web or galaxy rotation. Yet everyone carries on like they are all sorted out by science.

We have a lot to learn

Hahaha. That sentence began with 'Black hole' which is a plain guess... yet you seem so convinced it's vaild to assert hypothesis as fact.

well that certainly would be interesting. One day a random super nova just blows us all up...

um were in a Sup Forums thread?

Nebulas near the center of Milky Way smell like raspberry and taste like rum.

>There is no dark matter. Black holes wnd the Big Bang itself are tenuous. Gravity does not explain the cosmic web or galaxy rotation. Yet everyone carries on like they are all sorted out by science.

Everything you said was wrong.

There is no proof of expansion. Only people who assert that red-shifted spectra can ONLY be explained by the Doppler effect.

Heat death of the Universe, look it up.

that for as vast as the universe is, the odds that intelligent has existed is pretty high, and yet we have no contact. this could mean that intelligent life, though does exist, does so for a brief instant before destroying themselves. and yet here we are. enjoy it all.

Hey koolaid kid, show me the dark matter

Everything I said is fact. You can only draw on assumption to make each of those things (and plenty more) true

Its an interesting hypothesis, if you believe the universe is expanding. Which is an open question

Well, yes, the cosmic event horizon keeps us from seeing anything further than about 45 billion light years away.

>says bullshit
>is corrected
>gets mad fuck you you know what I meant11!!1

So far most observations point to it constantly expanding

>Everything I said is fact
No, it's not. It's fact when all reasonable doubt is removed from the equation.

It's unreasonable to not doubt you right now.

since it’s theoretically going on infinitely, eventually the atoms have to copy themselves, so somewhere. even if it’s trillions of light years alway. there could be another you, in the same exact galaxy doing the same exact thing. right now

wouldnt actually surprise me as screwed up as things are. The meat thing is actually true, you can find real interviews from real astronauts talking about it. It just stuck in my mind because I thought it was the most bullshit thing i ever heard. But no, multiple astronauts, from multiple countries are on record on saying this. I gave up trying to figure out the world and just roll with it

we've had plenty of contact with aliens. Nephilim came and raped our prehistoric ancestors and then we got all clingy and they dipped. Aliens are out there, but they blocked our number a long ass time ago.

Which observations? We have one observation set - redshifted spectra. Which is like saying all bananas are yellow and is proof of nothing

This is why theoretical physics drive me a bit nuts. Your essentially building your theory on a theory.

How much did good Stein get wrong? Pretty high count by now.

We all die eventually

>There is no proof of expansion.
There isn't? What you mean? Everything is getting farther away from everything else isn't it?

>coolest fact


>pic unrelate

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This level of denial of hubble observations kek

Your one of those "Everyone is issued three squares of toilet paper a day" guys, arent you. Admit it, you are. One of those HR/acountant guys that sits next the the bathroom with a stop watch and clipboard , timing employees

>Everyone said I was daft to build a theory on a theory, but I built in all the same, just to show them. It sank into the swamp. So I built a second one. And that one sank into the swamp. So I built a third. That burned down, fell over, and then sank into the swamp. But the fourth one stayed up. And that’s what you’re going to get, Son, the strongest theory in all of Theoretical Physics.

Well mainstream cosmology asserts expansion really strongly. It's the basis for the whole big bang theory and the way everyone is led to think. There is a resounding one piece of weak evidence for the whole cosmology yet everyone thinks it's solid.

It's really sad... because its just as likely to be wrong.

I think you don't get how unimaginably vast astronomical distances are. Even our single galaxy can be full of intelligent life right now and we would never know.

can you spare a square?

Stay with me for a miniute, could It possibly be both?

So we usually visualize realitivity as a heavy object placed on fabric. Right? Think about materials for fabric, knitted, diffrent weaves (woven), different fibers. So what is the nature of space fabric, could it be a more rubbery material that expands AND contracts. That breathes in cycles?


I acknowledge the redshifted spectra. I refuse to believe the emergent hypothesis that the galaxies are flying apart by forcing the Doppler shift onto the results. Even Hubble himself didn't like it.

There are other valid ways to explain redshift. But we have to believe expansion because consensus / the vote is in?

You idiot.

That it never ends. And if it does, what's outside that? More infinite lightyears of space that never ends. But if it does end, what's outside of that...there can't be a wall that signifies the end of the universe. There can't be just nothingness. But if there is a wall whats outside THAT?

Thats fuckin crazy. Last time I tried cosmology, they just went nuts on me with a bunch of eye shadow and blush and talked about The Bachelor a lot...