The GREATest of LOLI doujin thread

The GREATest of LOLI doujin thread,
anyone can get booru image easily, real pros has stash of doujin they can crop from.

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>real pros
of what?

I knew a girl who had tits like that in sixth grade. She went and got fat though so it was ruined by 18

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Would lick a loli cunny.

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What are the names, loli pro?

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Get a dubs first.

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Check 'em, now talk

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damn, the fuck did you do?

the greatest?
onizuka naoshi, by far

Fucken nice, thanks user

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I mean the thread, contribute some if you has good stuff. stupid captcha slowing me.

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Gonna need sauce on both these >~
ask her to dub this and watch her sperg out

sauce on this?

Sauce please?

Posting a few favorites

[Masuda] Kanzen Muketsu Idol | Flawless Idol (Musume-san o Kudasai!!) [English] [Shippoyasha] [Digital]

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[Onizuka Naoshi] Love of my Family (COMIC LO 2018-03) [English] [alparslan] [Digital]

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[Satuyo] Sennyuu! Boyish | Infiltration! Boyish (COMIC LO 2016-12) [English] [Yosh]

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(C91) [Mamekura (Mamezou)] iorix FEVER (THE iDOLM@STER) [English] [ATF]

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[Ujiie Moku] Watashi to Koumonka no Dame Sensei ~Afutaa | Me And My No Good Proctologist ~After (COMIC LO 2016-09) [English] [n0504]

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[BeNantoka] Sumeba Miyako | Home is Where You Make It (COMIC LO 2016-02) [English] {5 a.m.}

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[ShindoL] Senjou no Hana | Flower on the Battlefield (COMIC Megastore 2011-08) [English] {terriball}

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Link for this one loads blank on my phone, other 2 work.

Oh, I remember this one. The brother rapes his little sister to show her the dangers of dressing dangerously.


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For what? Those threads are just 1 guy silently dumping stuff from safebooru.

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>File: hugsies.jpg (421 KB, 1280x987)
can we get the source for these 2?

Good taste user

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sauce or maorr

[Miyasaka Takaji] Oshiete Sensee | Teach me, Sensei! (COMIC LO 2016-05) [English] [ATF]

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Posting an oppai loli doujin without posting source should be fucking ilegal.

I was reading this one yesterday.

not op but
artist: Takaoka Motofumi
manga: Kyasha na ko no Iregokochi wa...Atsu!

Yo dumb niggerfaggot. It was.