Wake Up With Your Favorite Celebs

Wake Up With Your Favorite Celebs.

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You a good derpy

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>I visit my brother.
>Couple days later find out I'm missing my bluetooth headphones.
>Go over there.
>He has a new pair of bluetooth headphones that are exactly the same as the ones I'm missing.
>"You didn't see my bluetooth headphones did you?"

Nah but really, dad could have bought him the same ones I guess lol

We're all a fan of the ASR fuzz.
>Your pic related.
(--■ u ■)

It was because people paid more attention to her tits than they did to her as an actress. :---\ Pretty lame if you ask me.

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leak or insta?

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no idea, officer sir

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>We're all a fan of the ASR fuzz.

She's a fluffy miracle!

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Nothing like a friendly match of soccer in the morning rain to get your system going

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still big

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Can someone please post Emma Watson for me to come to? She is so fucking sexy

Just something about her makes me diamonds

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Where'd the actual nudes come from? And more?

Why don't you do it yourself?

Not sure

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> Google


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It's not the same, it's more random here

Amazing fucking ass, my dick

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VERY tru.

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Emna the bestest qt in the world

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Mbb leaks?

You can take the view that she's a child, or that she's a coalburner..Either disqualifies her.

She's of age in my country so where they at

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JJ a close second
ye it's really something

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I prefer tennis in the morning

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no lewdness

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Together we stay strong!

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who is that?

ouch my neck

there aren't that many players in the US soccer national womens team with those initials

reminds me of nat geo magazines

Ali Krieger

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Are you one of those guys who goes to see a movie for the second time, and then screams spoilers at people in the theatre, too?

No u

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i mean why no lewd?

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Mm cute


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Because we've all decided to make Fridays the Day of Purity, where we all forego the lewd and instead talk about playing board games and holding hands with our celebs crushes! You didn't get the memo? :3

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I hope there are leaks of her soon

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i'll play nice then

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o fUk my DiIiiCk

That's the spirit user! ^ - ^

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she was and still is a babe



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>Ali Krieger
we need more from her set

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>we need more from her set
not we, if you catch my drift

Yes, everybody does you obnoxious faggot.

again not me, because I don't need what I already have
And I was about to post one more, but now you hurt my feelings

Best Domina

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it is true

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yes #9195

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this is what you missed

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dick sucking lips too

i don't have anyone but that # yet

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Why is this Cara so funny?

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Not sure but it's hot af

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All Emma, please.

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p 2592

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I really like her funny faces

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clean your monitor you scoundrel

lickable feet

Who are these? She looks like she could be a celebrity somehow, probably with the help of revealing clothes and autotune. But this guy looks like you next door village idiot, who's highest archivment in live will be his job as sewege cleaner.

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Me too

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I hate her left hand now. >:c

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u wot

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