Girl here

girl here
im selling my used panties but should I try to be a camwhore?

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You should try suicide.

Preserve yourself for all ages, become a camwhore.

>there are people who want to pay to see your body you should die!

ok incel go hug your mum

honestly its a super hard market to get into and succeed at and the only girls you see are the successful ones.

It's a fairly saturated market. If you want to make any headway youd have to do some fairly depraved shit.

If it wont bother you, yeah try and also link it here ;))

Definitely. If you're hot and have discipline you can easily make a few grand a month without too much effort. Most girls who try aren't disciplined enough tho. If you want help u can hmu salgadoshutter gmail. I manage 9 girls rn and they're all making $$

Idk why this wasnt the first post but tits with timestamp or gtfo

Neither of these are true. Don't post your assumptions as fact.

Tits and timestamp or GTFO

Those are easily verfiably true.

I don't even know why you're cucking. It's not like they're telling OP not to.

> Should I be whore?

> Should I be a whore

You are clearly autistic and would never admit you're obviously wrong anyway so I'm not going to argue with you. But you're easily verifiably wrong. There are plenty of girls making money barely getting naked. They're hot. I know. You do not.

>Should I learn how Sup Forums works?

Whiteknight faggot lol

Save m'lady's honor

It's not that people would pay to see your body (they wouldn't) it's that you're a reprehensible whore and will commit suicide at some point anyway due to mental illness.

>plenty of girls
>literally tens of thousands competing for betabux

Ya, no. Go look at how many pages of e-thots there are on chaturbate. Only the front pages is getting any real money.

Nice try though fuccboi

Yep. I know like 4 camwhores and they all constantly beg on their social media accounts for people to buy their shit. Altogether I bet they've made maybe 400 bucks on it over the course of 3-4years

Oh yeah you don't know how camwhores make money! (It's not chaturbate) :) Enough replies, autism.

That's called advertising. Coca cola does the same thing. Do you think they only make 400 dollars every five years? You guys are delusional lol. 6 of the 9 girls I manage made over 3k each last month just from snap and skype.

Double posting happened bcuz of this shit app which wouldn't show new post.

Keep reeeeing beta.
I don't even care anymore. Camwhores are failures taking money from failures.

Do you know what the average camwhore makes? With all that shit talking you must be a professional when it comes to camwhores. Can you say for a fact that all camwhores are making good money like you seem to think?

If you can live with the shame and degeneracy of being a whore for money, then I say do it.

Not like our opinions hold much weight here anyway.
I think you even dipping your feet in the pool makes you lowlife scum and by default makes me objectively 100% better than you as a human being, but fuck what I think, it's an easy way to make money using a natural advantage you as a (potential) female have > me as a male.

So while there's this duality of me thinking you're just a garbage scumfuck of a person, I'd be a complete hypocrite to not at least admit that I appreciate whores like you giving away nudes for disgusting people like me and other gross adults to fap away.

Like yeah maybe some 60 year old Indian fuck is jerking off to your pictures and wishing he could fuck 18 year olds in America, but at least you never have to meet him and you can make money as long as that thought doesn't bother you.

I forgot what my point was

>I'm drunk, so kys you pos, but at the same time do what you want and live your best life god bless

Carefully designed memes that have spelling mistakes.

The absolute state of the USA today.

if you state that you're a female and there is anything to do with your gender involved in your question, you must post a picture of your tits with the current date and time written on a piece of paper also known as a timestamp to be taken seriously otherwise we are just going to troll you like any other stupid fucking thot that comes in here

I know what the average girl I manage makes and it's over 2k per month without much effort.

Can you do this OP?

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>tits with timestamp
>get the fuck out

You choose

Show a pic.. lets see if ypu can be

I agree with the first guy, selling your panties and asking if you should be a camwhore, tits and timestamp you fucking faggot.

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Yeah, just kill yourself. Even if you aren't OP (who should also kill himself) your white knighting is the fastest way to become the next school shooter.

Post a pic. How can you be a cam whore if you cant pist a pic.

This guy gets it

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Protect her purity like a good Lancelot. :*

Tits or gtfo

Post pics and I'll tell you if you should be a camwhore. It really depends on how you look.

> if you state that you're a female ... you must post a picture of your tits

That reminds me of the Koran.
How did it go again?
"Members of other religions must pay Muslims a tax..." something like that.

Anyway, long story short, you're a cunt.

Your going to invest in toys outfits
Make a premium snap and many vids account. Have fun doing it. Theres always a demand for a whore to be used up goods.
One important thing sooner or later people you know will find it out. So if you care about your loved ones finding dont do it. But if you dont then. Have fun also TITS OR GTFO

If you can't take simple demands like showing tits or your pussy on here then don't do it.

>girl here
Expose thine bare bosom or depart away from here. Whore.

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