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Laughing at Whores General - /LWG/

>just imagine how she cried and whimpered after finally realizing all her terrible actions were coming back to bite her in the ass

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What happens when you mix a roastie with a society?


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So...who is she?


I talked to her once. Just an egirl with her thottery. Bring a hoe n shit got beheaded by Brandon in NY

Bianca Devins routinely manipulated weak men into providing drugs and cash for her. She would cheat on various guys at once and lead on a legion of beta orbiters on discord as well as flaunt her abuse in their faces. She eventually tricked one of these guys, whom she had already dated and introduced to her family, into driving her to a concert to date another male. He snapped and cut her fucking throat then his own.

Fucked a nigger. Got fucked.

Sounds like fiction.

Glad to hear that little girl was found safe in Massachusetts safe, officers.

Toll paid in full.

So she deserved it is what you're saying.

It's a shame it was so quick

The sense of justice in going very low all of a sudden

"I'm going to post a comment so edgy and callous that everybody will be amazed at what a tough guy I am."

"Ooops. I'm anonymous. Nobody knows it's me. Only I know."

"Well, all I really care about is my fantasy world anyway."

Imagine if the sexes were swapped

why are you like this op? your parents should have beat the cringe out of you

You niggers dont belong here

i dunno in situations like these, what would be the adequate response.

Like if you are familiar with that new Netflix show "YOU" that guy killed many ppl during the series. I think its retarded how he is not caught, but from a moral stand point tho.

Is it justifiable he killed her? Or its just "well, you were all stupid, you can all go home and fuck yourselves, so long bitches" ?

I mean you cant really say she was innocent,

She looked her best that night too! What a swan song.

Man not even a thott deserves this. They're always getting their heads cut off because there's no father to pull them into line and the mother is just as lost in narcissism as the daughter is. Think of every thot that's been decapitated recently.

These brain dead thots need to be disciplined and domesticated, because this is what you get otherwise without somebody watching them and protecting them both from themselves and the world.

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Hit or miss

He should have cut her somewhere that would have made her bleed out slower so she had more time to realize what was happening and she would think about her life and death

fuck you faggot motherfucker

Slit or piss

I guess they never piss huh?

Beta males: the thread.

>Sociopath incel club

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Who's got moar pics?

Bianca Bacons

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I know this is messed up, but she got what she fucking deserved. There’s no way she couldn’t see this happening, knowing how crazy these orbiters can get. She treated those guys like trash and filth and it came back to stab and kill her

Maybe not what she deserved, but we can all agree it was entirely her own fault for this shit happening to her. It’s just a bad idea to provoke the fuck out of weak minded individuals.


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*Heh heh I'm so evil, so edgy....*

You kids are so pathetic


I hope they atleast used her holes before that

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>I have no concept of justice

literally the same belief system as Muslims and ISIS.

Utica New York reportin'

She died a mile away from me These anons sum the situation up. I never met or knew here tho

thot life thot death pic is one of her text conversations

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>Beta males: the thread.

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correct response would be to turn around the car, smash her phone and drop that bitch off in the middle of fucking nowhere

she knew her ways would kill her

beta orbiters en masse

we have lots of nowhere here at upstate New York

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You are just a retarded pussy. Those whores are DESERVE to die, and the only way to punish her is to to be killed actually.

Sex is a social construct

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imagine throwing your life away because of a slutty e thot. I'm all with you those girls are worthless scum but why would someone ruin his own life just to make a point. i mean dropping her off on a lonely road may result in her getting eaten by a mountain lion and nobody would bat an eye

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Can anyone help me understand how women justify this shit to themselves? How do you live with yourself hurting so many people on this deep of a level?

someone hurt them and they dont want to be a victim anymore so victimize others

With enough planning, you could probably Dexter her and pin it on another orbiter.
Win win win: you don't go to jail, another orbiter might, and it sends a message to other thots.

No, the dude was wrong that he killed himself too, I mean he could just kill her and drop the body somewhere in the woods and that's it. I mean she had to be killed anyway 100% because of her behavior, but not necessary that stupid way.

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You can't hurt a woman because they literally have no feelings.

Sounds like more common bullshit to me. Oh, well...

Any more orbiter reactions?

best course of action avoid thots ethots and otherwise

why beta orbit at all?

takes two to tango these demoralized males are manwhores themselves

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She looked better as a corpse than how she did while being alive

>why beta orbit at all?
yeah that's probably the best, i mean why would you give asomeone attention/ money for having a pussy? it's nothing special

my collection is limited posting what I have

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>takes two to tango these demoralized males are manwhores themselves
Yup, thirsty dudes feed whoreish degeneracy.
If everyone just looked a thot being a thot up and down said "I pity you, you're nothing to me" and turned their back on here, they'd drop that shit pronto.
Sadly 1000s of years of history teach that betas gonna beta.

Imagine never having sex, like OP

Hey user

Here's me laughing at you



are you ok with that?

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just like every other girl on discord. ciara never got her throat cut. incels will always stick up for otehr incels. maybe you guys should just suck each others dicks.

>not even a thot deserves this

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The classic, and with trips to verify.

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exactly there are billions of pussies the secret is make pussy chase you as a man demand a v-card waifu accept no substitutes

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Ohh watch yourself on that edge faggot.

>If everyone just looked a thot being a thot up and down

exactly if there were no thirsty demoralized whoreish manwhores there wold be no grill thots quasi law of supply and demand

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You get what you fucking deserve, Murray!

Shouldn’t you be in school son?

not a winner - is a manwhore manthot looser

last pic I have I think

moral of the story - only place your emotions and you dick in yer v-card waifu have lots of bareback no birth control sex to make lots of babbys enjoy life

avoid all thots

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Moral of the story:

Don't seek attention online.
Don't trust online users.
Don't date online.
Don't be a thot.
Don't kill your thot cause you're pathetic.

>Of Utica NY
She was a dutchess?

I bet you'll never slit this

Not fucking cool. That's a goddamned predator (or Nitro). Treat it with respect.


just a common ho (whore) slag thot

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coomers gotta coom

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