Why is it so dangerous to fly with airplanes lately?

Why is it so dangerous to fly with airplanes lately?

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You mean because of structure deterioration or because of the religion of peace

relaxed regulations, underpaid maintenance crews, corporate negligence.

Or maybe it just your turn to die.

Because business economics fuckups get paid more than engineers, so they think they are smarter and "optimize" the production process.

Boeing was run by engineers for decades.
Now it's caught the American disease - the top executives are stripping it for their own wealth.
The usual result of such corporate governance is that the company folds and the C-suite walk away with untold millions. But in this case, we also get a pile of dead people.

gay pilots, tranny 'stewardesses' and female maintenance workers.
it's an absolute shitshow going on in our skies

It's still safer than using a computer on my network.

This /thread

Theres this great documentary called "come fly with me"

simple op

you see, 15 years ago, they were still using 1960's tech on their engines. the engines consumed alot of gas, but they were mechanically sound. All the maint crews understood the engines, and how to repair them. And the life expectancy.

But with the promise of fuel savings, newer engines were designed. This allowed corps to save a fuck ton of cash.
They finally designed a bad ass engine, which was very economical. They put it on the airbus because airbus was higher off the ground with their landing gear. Boieng tried to use the same engines, And found their planes were too low.

so boieng instead of designing a better plane design. Decided to move the engines forwards and up and fucked up the flight characterists of a perfectly good airplane.
Used software to "assist" and overrule human pilots.

And all these factor into why you crash.


Have you tried flying without an airplane?
Its even more dangerous...

money, the answer is money.

It's not dangerous, its safer than it has ever been. Hell the 737MAX went down due to pilot error and general ineptness of 3ed world airlines. But Boeing doesn't want to lose those markets so it would rather eat the cost

Because no one's competing, the airlines conspire together to keep prices high.

It is still, however, statistically the safest way to travel.

You're an idiot, airline prices couldn't be lower

It isn’t unsafe to fly, it’s the safest form of travel.

well for starters some of the plains your flying in are over 30+ years old.. meaning the have passed there exp date many moons ago and he airliners are aware of this but figure the chances of a bad incident is so low they roll the dice.. then you have mechanics and people who work on the plains, they slowly stop giving a shit as they get payed like crap and they start to over looks areas that really are not much of a issue on there shift.. do that times three shifts and weeks and issues arise no ones aware of then shit like what you see in the photo happen.. then there is the threat of extremists and not jobs who wanna watch the world burn so they cause issues and with all this its it becomes the perfect storm... mark my words when some Johnny do goober blows the whistle on this and its proven shit will change and not in the good way... prices of flights will go up because they need to start replacing plains and people and it will be a shit storm.. for a bit then go back to the way it was in the 50's when most of these plains were made.. also this is second hand info so don't quote me on this,, its just some shit I herd from a person I trust so it may not be 100%

Yes but the reason they crashed was due to installed faulty sensors and the mechanic crew not checking them, then the pilots didnt turn off auto pilot when the planes kept dipping down

lol you cant be more right.
it's funny how this shit is observed across technology in different sectors too.

Why are you still so easily brainwashed by media?
Turn off your tv. Stop with all social media. It's not difficult.

Its cheaper to fly broken planes at the risk of a few falling from the sky than buying new ones.

Because capitalism demands "do more with less" and that is for maintenance and upkeep too, thus you will have issues, crashes, delays, all in the name of the pursuit of money to make the stockholders happy.

In this case objectively yes


elaborate, please.

Republicans popping boners over deregulating shit, reducing govt. oversight.

To add to this. If a plane goes down or an engine gets fucked up on a plane it makes national news. Meanwhile there are over 35,000 fatalities from cars each year in the US and a couple million are injured.

Bad adoption and bad execution of new tech are bad.

Drive car OP, they are much safer for long distance trips

On first glance I see two reasons.
Capitalism: Boing wanted to make more money so they released the 737 Max which had a flaw in it's auto pilot software causing the plane to steer into the ground.
Nationalism: Increasing tension between some countries lead to attacks on civilian airplains.

They did turn off auto-pilot, they didn't turn off MCAS because they hadn't been trained on it and many (incuding those involved in the crashes) didn't even know it was on the plane.
An apt anoyolgy would be if you hit the brakes on your car and nothing happened, after you crashed you were told it was your fault because you didn't hit the brake arming switch on the dash, no other car has ever had a brake arming switch and you weren't told about it.

>Nationalism: Increasing tension between some countries lead to attacks on civilian airplains
You know nationalism isn't interventionism right? You can have a nationalist nation without going to war.

In aviation, without countless hours of testing, evaluating, retesting, etc., absolutely.

It's not. The last time I got kinda nervous was on a trip to US from Vienna, Some strong wiinds over Greenland. Shook the plane for a good 15 minutes.

And securing oil deposits for your own benefit isn't interventionism either...

Not at all correct. Faulty sensors are taken into account in designing systems, because fault tolerance is built into the design. This wasn't the cause with the Max, and it's baffling to anyone who knows aviation. The mechanics aren't expected to find every fault despite their best efforts. The system was independent of the autopilot and would cycle without it being engaged. Boeing had it's fingers crossed pilots would use the "stab cutout" if it got out of control, which didn't work. A serious out-of-trim condition in a 737 required what was known as the rollercoaster recover technique, which had disappeared from 737 manuals long ago, since it made the aircraft look dangerous. Boeing has a history of being super fucking shady with it's accidents. Google the 737 classic rudder hardover problems. They worked hard to blame everything other than the valve that was ultimately found responsible. 737 Avionics tech here with retired 737 captain/check airman father.

Not pilot error. The MCAS would dump the trim and put the aircraft into a dive that required cutting the system out and performing what was known in early 737's as the "rollercoaster recovery" which hadn't been trained for in years. This is so foreign to any trained pilot, to consider using the trim-runaway method of recover, during a high workload, in IMC, in the dark, is fucking insane.

what a meaningful insight

There's MILLIONS of individual airplane flights every year. Statistically rare, more likely to die by a cow.

Because you don't get airbags.

because there are more planes now than ever before, and the abundance of social media and people actually reporting things that are happening. its still safer than driving.

More people die of overdose of water a year then on planes.

goblins in the wings!

because they are mass produced and cheap, even Boeing's planes are no better than made in china garbage

take the 737 max for example, instead of building a new plane they decide to bolt on engines that are too big for the plane, so they had to cut a notch out of the wings so it will fit and not scrape the ground during landing since the landing gear is too short for it,

because to save money the airplanes are now made of carbon fiber and other composite materials not aluminum. engineers understand how aluminum reacts under stress and how it changes with age because they have been using it for many years. but no one knows how composite materials will hold up as they age and they are more brittle than aluminum. they use them because they are lighter i guess so it saves on the weight of the plane making it more fuel efficient. because all of those composite materials are breaking off the airplanes when the airplane hits bad turbulens or the pilot shakes the stick too hard the plane falls apart right away. but it they used aluminum there would be no problem because a metal can flex further while a composite will just shatter and break so they planes now fall out of the sky much faster

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bcuz Putins SAMS are relatively cheap, good enough to lock an airliner, and quite plentiful on the black market?

The procedure isn't to turn off MCAS, it's to turn off power to the horizontal stabilizer. This is common procedure and they should have done it. That's what happens when your plane is flown by third world poos.

I just saw this and recognised my b/ros!

composites are not vulnerable to fatigue. CFRP components, when properly prepared and protected, are far superior to aluminum in just about every way possible.

they don't know that because they haven't been used in planes for long time.

what is mechanical testing? Also engineers do know they don't fatigue because the fabric weave interrupts the propagation of cracks, which can you can tell just by looking at it if you have the slightest education.

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This isn’t actually a thing though.

there is no long term study of them in use in planes over decades. that's the difference. you can test small bits of composites and theorize how they react. it is different when use on an entire airframe and has never been done before. in real life, things can surprise you when they are actually applied in a new ways.

>tranny 'stewardesses
tell me more, daddy wants one of these

Or if you’re Australian....

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women quotas


There is stupid shit engineered into nearly everything humans make.

Hurr durr, lets fill giant balloon with extremely flammable Hydrogen, then have people fly it across the Atlantic = Graf Zepplin Hindenburg

Hurr durr, lets put open contact switches inside cockpit in 100% Oxygen environment = Apollo 1

Hurr durr, lets have open wires inside cryogenic oxygen cooler = Apollo 13

Hurr durr, o-rings won't fail when frozen = Space Shuttle Challenger

Hurr durr, weak af foam won't come off insulation on Main Fuel Tank, and if it does, knocking insulating tiles off wing won't hurt = Space Shuttle Columbia.

Hurr durr, make plane keep flying toward ground to gain air speed, but design logic so it doesn't account for altitude = 737 Max

I could hurr durr all day with stupid shit that "brilliant engineers" have come up with over the eons, but you get the point.

I work with engineers all day long, and I have to say that though they are brilliant in their fields, they are some of the most retarded people you could ever meet when it comes to thinking their brilliant ideas all the way through.

This is why.

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Similar shit has also happened in the telecoms sector. Executives started running roughshod over technical staff. There was the notorious case of an assistant director that had to be kicked out of France Telecom because his actions drove 24 employees to suicide.

To add insult to injury, the telecom networks got in bed with betting companies, and we all now know that these get most of their income from money laundering.

yeah i read about this. now they hire top execs to choose to manage the company only by considering profits for stockholders, but really themselves because their bonuses are tied to stock performance. their base salary is more than i will make in a few lifetimes.

My best gess is thare are made as cheap as thay can be made and the engineer's and people that created the designs for them are fucking retarded boomers

wrong. airbus planes aren't falling from the sky. what brought boeing's planes down was greed and cutting corners. instead of taking the time to actually design a new family of aircraft for the 21st century, they decided to keep tweaking a frankenliner literally from the 1960s. new isn't bad. being a greedy lazy fuck is bad

yes actually, which is why newer refrigerators and washing machines are inferior to 1950s ones in terms of longevity. Made in china with slave labor, with 3rd world parts.

Imagine being this fucking dumb

Tell us about the Boeing boogy men.

I can honestly design a better vacuum or hair dryer than these fucking modern clowns. No consideration for safety or longevity at all. Cheap plastic shit, cheaper every year. But prices stay the same.

well do you know how expensive it is to buy and then maintain a yacht all year round? 2nd and 3rd houses you have to pay taxes on, so yeah prices stay the same so the extra can go for the salaries needed to get all of that stuff

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Its always been dangerous. The first TWO commercial jet liners killed all their passengers mid flight because they didnt know about air pressure. And when I say "two", I mean it took 2 separate events back to back before they did anything about it.

>muh munnies

Jews make all the technical decisions, not engineers. So that's why modern stuff sucks so much, not just planes. These execs do not need these jobs. Parasitic.

You have 10 SECONDS to name something dumber than travelling by aircraft.

>This is so foreign to any trained pilot
Pressing and holding the trim disengage is the automatic response for uncommanded pitch, yaw, or roll. This is trained consistently and beaten into muscle memory because a pitch trim failure shortly after take off doesn't provide time to diagnose. You're wrong here.

Because marketing/sales staff generally make more decisions on what goes into the final product than the actual engineers.

Things made in previous generations actually had a lot more longevity than almost anything made today by the current generations. This happened when marketing and sales staff replaced engineers on various corporate boards and started making design decisions. Today products are designed with "planned obsolesce" to maximize profits. Most millennials (more Gen Z than Gen Y) are too dumb to go into anything other than sales/marketing/Instagram. influencing. So its likely to get a lot worse.

As a pilot let me formally call you a faggot


when you are falling from the sky you will remember you posted this and regret it in your final moments.